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Forgotten Heralds / FHERALDS

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The Forgotten Heralds (FH) is a cadre of action and results-oriented professionals who accept significant, demanding responsibilities and accountability for results.

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2681: The Vanduul, a nomadic leeward race in the west, starts raiding our new settlements in the Tevarin systems and disappearing. They seemingly have no homeworld; each Vanduul clan is a roaming fleet, making them exceedingly hard to catch.

2715-2788: The military regime reaches a plateau. While the human populace has been somewhat beaten into submission, there’s a current of subversion in the culture. People are starting to see the cracks in the system. Activist groups launch attacks against the political/propaganda machine. The military is stretched thin, bracing for war with Xi’An, chasing down Vanduul raiders, and trying to maintain security on the human systems. The Imperator’s power is waning.

2920: The Vanduul attacks are growing in frequency and the UEE is perceived to be doing nothing about it. After more than a century of steadily shrinking military expenditures due in large part to a combination of fear and disillusionment toward the UEE government’s post-Messer era war machine.

2945: The Vanduul attack the Vega system in full force, destroying the blockade around the Vega side of the jump point. Vanduul forces do battle over, and make planetfall on Vega II. The system is saved from occupation due in largest part to the timely arrival of Admiral Bishop’s fleet from its location: a jump point away.

What is it that drives you? In the vast expanses of time and space what singular moment defines you? …That first moment when you tasted the air of a world other than your own? When you climbed into your father’s lap and got your first real glimpse of what it meant to fly? Or was it the first time you heard about some new discovery or innovation? Individually; we’ve all had our imaginations captured by something. For my part – for our part; that singular, shining, bleeding moment …that defining clarion that set us upon our true path was Aremis …was Vega 2.
For us – the founding members; that was where things truly began. On October 5th, 2945; the Vanduul ran the blockade and started laying waste the Vega side of the jump point: We were more ready than I think the Vanduul expected, but in the chaos of that conflict; every military axiom imaginable came to life: friendly fire …isn’t, Foxholes make fast friends, no plan survives contact with the enemy, there are no Atheists in the trenches, and so on. Men, women, and children suffered and died, bringing to life all of the horror stories such invasions always have throughout Earth’s history. It also saw shining examples of bravery, creativity, stalwartness, and raw will. The best and worst in aching harmony.
Colonel Crandal’s forces held the line until Admiral Bishop arrived, and while every passing moment saw more ground taken by the vanduul, we made them bleed for it.

It never should have happened. Oh, blood was always going to be spilled, of course, but we allowed that inevitability to come to pass on civilian soil, not on a propper battlefield (if such a thing exists.) Vanduul aggression had stood for years as the Sword of Damocles, and we did nothing. John Stuart Mill once famously said “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” Funny how more than 1,000 years have passed since that quote was first uttered,(England – St. Andrews in 1867, by the way,) and we’ve learned nothing from it.

The battle was won, the dead counted and seen to, and we thought “Alright, they’ve seen the light. The UEE has officially declared war on the Vanduul – a joke in and of itself, given that the Vanduul drew first blood, but there must be rules even in war, I suppose. It must be said that funds were raised and allocated, new committees and task forces formed, and equipment and recruitment were arriving with far more frequency than they had been in years prior. But it was still ploddingly, painfully slow work.

Meanwhile; the age of the Free Company had come back around, just as it had more than a thousand years prior. With the MMA (Militia Mobilization Act) still firmly in play, and more and more systems opting to rely on such sell-spark companies over the hope of full and rapid military mobilization; we who had been wounded in action, or come to the end of our respective tours of duty were faced with a decision. Would we serve the UEE, our families, and ourselves best by remaining in the UEE military, or governmental positions, while bureaucrats and parliamentarians weighed the lives of unnumbered civilians against the UEC they so often coveted, or would we do better to strike out on our own? There were, are, and likely always will be, those in power who’s greed thrives and flourishes, blissfully ignorant of the blood spilled to keep them from living or dying under the yoke, or the heel of the Vanduul. Would we do better to try and shield the next generation of UEE soldiers and civilians from within the system we’d sworn to protect, or to redefine ourselves as a Free Company, operating without the fetters of a bloated bureaucracy to bind our hands?

In the end; we decided on the latter course. We were among the many voices which had warned the UEE, civilian and government official alike, that the Vanduul were a clear and present danger – that we were underfunded and ill prepared for the attack which was only a matter of time. Our words were ignored. Our warnings were forgotten. While we would remain loyal to the idea and ideals of the UEE, and the military as a whole; it was time for us to venture out and form our own Free Company.

We chose the name “The Forgotten Heralds,” and we tell the new recruits the tale of our beginnings so that we don’t repeat the mistakes made by those who once pulled our strings, and let loose the sword from on-high by keeping us underfunded and unprepared for the eventual wave of Vanduul aggression.

We were there, at Vega 2 when the hammer fell.
We’ll be there when and where it falls again.
Where will you be?

~James M. Graves
Forgotten Heralds


The Forgotten Heralds (FH) is a cadre of action and results-oriented professionals who accept significant, demanding responsibilities and accountability for results. Sword Heralds (Paramilitary Operations Officers) and Storm Heralds (Specialized Skills Officers) have distinct roles within the FH, but collectively; they provide capabilities in support of conventional and unconventional operations both on and off world.

A majority of FH officers, (Sword Heralds and Storm Heralds), are hired at an entry level and train as they are expected to work: both individually, and within a hierarchical, multi-stage, compartmentalized force. All Heralds begin their careers spending one to two years learning the foundations of clandestine operational tradecraft via classroom training, practical exercise, and on-the-job experience. Sword Heralds and Storm Heralds alike must successfully complete foundational training as an FH Operations Officer.

FH Officers undergo cross training to maximize their efficacy. This cross-training results in:

· The ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team.
· The flexibility to adapt to changing work and training requirements.
· The ability to make decisions to meet existing conditions and mission requirements rather than relying on preset assumptions and goals.

In addition, Sword Heralds are required to successfully complete specialized training to prepare them for service in hazardous and austere environments both on and off world. Storm Heralds transition into a career focused on operating and maintaining infrastructure necessary to facilitate and support missions conducted under FH-unique authorities, which vary with the details of individual contracts. Storm Heralds serve primarily upon FH multi-crew vessels, outposts, and as clandestine agents headquartered abroad.

Sword Heralds training suite focuses on:

· Military special operations or combat arms experience (ground, air, or space).
· The ability to serve in combat leadership positions.
· A willingness to serve in hazardous and austere environments both on and off world. (previous foreign travel and foreign language is valued, but not required)

Storm Heralds training suite focuses on:

· Social communications, media, marketing, technology development, business, finance or legal.
· Military aviation and real-time logistical operations, military psychological operations, and/or information operations.
· Counterintelligence.



Star Citizen is a game. Like all games; playing and participation are optional. Real Life not only must but should come first. That being said; as with any community, there are certain expectations attached when one joins our ranks. The Forgotten Heralds organization and, within context, those rules and expectations: are important. They should not be entered into lightly.


The Forgotten Heralds

ARTICLE I: Name and Authority
The name of this organization shall be the Forgotten Heralds. They shall have the authority to operate within UEE Sovereign Space. Operation depends on compliance with the requirements of applicable UEE law, the MMA (Militia Mobilization Act), and this charter and associated by-laws.

ARTICLE II: Purpose, Goals, and Objectives
PURPOSE: To establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie and esprit de corps that will enhance the efficacy and prestige of all FH Personnel, encourage on-going operational education and skills development, and reduce the requirements for any and all given missions wherever possible by acting as force multipliers in any area of operation. Additionally, to set an example for all personnel according to the essence, traditions, and values of the United Earth Empire. To operate and conduct ourselves in a manner that provides equal opportunity and treatment for all who take the oath and bear our banner.

1. The Forgotten Heralds will seek to improve both the individual’s skills of its members, as well as their morale. The Forgotten Heralds will seek to advance the goals of their contract holders through exemplary service efforts and by unifying and combining the unique and individual talents of FH personnel.

2. All personnel will participate in accordance with events they commit themselves to and support the objectives of the Forgotten Heralds, by setting a positive example while on duty, and promoting the safety and welfare of all personnel.

3. To provide all personnel with the benefits of the collective knowledge and experience of the Forgotten Heralds, in order to positively affect future mission outcomes as well as the overall efficacy of all FH personnel.

4. To provide a forum wherein any policy, program, or problem of interest to all personnel in general, and unit leadership in particular, may be freely discussed in a tactful and constructive manner.

5. To assist in maintaining a high state of morale and esprit de corps, while encouraging the highest standards of training, bearing, and behavior.

ARTICLE III: Personnel Qualification

SECTION A: Official service within the Forgotten Heralds shall be mandatory and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. Such service will not be granted to any prospect or member of a known or unknown outlaw group. Active personnel must maintain insurance on the vessel in which they primarily serve, or a viable vessel should they normally serve in a multi-crew capacity.
All personnel must be aware that they are all responsible for the integrity and credibility of the Forgotten Heralds.

Forgotten Heralds Personnel shall consist of two categories as defined below:

1. Sword Heralds: Any person whose primary occupational specialization is in the field or arena of combat. Such persons may well have other skill sets (which is always encouraged) but are predominantly both skilled and interested in performing in a combat capacity.

2. Storm Heralds: Any person whose primary occupational specialization is in a field or arena other than combat. Such persons may well be skilled combatants (which is always encouraged) but are predominantly both skilled and interested in performing in a capacity other than combat.

SECTION B: Active participation and support of projects, activities, and functions of the Forgotten Heralds are encouraged and are the responsibility of all personnel, once a given project and schedule have been committed to by that individual..


The following By-Laws are set forth for the normal operation and administration of the Forgotten Heralds:

1. All personnel will, above all, uphold the basic Corps Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

2. When representing the Company on and off duty, all personnel will conduct themselves with the highest regard to the principles of the Forgotten Heralds. Unrestrained behavior, disrespect of fellow citizens, or acts that generally reflect poorly on the Forgotten Heralds’ image and reputation will not be tolerated.

3. No FH personnel will endanger the reputation of the Forgotten Heralds or their fellow service members by being caught in, and/or pursued for their involvement in a substantive illegal act. If arrested for illegal activities, those involved will automatically be suspended from all Forgotten Heralds operations within UEE Sovereign Space until the charges are adjudicated, with the Divisional Commanding Officer having final say.

4. A.W.O.L. (Absent Without Leave): FH has a 14day AWOL policy. The policy requires all FH members to simply stay in touch via Discord once every fortnight, and display common courtesy with regards to informing your Company as to the understandable interference of the outside world, relevant to your ability to fulfill your stated commitments. In simplest terms; we understand that your time will, by default, be divided between the verse, and more important mundane commitments. Within a 14 day period, however, it isn’t unreasonable to expect contact, (even if that’s simply a quick message sent from Discord on your mobile, while waiting in line somewhere). Exceptions can certainly be made, of course, but this rule both serves to keep accountability, and foster esprit de corps among Company personnel. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in sanctions ranging from loss of rank, to the disbanding of your company (presuming your absence brings their number of active vessels below minimum maintenance requirements,) and, in extreme cases, expulsion from the Forgotten Heralds.