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Free Dutch Empire / FDENL

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Free Dutch Empire is een Nederlandse Star Citizen Organisatie die zijn stempel op Stanton drukt. We zijn actief in alle gebieden van het spel en open voor nieuwe en ervaren spelers.



History of the Free Dutch Empire
(by Armin T. aka Dr. Sato, Empires historic grapher)

Dutch people are renowned for their liberal and democratic principles. Also the national emblem of the country they lived in has the shape of the Lion. These fierce lions come out if they are cornered and oppressed. The free spirit and movement of the people are as important as personal gain, good commercial awareness and not shying away from doing what needs to be done at any cost and expense that needs to be given.

Being Dutch doesn’t mean you are a god, but the skills needed to be a trader with an eye for opportunity have been there since birth. The free roaming and skilled Dutch are across the old world and Verse known as good company. In for a nice time, but when needed they stand as one.

The fierce power and display of relentless fighting skills have made the Dutch to be a strong and worthful companion in battle and in times of peace. Just as a controlling force over lesser tribes and lesser enemies the Dutch take care of security, transport, mining operations and of course controlling and securing the perimeter of our and our associates borders, buildings and assets.

In times of need one needs a resourceful companion that is not shy of walking the thin gray line on what needs to be done, what can be done and with what force to strike with.
Even leaning towards pirate techniques is an option, just like jungle warfare, close combat and guerrilla tactics can and will be used to be victorious. This said the lines that make it morbid, unacceptable or not in conjunction with accepted and enforced treaties are never crossed.
Dialog before the Iron fist comes down is the Dutch way.

This said, it hasn’t been smooth sailing alone that led to the erection of the Free Dutch Empire. The harsh times that our core ability and values have been tested by white and Blue collar avesaries, were large and lasted long. Under pressure of dictators and cunning self appointed leaders, we rose as one group. The main captains stuck together in good and bad times. There was light at the end of a long and treacherous road to becoming a 100% Free Empire.

Time was ready to become us, without any further ado, Five strong Captains made the step to set up the overall controlling organization of the Free Dutch Empire. Where the mind, body and ideas are free. Where all Dutch minorities can get foot on the ground. Where other organizations can be affiliated with.

Bram, a known liberal Dutch Captain and his loyal fellow Dutch Captains Jeff and Peppi, joined forces with Captains Ryan and Marcel. They met up on Hurston’s dark allied home bar. After a short debate a charter was formed with fewer rules than ever seen before. Just to ensure that FDE is a safe haven for all Dutch organizations and individual Captains.

The Free Dutch Empire pre History

In the 23rd Centuries with the Spirit wars, the Dutch were present and helped where possible to regain stability, all fragmented and unorganized sole organizations with just a few captains. The need to combine forces is starting to grow.

The 24th Century brought new systems, new horizons to venture into. Again the Dutch are on the front line, with the liberal attitude and hard core abilities to open new worlds to take control and explore new expansion the front lines are filled with unstructured Dutch influence. Still with a great longing to operate from one base, the seeds for the Empire are growing as more and more Captains meet and bring the legacy of our roots to grow into the verse.

Where to begin? Or better the absolute origin of The Free Dutch Empire, the Foundation so to say. The Dutch were mainly known as a part of the 108th Squadron, set up in a joint venture between the then UPE Army and Navy as a rapid reaction force to deal with any threats the ever-expanding humanity might encounter. Made up of crack pilots, marines and mech army units, the 108th was the definition of Elite within the UPE.

The 1st Tevarin war (late 2950)
Although rumored to be involved in a lot of ‘black work’ their first official engagement was against the Tevarin at the start of the first Tevarin war in 2951. Under command of Colonel P. “de Hollander” Heijn, the 108th were ordered to engage the vanguard of the Tevarin invasion fleet and hold them until the UPE navy could mobilize the fleet and reinforce their position. The 108th struck the Tevarin vanguard in the Centauri system, striking from the shadows of the Centauri asteroid belt it was a quick and bloody battle (if you could call it a battle), Colonel de Hollander ordered the Tervarin to be killed to a man, no dime was given.

The Tevarin fleet, not knowing the fate of their vanguard jumped into the Centauri system, they quickly realized what had happened and prepared for battle. Colonel de Hollander worked quickly and landed his ground units on Saisei and they dug in, the rest of the fleet retreated to the asteroid belt. For three days and nights the 108th defended the Centauri system reaping bloody havoc in the Tevarin lines and causing huge casualties before the UPE Navy arrived and forced the Tevarin into retreat.

This had to be the bloodiest battle the war would see and set the 108th up as one of the most feared and legendary units to ever have cut a bloody path through history. The 108th’s reputation grew across the ‘Verse, they were the most feared unit the UPE had at their disposal and were well known for their particular brand of bloody savagery and merciless resolve. Each battle they often left one or two survivors, the rest of the 108th’s foes were brutally killed, these were always found with a Dutch Corporation logo branded inside their left hand.
No one to this day knows why they left survivors and even more mysterious why they left the brand mark on these victims of pure ragery. Maybe it’s significant? maybe it’s some cruel joke? maybe they just like leaving marks? only the Dutch ancestors themselves know why.

By 2951, the UEE had been formed and D.R.O.Y.D. 9000, an Artificial Intelligence developed by Laylani Addison and executed on itself, then Laylani crowned itself as Imperator DROYD becoming the most powerful android alive. DROYD immediately saw the the Dutch as a threat having seen them in action personally and knowing their fame – although there was no indication the Dutch would rebel having served loyally, he decided that since they weren’t ‘his’ men that they should be eliminated, after-all, he became Imperator by being a ruthless bastard himself.

The 2nd Tevarin War (mid 2951)
In the Mid of 2951 the 2nd Tevarin war, better known als “The Tevarin politionele acties” started, under the command of a Tevarin Warlord Corath ‘Thal, the tevarin wanted to reclaim their homeworld and so the Imperator saw an opportunity and set his plans in motion.

The Dutch however noticed a subtle change in the Nationalisms new ‘recruits’ that were meant to replace the losses the company had suffered, a number of them being pilots and marines of some renown by themselves, political-type men, educated men, not the usual bottom-of-the-barrel shit they have been sent lately. The Dutch were still mainly unorganized and loads of splinter companies were set up. The concerns are taken to the aging P. Heijn, but he was an old soldier, the loyal-til-death type and dismissed it out of hand, then the news came down that orders had been issued by the Imperator herself. The Colonel read out the mission brief to the officers, they were to strike deep behind enemy lines and take out Warlord Corath ‘Thal himself. A suicide mission. They all knew it, even if the Colonel didn’t.

The Company mobilized and set out, they reached deep within Tevarin territory before a busted fuel line in one of the old Vanguards gave way and imploded killing everyone on board (somehow I don’t think it was a coincidence). Bad luck, but they may as well have put up a big sign and a disco ball telling every Tevarin within 100 clicks that they were there, from here on in they would have to fight for every inch of the way. The fighting was brutal and ruthless, wave after wave after wave of Tevarin struck, men and women dead or dying everywhere, the Tevarin gave no dime and where given none in return, they lost over half the fleet but still they fought on towards Corath ‘Thal and his flagship – probably already long gone but what choice did they have? In a rare reprieve, Colonel de Hollander had realized he wasn’t coming back from this, this was a one way mission, but he would be damned if he let all Dutch die on his watch so he devised a plan. He split the fleet in two (or what was left of it) and took the majority of his best marines and ships still worthy of the name and pushed deeper into Tevarin territory.

He left a young captain at that time, by the name of Bram The Dutch in charge of what was left with orders to hide behind one of the nearby moons and as soon as he got the chance, jump to the Taranis system where he could lay low and rendezvous with other captains he- deems loyal to the Dutch heritage. This way they could continue to pass on the tactics and knowledge of the 108th to a new group of men and women willing to undergo the training and discipline they went through.

The rest of the Company pushed on, to their surprise they had cut a bloody path to fringe space, to their even bigger surprise they found Corath ‘Thal’s flagship still there, they seized their chance. The Colonel loaded every last Marine he had on to the remaining Redeemers and rammed them straight into the flagships hull, most of them died but the remainder he re-grouped and headed straight for the bridge killing every Tevarin in their way, even the Warlord’s elite warriors fell before them. By the time he reached the bridge he was left with two men, he had more holes in him than a Vanduul firing range but with one last effort he pushed on through the doors and there he was – about 8ft away – Warlord Corath ‘Thal with a very surprised look on his face.

The brave marines took four steps in that room before they were cut down by Corath ‘Thal’s Elite Guard, a sour breath away from putting their knives through the neck of all that is evil. It was in that spot, with the Tevarin blades sticking through their bodies, that the hopes for total freedom was most strong. And all hopes fared towards Bram and his new to find captains to resurrect as the Free Dutch Empire.

The Warlord Corath ‘Thal surveyed in disbelief the devastation from the window of his bridge, thousands of his warriors dead, hundreds of the enemy dead, how did this happen? He stared back into the room at the dead marines who had led the charge through so valiantly, who are these man? He noticed something writing of some sort on the inside of the man’s hand…
After clearing some blood and dirt mixture from the hand a clear brand mark of a Dutch Company showed, never seen anywhere else. An Exploding world branded in his hand.
And in small printed like letters one could make out Freie Neerlandsche Wereld

Bram, who had been awaiting a quiet period to start moving out, found a note stating the same line. It was in old 16th century Dutch emblem en tatoo worn by old skippers and mates on the old sailing ships on homeworld Earth. That freely translates to Free Dutch Empire a wish that finally came true for the Dutch and their free spirits.

So, here we go FDE to reign. And for all new .. feel Welcome and Free!!!


The Free Dutch Empire is a Dutch Star Citizen Organisation and gaming community with the main goal of enjoying online games, playing together and organising events and battles. We have three core principles that shape our organisation.

1. The Free Dutch Empire is Free, besides from a few basic rules to ensure a good ambiance for our players, you can play every game, how you want to play it and when you want to play it.

2. Star Citizen is our hobby, not our work, our goal is to enjoy the game and build a nice Dutch speaking community. Our long term plan is to have our own base in the verse that serves as a nexus for trade and security.

3. The Elector Counts facilitate the community, resolve problems, manage diplomacy and promote activity by means of events. At the end of the day the Elector Counts are volunteers that sacrifice their free time to lead this community, please treat them with respect and patience.



・ 1. Eerste en de belangrijkste regel, hoe jij het spel en/of de spellen speelt, mag je helemaal zelf weten!

・ 2. We zijn niet super gevoelig, maar gedraag je volgens normen en waarden. We houden het leuk en vooral met elkaar. Zegt iemand iets wat je niet aanstaat, spreek degene daar op aan of stap naar 1 van de Elector Count. Helaas kunnen we het niet altijd met elkaar eens zijn, maar we kunnen er altijd over praten. Kortom wees geen klootzak!

・ 3. Explosies, zoveel mogelijk, ja echt het moet

・4. Houdt het overschot van meme’s en filmpjes in het daarvoor bestemde kanaal.

・5. Het zelf organiseren van evenementen in SC of andere spellen is volledig toegestaan.

・6. We hanteren een minimumleeftijd van 16 jaar.