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Roberts Space Industries

Exygen / EXYGEN

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The Leader in Exogenous Supply & Support Services.

To Survive Out There, You Need Exygen




Born out of the U.E.E.’s brutal blockade of the Centauri System in 2782, smuggles ran supplies through and around the Naval Battle Group charged with enforcing the embargo. They provided food, medical supplies and arms to the desperate civilian population within the system.

As the military began tightening its grip to strangle the renegade supply lines, a group of “independent contractors” organized themselves and coordinated their activities to keep some form of trade open to the Centauri people. Some were traders others were former U.E.E. military providing security escort for the trade ships. All knew the importance of continuing because as history has shown this was one of the key events which marked the end of the Messer era.

Although a number of the original members of this group perished during these operations, enough survived to see the blockade end and the regime step back. The empire got a bloody nose and a black eye but it was not defeated. That’s why we are still here today, although in a more conventional form.

EXYGEN was founded by the remaining members of this group of blockade runners, to provide security and supply services to areas of the galaxy that others fear to go into. Over the years our crew members have delivered countless supplies, escorted thousands of ships to hundreds of systems, encountered hordes of pirates and corrupt officials and also lost many friends and companions along the way. Some have never made it back but all were committed to “Getting the Job Done”.

“Crave No Heaven, Fear No Hell” was a statement first made during the Centauri blockade and something our crew members still echo all these years later, because to be pilot or crew with EXYGEN requires this type of attitude and approach. Our people are not spoken about on the News services and they don’t get shiny pieces of metal to pin on their chest, nor do they want them. They have seen the conditions that the frontier offers and the struggles that these pioneers endure. So they see their job as making things a little bit easier, a little bit safer and a little less daunting.




Exogenous refers to an action or object coming from outside a system. This basically describes the service we first began to provide back during the Centauri blockade. We bring in supplies or services from outside your system to you.

The company name, EXYGEN, is derived from this root word and the tagline “TO SURVIVE OUT THERE YOU NEED EXYGEN is a play on its similarity to the word “Oxygen”.

Our customers are usually on the fringes of know space and also in some of the more adventurous areas of the galaxy. Some want to be a little more discrete while others want to create a whole lot of commotion. We take on jobs of all sizes and importance and can ensure that they are carried out promptly and with a minimum of fuss. (Or a lot of fuss if required)

EXYGEN is comprised of 6 divisions which offer a broad range of operations to be able to best service our customer’s needs.

  • EXYGEN SECURITY SOLUTIONS – Provides security services, equipment and personnel for use in areas such as,
    • Property and Personal Protection.
    • Transport and Shipping Escort.
    • Colony and Facility Security.
    • Bounty Hunting.
    • Pirate Infestation Problems.
  • EXYGEN TRADING & COMMERCE – Trades in manufactured goods, resources and technologies. We provide the link between those that are the suppliers in these commodities to those that required them in dozens of systems in the galaxy.
    Although human sourced items are the mainstay of our business, we also specialize in nonhuman sourced items, some of which may be very difficult to acquire.
  • EXYGEN SHIPPING & LOGISTICS – If you have something that needs to get from “Here” to “There” then we’ll make it happen. We will ship almost1 any item from almost1 anywhere to almost1 anywhere in the galaxy.
  • EXYGEN EXPLORATION & SALVAGE – Endeavors to discover unexplored systems and worlds so as to open up new mining and trade opportunities. We also reclaim any items of value from derelict ships, colonies and mining operations and find new owners who may put them to good use.
  • EXYGEN MINING & RESOURCES – Our mining and resource operations are diversified into a number of areas from mineral extraction to hydrogen collection and refining.
  • EXYGEN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS – Offers engineering services to help run, maintain and repair facilities such as,
    • Ships and Base Stations.
    • Production and Mining Operations.
    • Planet Side Operation and Life Support Equipment.

All of our divisions can and do work in co-operation with one another to ensure that our customers get the best possible outcome.

So, if you require a partner to help you with these types of operations in some of the less hospitable systems out there, we’d be happy to speak with you.


1 For legal reasons we have had to add the “almost” disclaimer to the above statement because of past requests to round up the entire U.E.E. government and its bureaucracy then deposit them in the farthest black hole in the galaxy. This would be the equivalent of rounding up all the cockroaches on planet Earth and flushing them down a toilet. Although this is theoretically possible, practicality makes this a monumental task. Besides, we may be dumping them on some unsuspecting dimension of reality where they may wreak more havoc than they do here.



We admire the spirit of those who push the boundaries, those who fly uncharted space and those who settle inhospitable worlds. We understand that living life on the edge of known space is perilous and every day is an extreme challenge. That’s why we do what we do.

Our role is to ensure that these pioneers have a chance and that their efforts see some reward. We hope that by supporting their endeavors they get to experience some of the recognition they deserve.

So, with this in mind, when we engage new pilots and crew to join our company we look past the timid and the wannabe heroes. We look for a character that has balls without the need for a uniform, someone who has the courage to stand alone against the whole galaxy if need be but doesn’t shout about it or boast about how tough they are.

These are the type of people that can “Get the Job Done”.

These are the type of people that “Crave No Heaven, Fear No Hell”.

The statement on our Recruitment page reads,

“If you wanna play the hero, go join the Navy. If you wanna make a difference, welcome to EXYGEN.”

(But once you’re done with the Navy, come back and join EXYGEN)

This is what we’re about.



If you read our History and Charter you may feel that we sound more like a charity rather than a company that offers products and services in trade. Well, if you live life based on the concept of charity then you see those that you give charity to as second-class individuals.

When you trade with another individual, you approach them as an equal who has something of value to offer. When you see someone as a charity case, then you see them as having nothing of value to offer.

When asked about the issue of charity, one of our founders was quoted as saying,

“Charity slowly robs a man of his dignity and self-esteem, thus once you have stolen it all, you have taken everything of value he has.”


Now, if you accept that trade is a respectable and civilized way for individuals to interact then consider this.

Government does not trade with you, government makes demands of you.

Government may go to the effort of putting on a caring smiley face while making those demands, or they may dispense with the pretence and just put a gun to your head. But either way, the demands are the same.

In this light, how do you think the U.E.E. and its agents see you?


Some may still reply,

“No, no, no, government is there to protect and serve me.”

Government’s role is not to protect or serve you; Government’s role is to create dependency. The more dependent you are on government, the more power government has over you.

The tool of “Government” is the means through which the few claim authority over the many.


“Yes Sir! How High Sir?”

Some people think that the military teaches discipline; the military teaches obedience not discipline. These two things are not the same.

Self-discipline is a very powerful quality; obedience is the realm of domesticated dogs.

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
Henry Kissinger (20th Century politician of the once United States of America)

To the self-anointed elites who control the U.E.E., military personnel are little more than cannon fodder. Something cheap to throw at an enemy’s laser round or blast cannon.


On the one hand, you have pirates; On the other, you have the U.E.E.

In essence, they are the same thing.

The only real difference being, that the U.E.E. has managed to convince you that they have authority over you. Pirates have not yet been successful in doing so.


The question must also be asked;

To what degree do elements within and around the U.E.E. covertly support pirate activity?

Why would they do this?

So as to create the political P.R. opportunity to take control of outlining systems and ensure the continued submission of complaint worlds.


There will always, always, always be groups and individuals that desire to control, manipulate and have authority over others. It’s only a question of whether they do this on a small or a large scale.

When we sign on to the idea of “Government” it may well be with the very best intentions, but as the old saying goes,

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

By creating an institution which claims authority over everyone and is backed up with the threat of violence, we are creating a honey pot for those that lust political power.

We are giving them the ultimate tool/weapon to dominate, all wrapped up in this veil of legitimacy called “For the public good”.

The real political power in the U.E.E. is not in the position of Imperator, it is in those that created and now defend the position.

The power of the throne is not in the King but in the King makers.


“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
John Dalberg-Acton (A.K.A., Lord Acton)

This statement is absurd, although the sentiment is understood.

It would be more appropriate to rephrase it this way,

“Political power tends to corrupt and absolute political power corrupts absolutely.”

Political power is about power over others. Political power is an illusion crafted by those that wish to dominate others. Another can only have power over you if you submit to them.

Real power comes from the individual. It is power over Oneself and One’s own life.

One does not come close to touching real, absolute power until One becomes incorruptible.

While you are corruptible you are corrupting the very power that emanates from you.

So what is corrupting you, you may ask…?



Those who are weak in real power and are highly ambitious will seek political power. They will use any means necessary including deception and violence to get it, retain it and expand it.

Those who are strong in real power are Masters of their own destiny. They do not require the obedience of others to live a valuable and fulfilling life.


True Leaders vs Political Rulers

True leaders lead by example and recognize the sovereignty of the individual. They are not voted upon; they do not speak for others and they do not require the obedience of others. Instead, others seek them out for guidance and wise council.

True leadership has no hierarchy.

Political rulers are installed by coercion/force or voted for by members of the collective. By extension, they claim to speak for every member of the collective and their authority is based on the threat of retaliation or even violence.

They also issue commandments that other members of the group must follow, such as which enemies to fight, but they often exempt themselves from such inconveniences.

Leadership is a quality an individual has. It IS NOT something inherent to an organizational structure. Political systems want to convince you that it IS inherent to the organizational structure.

Positions in an organizational structure are positions of responsibility, NOT positions of leadership.

Having citizens vote for their political rulers is now the preferred method of operation that the U.E.E. practices, as it gives citizens the delusional impression that they have a say in the functioning of the empire. This is often referred to as “Democracy”.

Rulers are not the same as Leaders. Rulers tell you what to do, Leaders show you.


There are religions that talk about Heaven and Hell and they inform us that both are found in opposite directions to one another. This is a false and deliberate diversion. Hell is what stands between where you are now and Heaven. Heaven is also open to everyone, but YOU need to find the courage and a way to get there.

You may also be surprised at what and where Heaven and Hell are. They are not “Out there” or “Up there” or “Down there”. They are not found outside of your own Being but are states of your own Psyche.

Hell, is a simple equation; it is the sum total of all your deepest and most intense fears, multiplied by a lot.

Heaven, is the peace you will find when you have explored and understood every facet of this equation.

“The cause of insanity is the denial of legitimate suffering.”
Carl Gustav Jung?

Intense suffering will come while engaging your fears, but from this suffering something new is born; courage, resilience, a greater understanding, a deeper sense of Self; until the final realization.

Organized religions are part of the control mechanism, they are there to distract and divert you from following your true path home. Because once you have made it back, you can never be anyone’s slave.


Truth will not leave you in peace, until you have the courage to face and accept it.