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Free Dutch Empire / FDENL

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Free Dutch Empire is een Nederlandse Star Citizen Organisatie die zijn stempel op Stanton drukt. We zijn actief in alle gebieden van het spel en open voor nieuwe en ervaren spelers.



History of the Free Dutch Empire
(by Armin T. aka Dr. Sato, Empires historic grapher)

Dutch people are renowned for their liberal and democratic principles. Also the national emblem of the country they lived in has the shape of the Lion. These fierce lions come out if they are cornered and oppressed. The free spirit and movement of the people are as important as personal gain, good commercial awareness and not shying away from doing what needs to be done at any cost and expense that needs to be given.

Being Dutch doesn’t mean you are a god, but the skills needed to be a trader with an eye for opportunity have been there since birth. The free roaming and skilled Dutch are across the old world and Verse known as good company. In for a nice time, but when needed they stand as one.

The fierce power and display of relentless fighting skills have made the Dutch to be a strong and worthful companion in battle and in times of peace. The Dutch take care of security, transport, mining operations and of course controlling and securing the perimeter of our and our associates borders, buildings and assets.

In times of need one needs a resourceful companion that is not shy of walking the thin gray line on what needs to be done, what can be done and with what force to strike with.
Even leaning towards pirate techniques is an option, just like jungle warfare, close combat and guerrilla tactics can and will be used to be victorious. This said the lines that make it morbid, unacceptable or not in conjunction with accepted and enforced treaties are never crossed.
Dialog before the Iron fist comes down is the Dutch way.

This said, it hasn’t been smooth sailing alone that led to the erection of the Free Dutch Empire. The harsh times that our core ability and values have been tested by white and Blue collar avesaries, were large and lasted long. Under pressure of dictators and cunning self appointed leaders, we rose as one group. The captains stuck together in good and bad times. There was light at the end of a long and treacherous road to becoming a 100% Free Empire.

Time was ready to become us, without any further ado, Five strong Captains made the step to set up the overall controlling organization of the Free Dutch Empire. Where the mind, body and ideas are free. Where all Dutch minorities can get foot on the ground. Where other organizations can be affiliated with.

Liberal captains Roodbaerd, Berowalt, Captain_Peppi, Dietrich_Regeinland and Lost_Time joined forces. They met up on Hurston’s M&V home bar. After a short debate a charter was formed with fewer rules than ever seen before. Just to ensure that FDE is a safe haven for all Dutch organizations and individual Captains. Wether you are running questionable goods, or an honest trader, the doors are wide open.

Without further ado,

Welcome to the Free Dutch Empire


The Free Dutch Empire is a Dutch Star Citizen Organisation and gaming community with the main goal of enjoying online games, playing together and organising events and battles. We have three core principles that shape our organisation.

1. The Free Dutch Empire is Free, besides from a few basic rules to ensure a good ambiance for our players, you can play every game, how you want to play it and when you want to play it.

2. Star Citizen is our hobby, not our work, our goal is to enjoy the game and build a nice Dutch speaking community. Our long term plan is to have our own base in the verse that serves as a nexus for trade and security.

3. The Elector Counts facilitate the community, resolve problems, manage diplomacy and promote activity by means of events. At the end of the day the Elector Counts are volunteers that sacrifice their free time to lead this community, please treat them with respect and patience.



1. De leeftijdsgrens is 16 jaar.

2. Behandel mensen met respect – Geen mensen lastivallen, heksenjact, racisme of haatuitingen.

3. Houd het Angel-saksisch tot een minimum (Ja we hebben ook spelers die niet Nederlands zijn, daar houden we rekening mee. Maar in de basis zijn we Nederlandsch)