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Velkommen til Far Out Corporation

Far Out Corporation er en norskspråklig, voksen spillergruppe som har fulgt utviklingen av Star Citizen hele veien.

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Far Out Corporation ble opprettet i 2018 av medlemer som har fulgt Star Citizen siden starten, Vi fant hverandre som gruppe da vi synes det er greit å spille/teste på tross av bugs og dårlig framerate, og vi samles like mye for det sosiale.


Far Out Corporation is a Norwegian speaking Org.

We are a fairly new organization, consisting of mostly adult players with a burning interest for Star Citizen and its community. Many of us are long-time backers of Star Citizen, but some are new as well.

Our core philosophy is that our strength comes through unity in diversity. Prosper and develop the organization itself and the players it consists of.

We accept all kinds of players. Be it Mining Engineers, Mercantile magicians, Curious Explorers or Brave Security Specialists/Privateers. Pirates can look elsewhere.

As the organization grows and natural leaders present themselves, we will adjust the structure as needed. By adding group leaders and specializing each group as needed.

Unity without uniformity. Diversity without fragmentation.

There is a plan in place, to what we believe would be the right way to approach Star Citizen. Involving several stages.

Alpha stage is where we lay the groundwork of the organization. Playing the game together in PU, Arena Commander and in Star Marine. The gameplay here will naturally be dictated by the available content as the game’s development progresses.

Bravo stage is when the game is fully persistent. We will continue the activity from Alpha stage and add in more group play. Running group training exercises for escort pilot as well as space truckers.

Charlie stage is post launch Star Citizen. This is where we adjust out plans and we can start working together for a bright future. Together we can develop our org and personal economy for the long.

We plan on Picking a base of operation in relative security for main storage and a forward operating base. Details regarding the intention of these bases and use will be presented at later stage. When we know what system is suitable for the org.

Far Out Corp leadership will draw out the big lines and direction we want the development of the Org to go. The Org will provide Bases and outposts for members to use. Locations will be put down as need, may it be for profit of tactical use.

The org expects its members to contribute towards the common goals, in addition to some taxation. As some operations require manpower to execute. The hope is that this will be a fun undertaking for all attending.

Outside that you are allowed and encouraged to pursue what you want to do, and you feel comfortable with.

One Rule Stands above all. Real Life Comes first. High Activity is not expected but appreciated.