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Exodus Enterprises / EXEP

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Exodus was established on the two hundred eighty third day of 2950 in commemoration of the citizens movement away from tyrannical organization structures.

Exodus Enterprises was founded October 9th, 2950(2020) by Visionary Co-founders JOEYYARRITO and Confettier, after serving in an org together. They saw all the problems Cultivated my the mainstream Star Citizen and SC org community. On their own they set out to design an org from the ground up to fix all the problems they saw in other orgs.

After months of planning and a foundation of people who followed them from their old enterprise because they believed in their shared vision. Exodus was born! The name Exodus Enterprises seemed very fitting for the ambitious pair. It was almost symbolic in the fact they made the great exodus from their old organization.

Exodus was built on the principle of Economic domination amongst the stars. Exodus wouldn’t limit itself to just one enterprise of business. No, it would grow to encapsulate all forms of business into its foundation.

It was this reason the Exodus Corps were established. To give each and every member of Exodus an opportunity to do what they wanted in the verse and not set limits to anyone. Exodus set out to right the wrongs of so many orgs before them.

Exodus prides itself on its more relaxed but serious feel. Exodus understood that the Verse’ was a place for people to escape, and not a place that made you feel you were still at work. They took this idea to the very core when designing their ambitious idea.

Exodus now boasts itself as one of the up and coming orgs in the Verse’. With no plans of slowing down on the horizon, Exodus continues to flourish into one of the most prominent orgs in all of Star Citizen. Despite being considered the “new kids on the block”. We are proud to boast one of the most powerful and rare fleets thanks to our gracious members. We cover every possible end of the spectrum. Now Reaching a combined fleet value of around $200,000 USD.

We hope this gives you insight into our humble organization. Always feel free to inquire more.

Exodus Enterprises, Where futures are built today.


We are realists in for the long haul of economic domination gathering en masse until the day the verse is accessible to all.


All free men