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Last Exile / EXSILIUM

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Little is known about the Exiles, many believe their existence to be nothing more then Fringe folklore.



Today the Exiles occupy an almost mythic space in Fringe lore, like the Min Min Lights or the Will-o-The-Wisps of the outer systems – guiding wayward or stranded ships back to safety; or luring predators to their demise.  Whilst the Exiles are one of the most active organisations operating throughout the Fringe, little is known about their origins or activity. Even their current bases of operations, indeed if they have any, are unknown. The little history that can be verified exists in fragmented reports scattered across centuries, giving rise to the myths and legends surrounding the Exiles.

The earliest accounts described the Exiles as proficient pathfinders and infiltrators. One of the first accounts was written by an RS captain, who traded some of his supplies and the repair of a broken quantum drive in exchange for the location of a valuable mineral deposit in a nearby asteroid field.  The report details a small but hardened band of explorers and mercenaries, bartering for repairs and medical aid before making a jump into deep space.

The next report took place in 2651, over a century later when the captain of a UEE patrol vessel in pursuit of a slaver syndicate in Banshee observed the destruction of local force at the hands of an unknown militia force. The recording of the engagement remains one of the only extant recordings of what is generally accepted by academics and UEE Intelligence of the Exiles in combat.

During the following centuries, the myths and legend attributing to Exiles began to slowly permeate Fringe culture. Stories of rescues, aid to travelers, and protection for vulnerable colonies were as common as stories of banditry and theft. Indeed, many corrupt government officials, violent oligarchs, and budding dictators vanished along with their fleets in volumes of space the Exiles have been speculated to inhabit. While some local warlords may simply have gone into hiding, or the tides of power shifted for other reasons, more often than not the local population would point to the Exiles as the cause. Whether based in fact, fiction, or a mix of both, the Exiles’ reputation today is that of a shadowy force that keeps to itself and stands against those who enrich themselves at the expense of their people.

Despite the myth of a Robin Hood-like band of criminals, there is considerable debate around the activities of Exiles, and opinions vary widely. Many regard them as a hoax or conspiracy theory, with some even arguing they are little more than a band of insurance fraudsters cashing in on the myths surrounding the secretive group. Even mainstream scholars concede however that there is considerable, if circumstantial, evidence that at least some of the disappearances and shifts of power along the Fringe can indeed be linked to a group that fits the reputation and tactics associated with the Exiles.

Adding to the debate is that many of these incidents tend to occur along a wide area of the Fringe, suggesting that the Exiles are either highly mobile with far-ranging, if unknown, interests; or that some of the activities attributed to them have different causes. Indeed some scholars theorise that the Exiles are not one group but several distinct groups whose actions have been attributed to one cohesive entity.

Scholars generally agree however that the greatest concentration of Exiles activity has been along the galactic “south”, ranging from places as far flung as Mimsa and Lier, to as close to central UEE space as Taranis and Helios, though there are many other corners of the galaxy capable of concealing an organisation like Exiles.

That said, strong evidence for attacks as far into the interior as Stanton carry significant weight amongst many scholars and those who believe the Exiles legends. While the full scope of activities attributed to the Exiles has probably been exaggerated, some evidence does indicate a mobile and stealthy force capable of rapidly deploying anywhere in human space.

The Exiles have become somewhat less secretive over the centuries, with an alleged interview taking place with one on the People’s Radio. The authenticity of the recording remains hotly disputed, however, with many decrying it as as yet another hoax.

By 2942 their existence had become an accepted fact by scholars but many other questions remain unanswered. It is clear that many Fringe organisations have had dealings with them, but such organisations remain tight lipped about their relationship. It seems probable that Exiles operate within UEE space from time to time, causing some concern among UEE officials that the Exiles will not limit their activities to petty warlords along the Fringe.

The majority of tales about the Exiles often come from often dubious personal accounts by solo operators or organisation leaders who boast of encounters with the Exiles. Historians report that they tend to be either cautionary tales to younger spacers,   Claims range from simple trades, to secret jump point locations shared by the Exiles or other pathfinding help through uncharted and hostile space. The tallest of tales come from those who claim they survived an Exile assault, and are often derided as nothing but boastful, and likely drunken, claims.

Some academics have had limited contact with Exiles members over the centuries.  Their internal folklore speaks of a great betrayal, and a violent purge. Fleeing erstwhile comrades into deep space, becoming the first exiles.  History has long forgotten those who wronged them, but the memory of the injustice has never left the Exiles.


The manifesto of the Last Exiles is simple: Fight to survive and to avenge our fallen comrades, destroyed by the powerlust and greed of the Oligarchs.


Work together towards achieving the success of the organisation’s mission and vision.

Prioritise the organisation’s best interests above personal gain.

Take no action that would undermine or otherwise negatively impact the Org.

Do not speak on behalf of other org members or the org as a whole without prior confirmation from the involved parties.

Follow reasonable directions consistent with the running of a civilized and effective organisation.

Maintain honesty and integrity with all members.  Duplicity in all forms will not be tolerated and offenders may be subject to harsh penalties.

Disclose any potential conflicts of interest in org-related matters.

Treat ALL members of the community with compassion and respect.

Disputes are handled professionally,
Rivalries are part of the game but ALWAYS maintain civility in all interactions inside and outside the org.

Act and speak in good faith in your dealings with all members of the community.

Respect the backgrounds and beliefs of all members of the community.

Bullying in all forms will not be tolerated.

Members are expected to respect and maintain to the best of their abilities, all alliances and diplomatic ties held by the organisation.

Inversely, members are expected to disclose any relationships with organisations and personnel considered enemies of the organisation.  These relationships are discouraged but not forbidden.

During training please respect the trainer and trainees and do not be disruptive. The trainer and other trainees are taking time out of their day to improve the org by passing on or learning valuable skills.