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Roberts Space Industries

Aegis Fate / FFG307

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Scouting

Our organization intends to specialize in exploration and scouting operations. Our fleet order of battle will reflect those primary interests, while also leveraging quality mid-range cargo craft to maintain the required financial footprint to support our interests. Fleet mission diversity will grow.




Aegis Fate is a small organization dedicated to fair and honorable gameplay with individual players and other organizations. We intend to maintain a fleet that is increasingly specialized for stealth, high fidelity sensor suites, long range travel, fleet support, survivability and mid-range cargo capacity. Our fleet Order Of Battle (OOB) will continue to be customized and expanded as Star Citizen matures, with our playstyle focusing on exploration and scouting as individual players as well as in conjunction with other players and organizations.

We intend to make extensive use of cargo runs to increase our financial base, but running missions alone or with friends will always be preferred.
Scouting missions will always be eagerly accepted, and exploration for exploration’s sake will always be a mainstay of Aegis Fate gameplay.

We have added gunships, dropships and bombers to our OOB in order to more directly support friendly capital fleets. We are not necessarily fighter aces, and as such, we intend to play to our strengths in ancillary roles. Aegis Fate may not be a ‘frontliner’ combat unit, but we will never leave you hanging in a fight. Search and Rescue (SAR) and medical support are areas that we are equipped to support, and they are roles that we believe could potentially be complementary to exploration and fleet combat – while providing medical support to our own friends and allies during routine gameplay both in space and on the ground. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) vessels and Electronic Warfare (EW) platforms will continue to be in our fleet acquisition plan. FPS gameplay, robust ground combat support and combined arms operations will become a key part of Aegis Fate’s repertoire. Aegis Fate brings real-world special operations experience to the table, therefore high-risk/high-reward operations in a small team environment will never be turned down.

We want to play in a drama-free environment and have no intention of taking shit from trolls or toxic players. If you agree with this philosophy, we are happy to support you on your own missions or tag along in case you run into any…issues.

See you in the ‘Verse.

Our current Order Of Battle is as follows:
Endeavor (w/all modules)
Hull B
Starfarer Gemini (Nose scoop pending availability)
Constellation Aquila (Stock w/Ursa rover)
Apollo Triage
F7C Hornet
F7C-R Tracker
F7C-S Ghost (x2)
Cutlass Red (x2)
Cutlass Black
Eclipse (x2)
Vanguard Warden
Vanguard Harbinger
Vanguard Sentinel
Avenger Stalker
P-52 Merlin
Aurora LN
X1 FORCE (Warbond, purchased and awaiting release)
Dragonfly (x2)
Ursa rover (x2)
Cyclone TR
Cyclone AA
Cyclone RN
Tumbril Nova (x2)
Pisces (stock with Carrack)


1. Always play honorably.
2. If you commit to supporting a friend, see that commitment through.
3. Help your friends and allies no matter what.
4. Cultivate an honorable reputation.
5. Take pride in increasing your skill not for bragging, but for contributing to your team.
6. Do not look down on those of lesser skill or lesser hardware.
7. Humility and respect are cornerstones.
8. Be accepting of others, even if they are irreverent fornicating heathens. Like us.
9. Play for the experience.
10. Never be toxic.