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First Constinian Banking Group


Front runners in banking, as well as universally acclaimed as one of the best banks in over 109 star systems, here is the unabridged history of the FCB.



Century I – The FCB was founded by Lawrence Leupold Hofenhouzen II on August the 14th in the year 2270. The FCB was originally founded as “The First Constinian Banking Group”, by Mr. Hofenhouzen, but after bank goers complained about how much of a mouthful the name was to write on checks, it was soon decided by Mr. Hofenhouzen to change the name to just First Constinian Banking which he then shortened more to just FCB as an acronym of the new name of the bank that started little over a year and a half ago.

Century II – As 2300 came around the FCB was celebrating its 30th anniversary. Mr. Hofenhouzen was soon to reach his 70th birthday which was just a week after the bank’s anniversary. At his retirement speech, Mr. Hofenhouzen said “I started this bank when I was forty and as a middle aged man I thought ‘I’ll run this bank forever,’ but as the years kept on and the clock kept ticking, I slowly realized that I wouldn’t be able to run this bank another 30 years, so I’m going to retire while hopefully leaving the company in good protocol.” He then announced that he was going to give his position to his oldest daughter Scarlette Hofenhouzen due to the fact that she already had children; since she had been mentored by her father, to her sons she passed family secrets – an heir was already accounted for as she passed on. Mrs. Hofenhouzen took control of the bank and ran it successfully for 16 years until our founder, Mr. Hofenhouzen passed away and his daughter fell into a deep depression. She neglected her job so much so that she had almost dragged the FCB into the ground. On September 1st, 2319 Mrs. Hofenhouzen resigned and elected her older brother Jon Hofenhouzen whom was a banking mastermind to be the next CEO since her children were not old enough to run the family business. Mr. Jon Hofenhouzen graduated from the University of Aurum Corvus as a money and economics scholar and used his advanced knowledge to teach students at the same university. Though he was reluctant to become a replacement for his younger sister, he did not want to see his father’s business plummet any further due to his sister’s inability to cope with the loss of their father. Mr. Jon Hofenhouzen took over the company and brought about a golden age in the bank’s life bringing in some of the richest people in the galaxy to invest, and save money in the FCB’s banks. New buildings were popping up on every continent in almost every country and being recognized as one of the best money handlers in the industry. Mr. Jon Hofenhouzen stayed as the CEO of the FCB until his untimely demise after 41 years of working due to a stroke he had during his cryo sleep. After Mr. Jon Hofenhouzen’s funeral there was a predicament that arose in the business as there was no heir to replace his position therefore a council election from the bank’s business board was called as to whom would fit the position. After many weeks of consulting and looking at applicants, the board found what they believed to be the right man for the job. Henry Q. McClowry, (whom went to the same university as Mr. Jon Hofenhouzen, and graduated at the top of his class.) Mr. McClowry was elected for the point of CEO after the boards saw how similar he was to the late Mr. Jon Hofenhouzen in both personality and charisma. Two more CEOs were elected during this time period (Rex Bartak, and Elise Shambal), but they did not amount to much.

Century III On Christmas eve of 2406, the FCB’s standing CEO Eric Bostark age 72 decided to focus on mass creating buildings on other planets and solar systems. Starting on the planet of Nemo II to Selene which ultimately ended in the bank doing massive expansions into the whole of the hospitable solar system. This acquisition accounted for 5 additional planets which added up to 8 planets totaled in the venture. Business was going well for the bank as it rolled into the year 2432, the new CEO Gregory Aufenhaus age 45, was expanding the banks to 3 more solar systems totaling in 5 solar systems that had a complete planetary count of 43 planets and 460 banks throughout all systems. Business was booming and bank applications were huge. Things seemed to be going well and it lasted throughout the the rest of the century.

Century IV – 2513 marked the one billionth applicant to the FCB, and the 1000th bank being built on the planet Lorona. This was a golden century for the FCB.

Century V – In the year 2649 the bank’s boom from the last century was over, but it was clear that another one was on the way, due to the fact that one of the bank’s largest rivals, (Gem Bank) was being shut down due to extreme legal infringements, but as the century reached its latter years, the unimaginable happened. In the year 2681, the barbaric alien race called the Vanduul attacked many settlements on the Orion System and along with the massive loss of life, around 12 of the FCB’s top banks in the region were also lost due to Vanduul raids, but the Vanduul took the most pointless of items, and literally did not break a single item valuable for trade. The loss of property was terrible for the bank, but the attacks were not over, before the UEE could get a grasp on what they were and how they fought, the Vanduul overtook somewhere around 50 more banks, but because of a pattern in how the Vanduul attacked, the FCB figured that they would be attacking those banks, so the resources and employees from those locations were removed before being raided by the Vanduul.

Century VI – As the verse came into the new century (2700) the CEO of the FCB (Luke Bulau) was still trying to bounce back from the losses that they had endured only 30 years ago. The first thing that Mr. Bulau tried to do was rebuild, but after the Vanduul raided the planets again he was very discouraged and decided it was best to not rebuild on the locations until the UEE retook the system and firmly stabilized it. Around 2743 the FCB was finally able to rebuild on the planet of Aremis, a small victory, but a victory nonetheless, but the planet was still very underpopulated due to fear of yet another Vanduul invasion, so the banks on the planet were not bringing in good revenue. In order to try to bring people back to the planet (which in turn would bring customers) the FCB advertised how safe the planet was, and as expected people began to repopulate upon the planet.

Century VII 2898 was the year that the FCB was re-owned by the Hofenhouzen bloodline as the great great great great great grandson of the late Mr.Lawrence Hofenhouzen, Lawson Hofenhouzen. Lawson Hofenhouzen was a graduate from the University of Calicem Capulus at the age of 29. He, like his great granduncle Jon Hofenhouzen, majored in banking and economics, near the top of his class. Mr. Lawson Hofenhouzen came up with grandiose ideas and insight long craved since the last Hofenhouzen CEO passed away many centuries ago. Mr. Hofenhouzen will most definitely lead us into the next golden age!

If any points in this story appear to be historically incorrect per Cloud Imperium Game’s lore let Thrackerzodian know

Discord -We use Discord as a a means of communication between members, users, advisers, and investors.

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The First Constinian Bank™


What We Do

  • We may give loans to people who have sufficient reputation so they can further themselves, and/or their group monetarily so they can get that new big ship early, or so they can make that big investment whether it be a home or stocks so long as it is within reason it is open for application.
  • We may take deposits of currency and/or assets for either individuals or organizations, and we can provide the currency and assets at any of our warehouse/vault locations at your request. If you are out in vanduul space, we’ll meet you our nearest available merchantman substation¹. It is far cheaper and safer to have someone with ships made for transporting precious materials, and buildings made to hold precious items to hold those than to build/buy your own. Our shipments are fully insured so the a user doesn’t have to handle logistics. Its not just a mission you need; there are support ships, informational debriefs, outsourced labor contacts and contracts involved in your daily routine – We take care of those and more.
  • Our new Citizen’s Roth IRA account as well as our Roth 401k ensure your money grows over time. We may accept funds as investment towards our speculative methods (mining, trade, etc) which we use to make you up to 5% on your investment. Withdrawals may be subject to penalties. Business accounts available for organizations.
  • The auction of items that have been repossessed as collateral by our Ministry Of Defense. Our taking ownership of these items would have happened as a result of a repeatedly mishandled contract renegotiation. We may auction user debts to third parties if end user negotiations fail.

¹Fees included (excludes savings account members)

Organization Account Abilities

  • The quickest transportation of assets out of any other organization anywhere in the galaxy anytime no matter the risk.
  • Loans with the lowest rates in the galaxy.
  • The highest level of protection in the galaxy of all assets submitted guaranteed.
  • The ability to exchange any and all recognized currency for an equal amount of another currency.

Individual Account Abilities

  • Transportation of account balance to most recent star system – all space other than Vanduul.
  • Loans with the lowest rates in the galaxy.
  • The highest level of protection in the galaxy of all assets submitted guaranteed.
  • Upcoming in game integrated website
  • The ability to exchange any and all recognized currency for an equal amount of another currency (savings account exclusive)

Privacy Policy

  • We as a dignified establishment will never share user information unless we are bound by a contract to do so, or if the user asks that their information be shared with another party. We do however reserve the right to share what organizations are planning to use our system, but these organizations can ask at any point in time to have their position on our manifesto redacted that request will be verified.
  • We reserve the right to share information with groups we consider law enforcement agencies or governmental entities, and we also reserve the right to share our information with 3rd parties – all of such groups will be listed under our allied organizations. (We will generally just be sharing this information if someone breaks a contract)
  • The user retains the right to terminate their account at any time (subject to penalties).
    We reserve the right to cross examine user records with those of other allied organizations.
    We reserve the right to act in accordance with UEE Trade and Development Division or any provisional laws. We reserve the right to subject applications to discretion. We reserve the right to terminate ongoing transactions.

Terms Subject To Change At The Banks Discretion

Some of our Organizational Users

  • Operation PitchFork-OPPF
  • Obscuris Contract Services-OBCS
  • Port Unity-INTRO
  • The Sol Armada-SOLARMADA
  • SQUADRON 110-110TH

Best wishes,

The First Constinian Bank™


About Us

  • Have you or your organization ever wanted to get ahead of your competition? If so apply for an application today at The First Constinian Bank we provide the highest level of service, care, and protection for our user’s assets. We also provide loans with the lowest interest rates in the galaxy, but do not think of walking out one because we take collateral by force.

Employee Rules

  • All employees must always follow a contract’s bylaws when dealing with anything related to bank affiliated actions taken of behalf of the employee. This rule will be given a total of three strikes before they are terminated.
  • No private information regarding users assets will ever be given to an outside party without the user’s permission. If this right to the user is infringed the employee will be terminated and assets will also be frozen until they give reasonable compensation to the user who’s right they infringed upon.
  • Employees who are not an active member of the the transport section, or the defense section of the bank will never carry a lethal weapon onto areas owned by the bank. If this happens they will be given a total of three strikes before termination.
  • Employees are required to maintain the “Policy Of Professionalism” whenever dealing with users. If this is not done reputation strike(s) may be added. Three strikes will result in the termination of the offenders employment.
  • Employees are required to state all affiliations, and reputations with other groups upon a Director’s request. If this is not accomplished in a timely basis a strike will be added to the employees reputation.

Best wishes,

The First Constinian Bank™