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Roberts Space Industries ®


  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Infiltration

We are the antiheroes, embodying Robin Hood’s spirit of stealing from the rich to empower the poor. Grief-Killers and PvP enthusiasts, we invite you to join our syndicate. Experience organized chaos and immersive roleplay in the verse.

⍙⟒⌰☊⍜⋔⟒ ⏁⍜ ⎎⏃☊⟒⌰⟒⌇⌇, ⟊⍜⟟⋏ ⎍⌇:


In the vast reaches of the Star Citizen universe, a dark legend emerged: the Faceless Pirate Organization. Born amidst the turmoil and shifting alliances, they carved their path through the shadows.

The origins of Faceless can be traced back to the early days of humanity’s expansion into the stars. As civilization spread, wealth and power became concentrated in the hands of a privileged few. It was in this stark divide that the seeds of rebellion were sown.

Formed during the tumultuous era of the UEE’s rise, Faceless emerged as a syndicate of antiheroes, inspired by the fabled Robin Hood. Their aim was clear: to challenge the oppressive hierarchy and restore balance to the verse.

With audacious daring, Faceless targeted the affluent, striking with precision and cunning. Their tactics mirrored chaos, yet behind the facade lay an organized and calculated approach. They operated with ruthless efficiency, plundering the resources of the wealthy to uplift the forgotten and downtrodden.

Marking their territory became their trademarks, a testament to their unyielding determination. They became masters of the art, toying with their adversaries and instilling fear in the hearts of those who crossed their path.

Over time, Faceless grew in influence and numbers, attracting like-minded individuals who craved both excitement and purpose. Their ranks swelled with hardcore players, filtered through the crucible of training, ready to immerse themselves in the lore of the verse.

As their legend spread, Faceless became a symbol of defiance against authority, a flickering flame of hope for those yearning for change. Their actions echoed through the annals of Star Citizen’s history, forever leaving their mark upon the tapestry of the universe.

With each daring heist and calculated act, Faceless pirates continue to shape the destiny of Star Citizen. They stand united, faceless yet resolute, determined to reshape the universe and challenge the boundaries of what it means to be a pirate.


Faceless declares their unwavering intentions to protect and uphold the norms of the Star Citizen universe. Motivated by a desire to dismantle oppressive structures, they actively combat and protect people from griefers who disrupt the peace. They act as defenders of the marginalized, striving to create a fair and just environment.

Inspired by the principles of Robin Hood, Faceless aims to challenge the status quo by targeting the wealthy and influential, seeking to redistribute resources and empower the less fortunate. They view themselves as antiheroes, utilizing their organized approach to ensure the well-being of the community while countering those who exploit their power.

Faceless questions the legitimacy of concentrated wealth and influence, aiming to disrupt the established order and promote a more equitable society. Their acts of piracy and intervention serve as a means to restore balance and challenge the authority of those who perpetuate injustice.

While maintaining a steadfast commitment to immersive roleplay, Faceless vehemently opposes griefing and strives to protect others from its harmful effects. They champion a spirit of cooperation, encouraging collaboration among like-minded individuals to safeguard the peace and maintain a harmonious verse.

In summary, Faceless emerges as a beacon of protection, valuing the welfare of the community and actively working to counter the disruptive actions of griefers. They are driven by a vision of fairness and equality, utilizing their organized methods to challenge the imbalance of power and promote a more just society within Star Citizen’s lore.


“Join us in the shadows, for within our ranks lies your sanctuary. In the vast expanse of this universe, only by standing with Faceless shall you truly find solace. Embrace our pirate brethren, for it is in their midst that you shall discover unrivaled protection and respite. From the chaos we navigate, emerges a haven of safety and security. With us, your journey becomes an artistic symphony of survival, where the brushstrokes of our collective strength paint a masterpiece of invincibility. Together, we defy the odds, transcending the boundaries of fear. For in the face of adversity, Faceless stands as your shield, your steadfast companion. Welcome to our embrace, where safety and artistry intertwine in a dance of unparalleled grace.”