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Roberts Space Industries ®

Firebird Inc. / FIREBIRD

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Transport
  • Trading

No more fuel and your exploration is stalling?
It’s almost time for the next race and a thruster blew?
No worries, Firebird Incorporated got you covered.
No matter if fuel for a whole fleet or small spare parts to keep your ship in shape: we’ll get it to you!


“I’ll buy a Starfarer.”
This was pretty much the initial reaction of co-founder Tomcat, when Pete announced his plans in November 2952 to add a fourth ship to the small group that the then founded Firebird, Inc called their stock.
And it would be a rather huge add-on, seeing that a decomissioned Hornet, a seldom-flown 300i and a Freelancer comprised their fleet.
But as with many things: they found an agreement and with the help of some friends bought the huge tanker, thus adding the possibility to fuel whole fleets to their delivery services.
Among their friends they also found more pilots, bringing more helping hands into the fold and so they extended their cargo hauling capacity.
As of 2954 Firebird, Inc expanded from pure on-time delivery to salvaging operations with the addition of a Reclaimer and a cooperation with the Neutral Security Agency gives them the necessary firepower to do both deliveries and salvaging runs in contested territories.
So no matter if you need a small package delivered without much fuss in an inconspicious Aurora, fuel to keep your interdiction up or a cleaning of your battlefield: Firebird, Inc will deliver!


Firebird Inc will be involved with the following:
  • Trading
  • Fuel Transport
  • Mercenary Operations
  • Pirate Hunting


Firebird, Inc. was founded by some members of the Global Bullet Exchange, an outfit of gamers from Planetside 2.
And while GBX is still strong in PS2, we’re getting more and more members which lead to more and more interest in games apart from it.
We are the roleplaying part of GBX interested in Star Citizen. If you’re looking for a casual approach look for the corp named GBX.
Or as some folks on Planetside joked: Global Banter eXchange!

The main point for us with Firebird, Inc. is: Have fun being your character!
So if you want to participate in organized actions like fuel delivery to stranded fleets in enemy territory or hunting down pirates: sign up!
If you’re looking for some place to bitch around and be an asshole: look somewhere else!