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Freedom Fighters / FFIGHTERS

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The Freedom Fighters were formed in 1999 as a small Squad to play Freespace 2. The ideals of the Freedom Fighters have always been the same and will continue to hold true for many years to come, these are to play with honour, integrity and most importantly to have fun playing with friends.


At our inception, we numbered four. After nearly three months of incubation, we were ready. We honed our meager skills, grew in strength, and became true fighters.

The period wore on our nerves, we who were so anxious to do battle, yet could not. Surely this time of restraint forged us into warriors rather than two bit thrill seekers, for when the time of testing came, we remained steadfast and succeeded, where many others failed and ran.

After we were finally released from our constraints we descended like hawks and our first victories came easy and quick. We felt invincible.

Then we faced our first tests. Almost simultaneously we began to lose battles badly and our founder informed us that he could no longer lead us and had to depart for parts unknown.

Leaving his successor behind to forge a true squad out of us, our founder left quietly. We did not know whether he would return or not, but we promised to keep the faith.

Here is our story, the story of the Freedom Fighters. May this book never be finished.



Freedom Fighters General Rules and Guidelines

The purpose of these rules is to avoid any problems that may hinder the success or atmosphere of the organization and to present to new members what the Freedom Fighters as a body represents. These rules are not here to be forced upon our members but to protect the values and principles that FF members believe in.

These guidelines are slightly flexible. It is realized that we are all human and that sometimes our emotions get the better of us. However, any flagrant abuse or disregard of these guidelines will be looked at with a stern view and could result in possible dismissal from the community.

It’s important to remember that input from all members and recruits is welcome even at the highest levels of command. Got an idea? Think we could change something for the better? Don’t agree with the rules? Then let us know! We aim to make the clan a user-friendly environment where people can enjoy themselves.

Code of Conduct

- FF members will show respect to all FF members, members of other clans and to anyone else they should meet online.

They will show restraint and patience towards any verbal attack and will not get involved in discussions of an argumentative nature with any member or non-member of the community.

- If a conflict does arise between any FF member or another clan or clan member then report it to your commanding officer.

He or she will then act as a neutral mediator and try to find a resolution to the conflict.

- All FF members are to be treated equally.

Command members are there to organize, co-ordinate and set the parameters of game-play. However, in reality command staffs have no true authority over the people they are placed to serve. Recruits are not members but are part of the FF community and are to be welcomed as equals.

The Chain of Command

- All FF members should understand the chain of command including the purpose of the FF council.

You are expected to respect the authority of the command structure but only when it pertains to FF or league matters. In all other situations, the CO’s and XO’s are just another FF player.

- Any discontent or disagreements should be communicated in a positive, constructive manner.

Whilst the command staff are technically in charge of a division they are not there to order you around; they are there the organize league play, settle disputes, etc. They are also there to make sure all members are having fun within their game. It’s fine to give them suggestions or complaints, so long as you keep it civilized and the suggestions or complaints are stressed in a positive rather than aggressive manner.