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Roberts Space Industries ®

Extensive Enterprises / EXTENT

  • Corporation
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Exploration


Extensive Enterprises – At your service, when you need it!

We focus our operation on and around high value assets. If you are looking for a corporate body to run your mining operations, colonization or intensive operations: We are the right lean & focused body to accompany you.



May 2947 – Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, Planet Earth as a freelancing and exploration cooperation.
November 2947 – Transformation into a partner organization with equity partners and none-equity directors and operatives.
September 2948 – New Partners announced.
November 2948 – Launch of the new business field large and cap ship rental and leasing.
December 2948 – Joining the UEE anti piracy program.
September 2949 – Joint affiliation with German Resources PLC and Auric Halcyon entered the Board of Directors of Extent
December 2949 – Promotion of several new Partners that joined recently. Congratulations!
April 2950 – Next round of promotions with two new Partners.
September 2951 – Changes in the Board of Directors, appointment of one new Partner and appointment of 4 (four!) Evocati demonstrating the activity of our core team
October 2951 – New board member appointed
November 2951 – 1. physical meetring in Stuttgart region
November 2952 – 2. physical meetring in Stuttgart region
January 2953 – The Extensive Racing team participated for the first time in the Daymar Rally event and successfully completed the race


One entitiy two languages: English and German


Join today and make new friends in the Vers´ / Hier bewerben und neue Freunde im Vers´treffen.

  1. Apply here / Hier bewerben
  2. Short self introduction in our Spectrum / Kurze Vorstellung im Spectrum
  3. You will receive a Discord invitation and your account will be activated / Du erhältst von uns einen Discord Link und wir schalten deinen Extensive Enterprise Account frei
  4. Enjoy!

#We are also on Guilded:


Large organization fleet / Grosse Orga Flotte:


We offer interested Citizens a structure following on our divisions (Exploration, Resourcing, Logistics and Security), a rank system that allows appreciation of your services and we offer new friendships with international people in many different regions. By joining you will be part of friendly community that can help you with the every day issues you may face.

Extensive Enterprises offers sustainable space exploration, high value asset transportation and special services for our customers. Currently, we count more than 300 ships of any kind. Around 60% of our members are native German speakers and 40% of our members speak English as their first language.

It is the purpose of this corporation to run high value assets such as the Orion, Reclaimer, Carrack or Pioneer and support each other in securing operations. Our members and partners share profits equally and we don´t put pressure on our members and affiliated.

All our member are guided by our three core values.

1. Excellence
2. Courage
3. Respect

We follow the laws, regulations and local ethics to be a premium choice special service provider. Our customers share these values. The human life in space comes first and before our profits. But we are ready to defend ourselves against any counterparty that has a questionable morale.

Our people are our core asset and new hires will undergo a training and receive all the support they need to fulfill our excellence requirements.


With five branches, our organization can cover the entire spectrum of services. We see the Exploration division in the center of our business model, because it is the starting point for our activities. Security and SpecOps protect us from the threats of deep space. Resourcing and Logistics are our main revenue streams.


Our security division will make sure we can run and maintain our civilian operations.


This division will include mining and salvaging.


Identifying new resources, science, scanning, cartography, archeology and info running. It stands in the center of our activities as it is the starting point for many related activities.


This is a branch that manages our own logistics for operations, but also includes trading, VIP transport, medevac, fleet maintenance and repair.

Spec Ops:

Special Services that include military government contracting, bounty hunting and prisoner handling.


Daily casual gameplay! / Wir spielen täglich!



What we do?

We maintain a substantial fleet of large crafts, temporarily support other organizations in running their large mulit-crew and multi-ship operations, run ´vers harvest convoys for our members, build outposts, develop property and conduct special services – such as bounty hunting, private hunting and militia support.

What makes us different?

We foster a family like culture, where we not just form in Extensive Enterprises together as an organization, but also share our passion for Star Citizen and just hang around together.

How can you fit a real life first approach together with regular gameplay?

Our idea is really that real life should always go first which drives your overall satisfaction. We see Extensive Enterprises at the same as an almost hardcore and roleplay organization, because once committed for a game session you are are committed. Multicrew gameplay will require that each of us is online at the same time. Consider like any other commitment when interacting with others in a polite manner. If you cannot attend, but have committed, then you will need to drop a line. This mindset will enable us, to plan complex type of gameplay and make large operations enjoyable.

Do you have a rank and progression system?

Yes, of course. We are testing new approaches and iterate our system. Right now we have a civilian rank system that defines your maturity and ownership level within the organization and we have a military rank system that captures your role in the security and special ops branch. So we can say, that we have everything you expect from an organization.

What does „roleplay“ mean for EXTENT?

Roleplay in a standard manner (have one character and play his role) will be difficult in an organization with more large and cap ships than players. What we understand it, that for every mission/job we accept as a group, everybody will take on his role he or she is assigned to. Real life communication will be kept on a necessary minimum and we fill the roles in the best possible way.


Finally a clear message to all pirates and griefers: We promise to all pirates and grievers to retaliate actions against any Extensive Enterprises ship, expedition or outpost. Do not attack any Extensive Enterprises assets, blackmail us, kidnap our employees and steal our assets

We understand that you may be in an adverse situation and see no other way. But here and now we give you a choice.

If you make the wrong decision, we retaliate any of your actions and ensure that you will not have any economic gain, no matter of the efforts that are needed to archive this.


1. Mission
Our mission is to be a profitable organization that allows its people to develop their skills and give a basis for sustainable space exploration, high value asset transportation and special services.

2. Excellence
We are doing business in a hazardous environment, and are committed to excellence through the systematic and disciplined management of our operations. We follow and uphold the rules and standards we set for our company.

3. Courage
What we do is rarely easy. Achieving the best outcomes often requires the courage to face difficulty, to speak up and stand by what we believe. We always strive to do the right thing. We explore new ways of thinking and are unafraid to ask for help. We are honest with ourselves, and actively seek feedback from others.

3. Respect
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and behave in ways that earn the trust of others. We depend on the relationships we have and respect each other and those we work with. We value diversity of people and thought. We care about the consequences of our decisions, large and small, on those around us. We only cooperate with business partners that also follow similar goals.