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Exodus Inc. / EXODUSINC

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We are a small group of friends and we do not really aim to raise our numbers past the point where we all would still fit into a typical corner pub!

If you want to get to know us, you can find us on our forums at


Exodus Inc was founded in 2910 by a group of honorably discharged UEE Navy reconnaissance comms operators, resource specialists, and navy liaisons to the Trade & Development Division (TDD) on Keene in the Kilian System. Since entering the private sector, the Exodus Inc founders have leveraged their military experience as well as their contacts in system wide TDD offices and UEE outposts. In 2915, Exodus Inc moved their HQ to Bremen II, in order to better serve both UEE clients and non-citizen clientele.

Since its founding Exodus Inc has remained a partnership of highly skilled consultants from various disciplines who pool their collective knowledge to solve our client’s most challenging problems.

Though our past holds the foundation of our expertise, let us journey with you into the future, and there make history together.


Company Structure Summary

As a private equal share partnership, every active member (Shareholder – see below) has the ability to suggest motions and to cast an undiluted vote on all proposals and motions concerning Exodus Inc projects, client operations, and policies. Policy votes require 100% unanimity whereas project & client operation votes require 75% majority for the sake of expediency.


Company Standings1


Active member who has % stake in the profit from ongoing Exodus Inc operations and has a vote on the board of directors if present at a board meeting.


Essentially a shareholder who volunteers his or her time to run the day-to-day business of the company. Partners volunteer to (1) vote on policy votes, (2) maintain contact with clients for ongoing operations, (3) and to act on Exodus Inc’s behalf as a representative of the board. Movement between the role of “partner” and “shareholder” is a free, voluntary, and personal decision.


Shareholder with main membership in another org who has yet to decide whether to fully join Exodus. An associate could also be a fellow explorer who works with Exodus on a regular basis, but for their own reasons prefers to keep their main in another org or prefers to not join any org at all. Associates are seen just as shareholders and partners in nearly every respect and enjoy nearly identical rights. Movement between the role of “associate”, “partner”, and “shareholder” is a free, voluntary, and personal decision.


Customers, especially regular ones, who can attend board meetings where they may discuss operations related to their contracts with Exodus Inc.


Parties who are being paid by Exodus Inc for a specific service.

1 The standings can be held by any member as a “main org” or as an “affiliate”.


Company Core Values

1. Wheaton’s Law

Don’t be a dick.

2. Frisian’s Law

Nothing should be said in private that members do not have the courage to fairly say in public.

3. Whiskey Law

Constructive disputes are a valuable exercise for any social group. Like a fine spirit in an oak cask, ideas should be matured in the barrel of discussion.

4. No Privilege Law

All associates, partners, and shareholders are of equal value. For a time some volunteer to take on more responsibility for the good of the whole. In Exodus Inc no rank, prestigious position, power or titles can be gained. Citizens with ambitions to earn rank (ex: a formal military structure) might be happier achieving that goal in another organization. Of course we would be happy to have them play with us regardless of their ambitions outside of Exodus. To join with us in this capacity, please see the above “associate” standing for more information.

5. No Pressure Law

We are here to play games together and enjoy ourselves! If you are not having fun, take a break. No hard feelings. No pressure.

6. K.I.S.S Law

Keep it simple stupid.


Joining Exodus

There are no tests to pass and no hoops to jump through. We will be introducing ourselves to you just as much as you will be meeting us. The idea is that “interviews” can feel one sided whereas in reality all relationships should be two sided. If with time you decide you like Exodus and its members enough to stay, you will probably have spent enough time with us that it will be clear you have been a shareholder in our operations all along. At this time you or one of the acting members will make it “official”.

Come over and join us whenever you like. We usually can be found goofing off on our TS, chatting on our forums, or playing games together.


Chartered as a private equal share incorporated partnership, the board members of Exodus Inc are the same scientists and engineers who conduct the field surveys, lab analysis, risk assessments, and put their signature on the dotted line below all of our deliverables. No cutting corners. No untested sub-contractors. No gimmicks.

With personnel at the cutting edge of cartographic, hydrologic, astrophysical, xenobiological, and geological sciences, Exodus Incorporated offers a comprehensive array of services to clients as large as governments and as small as multi-family frontier colonies. We aim to provide high quality services and results in simple and complex environments, both off and on world, in protected space and null sec zones.

At the end of each planet’s day, it is our fondest wish that our clients can rest with the peace of mind and clarity of vision that Exodus Inc can bring to any venture.