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The Evocati / EVOCATI

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Profit by Strength and Honor

(We are not the testing group Evocati, they unfortunately picked the same name as our org when making that test group)


The Evocati once existed in Earths early history as a class of soldiers who had served for the Military of ancient Rome and then retired but later volunteered to once again take up arms against the enemies of the Empire.

Our PMC was founded in the year 2940 from the ranks of former UEE combat pilots who had been out on the frontier protecting our outermost colonies from attack from the Vandull and from the parasites that are Pirates.

We have seen the pain and suffering these two distinctive groups have caused and once our pilots had completed their time serving in the UEE they were invited to join us to help continue the good fight against these parties.

Our members have a few things in common, we are all veterans of the UEE Military with Flight, Ground and Zero-G Combat expertise, we have a code of Honour that we all live by and we all know that effective leadership skills are essential in fighting off any enemies that we may face.

If you have served in the UEE, whether it has been in the Army or Navy we are always looking for good people to take up the fight and to help those in need who cannot or do not have the means to help themselves.

ad Astra (To the Stars)
ad Lucem (To the Light)
ad Victoriam (To Victory)


As our motto of “Profit through Bravery and Probity” suggests we will not be conducting inappropriate behavior in the Verse. By “Probity” we mean that if someone is in need of help – a planet struck with famine, drought or plague – we intend to make that our priority. By “Bravery” we mean that we shall not shrink from the gravest dangers when duty requires. Besides, we think we can combine good deeds with profiteering.

With these principles and goals, running such a small and loose operation requires us to be smart and well informed. Intelligence gathering will be one of our primary focuses.

Should the need arise and any UEE world comes under attack, or an innocent in need of assistance, we will rise to the challenge.

We may have a casual atmosphere with regards to how we run our organization internally.
But it would be a mistake to underestimate us, for reasons we cannot elaborate on.