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Fuzzball Enterprises / FBE

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Welcome to Fuzzball Enterprises, a company dedicated to the growth and support for anthropomorphic individuals. Feel free to browse the member list and check our Recruitment section if you wish to apply for a job.

Banner by Jay Naylor, used with permission.


Fuzzball Enterprises [FBE] was founded in 2013 by Twile and Sepf Fuzzball as an Organization to provide support for like-minded furries in the expanses of space.

[2015-04-09] – [FBE] Meetup, FWA2015
[2015-03-09] – Inaugural [FBE] Convention, FBE2015
[2014-03-30] – [FBE] Meetup, BLFC2014
[2014-03-21] – [FBE] Meetup, FWA2014
[2014-01-22] – [FBE] Opens for Public Trading
[2014-01-18] – Inaugural [FBE] Corporate Meetup, FC2014
[2013-07-18] – [FBE] Alt-Site Founded


Fuzzball Enterprise [FBE] is a Company centered around primarily providing a fun, collaborative experience amongst employees while traveling the stars, whether it be for performing transport, trade, escort, or exploration duties.

[FBE] itself does wish to gather money and resources for the purpose of creating proper bases of operations, capital ships, and helping out newer members or employees that happen to be down on their luck.

[FBE] operates within the rules and regulations set by the [UEE] with regards to the methods used to make said money and gather resources. We do not condone illegal actions and evil intentions and highly look down upon those that rely on piracy as a primary means of income.

[FBE] actually has multiple Divisions inside of the Corporation, consisting of:

Fuzzball Escort Services [FES] functions as the Fuzzball Enterprises Military Division. Serving as both the Sword and Shield for the Company, [FES] is called upon to protect the ships and bases of other divisions, as well as contract services to other companies to generate additional revenue. Although it is expected that any pilot in [FES] is strong on their own, the true strength of this division comes from the forming of groups of skilled individuals. Those in [FES] pledge to watch each other’s six, to protect the Company, and to defeat those that would challenge Fuzzball Enterprises.

Fuzzball Trade Consortium [FTC] functions as the Mercantile and Commerce Backbone of Fuzzball Enterprises. As with any company the accumulation of credits is necessary for it to keep running. Keeping on top of the best trading runs, managing financials, and finding the best deals outside of standard trading are all methods in which the [FTC] generates exemplary profits for the Company. Those that pledge to [FTC] are expected to share knowledge of credit generation techniques, provide assistance on trading runs, request assistance from the other branches when necessary to facilitate additional revenue, and keep Fuzzball Enterprises profitable.

Fuzzball Expedition Charter [FEC] functions as the Exploration and Discovery Division of Fuzzball Enterprises. Exploring of new jumpholes and star systems, discovering resources and derelict ships, and unraveling the exciting secrets of the universe are what those in [FEC] strive for. Those in [FEC] pledge to explore and report new findings and resources to the Company, band together when necessary to defend one another, to provide scout services at the behest of other Divisions of Fuzzball Enterprises, and to always continue pioneering the great void.


  • Employees are encouraged to keep an open mind and are expected to remain friendly and civil with one another.
  • Employees are not allowed to actively pirate allied or neutral Organizations vessels.
  • Employees are discouraged from engaging in ‘trollish’ behavior and tracking in needless drama.
  • Employees are encouraged to participate in groups when encountering enemy ships.