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Fenrir Wolves / FENWOL

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

Fenrir Wolves is an organization dedicated to exploration and freelance operations. There is a galaxy to explore!


Fenrir Wolves has been in existence for a number of years. They are a lose confederation of explorers and freelancers operating on the bounds of known UEE space and beyond.

Art copyright Myth/Logic Press used under permission of the owner and license from Daz 3D.


Space. Its out there and its really big. I mean incredibly big. Its going to take a lot of brave people to explore it. This is the frontier. Many people will see it as lawless lands. Bandits, Pirates, hostile Natives, and worse will be encountered.

As a member of Fenrir Wolves our job is to chart the unknown, and to bring knowledge back to be shared. It takes a special person to explore the deep black. The members of Fenrir Wolves are up to the task. We don’t work for fame or glory, but for the betterment of people everywhere.


As a member of Fenrir Wolves we all take an oath.

I [state your name] do swear to abide by the lawful orders of the UEE. I pledge my time and resources to the manifest task of exploring space. From time to time I may rest in this duty to earn funds through honest work in accordance with UEE laws as a freelancer. Yet my goal shall ever be the exploration of the unknown mysteries in the vast deeps of space.