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Greetings citizen and thank you for checking out Forgotten Faction. Please read all the info on the org page to learn what we are all about. If you have questions or want to get to know us before applying, feel free to join our discord.


The Forgotten Faction was originally founded by a small group of ex-UEE and mercenary pilots. They created a PMC and did contract work, mostly fighting against the Vanduul in the border systems. They found success there and became well known, at least in their small corner of the verse. Because of this they were able to expand and hire more and more people into the faction. Starting with additional pilots, experienced mechanics, and then creating a supply chain to keep them stocked with what they needed to continue the fight. The more they grew the more things began to change. The need for recon brought in more tech focused individuals and data running specialists. Those with the need for speed began racing when contracts where low to bring in extra credits, and those wanting to get away from the action started up an exploration division. All this put under the flag of the Faction.

It quickly became apparent that the militaristic way of organizing such a different set of individuals was not going to work if they wanted to keep progressing. After all you can not treat a fast paced racing team the same as an explorer crew that may be out of contact for months. This gave rise to one of the key foundations of Forgotten Faction. Flexibility. They changed the organization from a PMC to a Hauling company during a quiet time in PMC contracts, and later into data running when the profit margins were found to be higher. Today Forgotten Faction simply lists themselves as freelancers. They will take any job they feel they are qualified to handle. This all depends on their current material assets and the expertise of those currently part of the Faction.

There is a place for anyone in the Faction that shares the same ideals. No matter what expertise you bring to the table or what kind of time you want to have in the verse, the Faction will help you achieve it. The future of Forgotten Faction has not yet been written. Will you be part of it….


The idea behind Forgotten Faction is simple. Have a good time in the verse with good people. We want quality people that we can call friends and enjoy all that Star Citizen has to offer. We will never focus on recruiting just to increase numbers or do things just to get in game fame. We want to have each others backs and create an org we can all be proud of.

The org will plan to scale as it grows. If it stays small it will function accordingly and if it grows to a large size; officers, divisions, and other structures will be put into place to manage the day to day operations and help members get the most out of the org. Flexibility is a key foundation to our operation. The org is listed as casual for now since the game is in an early state. This will likely change to regular at some point in the future, however, no time commitment will ever be required.

Starting as a small org, all members will have a voice and many things will be managed as equals. Nothing will be taken so seriously as to make the game less enjoyable. Life always comes first and members will never be penalized for missing operations or meetings to take care of things in real life.

Everything is subject to change so stay flexible!


Our Guidelines

We would be considered a grey organization leaning toward the side of the UEE and local authorities. We do not attack innocents for no reason and are in no way a pirate org. However we may engage in activities from time to time that would be frowned upon by those in power. Maybe moving cargo they do not agree with or infiltrating a restricted zone. We may receive contracts from syndicates which could be considered aiding a criminal organization. We want to stay on the good side of the UEE and will choose our contracts accordingly. The validity of contracts and actions taken in the verse will be decided upon by the members of the Faction.

With regards to interaction with other players we want a to have a positive reputation. Griefing will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We understand that PVP interaction is a part of the game and there will be many times an unknown person or group will approach us in the verse resulting in times it makes sense to fire first and protect ourselves. Raids against large groups, especially pirate orgs, may happen from time to time. The key thing to remember is respecting fellow players to help make the game enjoyable even when engaging in PVP. Any member found to be toxic, disrespectful, or overly aggressive may be subject to demotion, probation, or expulsion from the org.

We are a mature org so 18+ members are preferred, but younger may be considered on a case by case basis.