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Roberts Space Industries ®

Crusader Mercantile LTD / ETT

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Stanton system’s first choice in the independent transport of goods across human space!


Crusader mercantile is a company built from the ground up to be above all else a reliable and cost effective means of transporting your cargo to wherever it may be needed in the human sphere!

Started as a group of freelance traders, miners and cargo haulers we banded together to make our work easier and more efficient, as well as expanding our client base to help us keep our costs competitive in the market so you always get a great deal!

We have 50 years of experience in hauling and we are always on hand for those difficult jobs that need experienced crews


Operating out of the Stanton system we work with local security partners to ensure that your delivery reaches its destination on time and in safe condition.
Our business is cargo. If you have a shipment that needs delivering quickly, we’ll be on hand to deliver it! We deal in cargo everyday and our experience ensures you will be satisfied with our attention to the safety and speed of our delivery. From a small crate of brandy to a large shipment of agricultural equipment we’ll get it to you

From the metropolis of arcorp to a budding colony in the crawshaw system we take pride in our hauling crews commitment to honouring our contract and get what you need to you when you need it most.

As well as cargo we can also deliver you! want transport to another planet or system? then join one of our top quality personal transport shuttles or secure passage on one of our state of the art freighters to get you to your destination comfortably and cheaper than most transport organisations!

With expansion into the mining sector you can be assured that we will bring you any valuable ore you may need. With mining contracts with Crusader industries and the People’s alliance of Levski, we are trusted to get the job done


Crusader mercantile LTD does not engage nor endorse smuggling or piracy of any kind

Crusader mercantile LTD does not hold liability for any items which are damaged, destroyed or stolen as the result of piracy unless insured through Crusader mercantile LTD

If any transporting goods by Crusader mercantile LTD is insured through a third party it is the responsibility of the customer to contact said third party

If not satisfied with the condition of any deliveries made by Crusader mercantile LTD all issues must be raised and proof of damage must be given within 5 business days