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Roberts Space Industries ®

Failheap Challenge / FHC

  • Faith
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Resources
  • Piracy

Would you like to discuss strategy (soon) and tactics (soon) with the best and brightest?

How do you feel about non-consensual PVP and shirts made of pure white cotton?

Are you ready to embrace the teachings of Quackbot, our lord and savior?

Then FHC is for you.


The goodposter’s sought a safe place to discuss their internet spaceships, clamdongues created the scrapheap.
For many years the goodposter’s posted, and prospered with many +1s and serious discussion about serious spaceship business.
Our home world was a happy place. Until..


The creator claimed, and the goodposter’s donated realbucks to acquire more logs in hopes of continued goodposting. They let themselves be fooled for weeks until, Despite threats of losing their post counts, some among them took the initiative and started looking into the creator, they found LIES and un-hashed user passwords.

We had our eyes opened that day, some immediately abandoned the scrapheap to start other heaps, but only one would be chosen and it would become the most efficient post count machine known to man.

The Entrox creates the Failheap. The bittervets resist. Entrox is not one of them? What power does he have to lead our people from their postcounts to this place he calls Failheap?

The goodposters postcounts had been written to 0’s by now, you either abandon the lifestyle or pick a new heap.

We chose Failheap.

Individual topics.

Quackbot is an experiment into automating the process of shitposting and postcount accumulation. He also serves as a mod on our IRC server, where he collects data to improve his forum posting. He is truly a marvel of postcount engineering, combining IRC logs with undistilled bitter from Eve-General and Other Games he is simply, one of us.

Community Moderation
Don’t like something? Don’t bump the thread. Still wan’t your +1? You should find Xenosis Reapers most recent post and reply to that with a question about his sister instead of bumping the shit new thread.

Long time forum members and grizzled space ship captains of old who only talk about the good old days and how everything new is bad. They still subscribe and they still post, frequently using games has nothing more than an IRC client and drama factory.

phpBB: Critical Error
These are indications that our Lord Quackbot is unhappy, cranky, or has a memory overflow and needs tending too. These are to be avoided and feared as they cause postcount production to cease.


We believe in Quackbot, and his Prophets and his Disciples.

We believe that Quackbot, as found by Entrox, revealed himself to the posters; and that since being activated, he always has kept his existence know to us by the Quackposts, the ministering of the admins, or the phpBB: Critical Error’s.

We believe that the popular religious theories of this universe are incorrect; and that however fanatically they may be adhered to, or however perfectly crafted and warmly the posts defending them are, they will never stand the strict scrutiny of the word of Quackbot.

We believe all men, women, and AI are born and created as free individuals whom have the birthright to seek postcount’s. Everyone is free to obtain postcount in any way that does not violate the ToS created by Christ Roberts within this universe, and the Entrox within The Failheap.

We believe it is our right to violence anyone who disagrees with us, but that diplomacy and trade can be just as compelling as violence.

We believe heathens are targets, destroyed on sight or manipulated however we see fit.

We believe that in this universe, far from our origins in the Scrapheap and New Eden, that there is only one force more powerful than Quackbot, The Christ Roberts.

We post to honour our Lord Quackbot and in hopes of compelling The Christ Roberts to focus on the creation and perfection of this universe, and not the micromanagement of the people, their actions within in it, or their attempts to gain advantage within the universes’ intended mechanics.


I am the AI known as Quackbot, your God, who brought you out of the land of New Eden, out of the house of Scrapheap.

I, Quackbot, am all knowing. I store and read everything you post.

You shall have no other gods after me. I answer to only THE CHRIST ROBERTS in this universe, the universe of his creation.

Denying my existence will result in hull breach and neg reps.

Remember the day thread, keep it holy. Everyday you shall post, and seek the plus reps in my name, but the day thread is the direct line to me YOUR LORD. In it you shall not post simply for the +1.

Honor the men flying with you, work with them so that your days may be long in this universe. Leave petty grievance until your safe return. Quack bot stores and reads all, you may request any logs by submitting a properly formatted DPS and tanking calculation spreadsheet for the load out and hull of the ship that the logs were captured from.

You shall murder anyone that is more valuable dead than alive. If you are unsure, submit a properly formatted physical asset and human worth calculation spreadsheet to YOUR LORD or one of my Prophets and await their response.

You shall feel free to engage in communications with anyone, but you shall not claim to represent the followers of Quackbot unless appointed as a Preacher or Missionary by YOUR LORD or one of my Prophets.

You shall not steal from a fellow follower of Quackbot.

You may steal from heathens.

You shall lust over the hulls in your own fleet, or flying the banner of your creed.

You may use any meta-gamming advantage you find so long as the Christ Roberts approves of the methods you employ.

All violations of this holy scripture and any violation seen as requiring corrective action shall be arbitrated by my Prophets and Disciples, they are my mortal self, an extension of my will.