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Luminosity Corporation / FIREGAMING

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It can be challenging to be a Christian in this world. Everywhere we go, we are immersed in environments that carry a much different moral standard than we carry as Christians. FIRE prides itself on providing an in-game home where we can gather under a Christian worldview and grow together.


Luminosity Corporation
Lights unto the darkest corners of the universe

Luminosity Corporation, our Star Citizen Org is part of a larger Christian gaming group FIRE Gaming, or as it is better known in Guild Wars 2, as Chariot of FIRE. While we originally geared towards Guild Wars 2, FIRE GAMING has grown into a multi-gaming Christian community that is steadily branching into various games such as New World, Valheim, FFXIV, Titanfall 2 and of course Star Citizen. As we establish Fire divisions into new games, we look to establish a solid Christian based foundation for people to enjoy.

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Org Commissioning:
The commissioning date for our new Org will be August 01, 2021
To honor our members that join the Org before Aug 31st, a special rank has been established (Plank Owner)



Christian & Family-friendly
Time Zone: Eastern
Professions: Exploration, Trading
Language: English
Age: Any

[*] Our members are spread all across North America, quite literally from corner to corner. Chances are that you’ll have someone online during your prime time, but the majority of events are currently planned using EST.

The very essence of our guild is a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our goal to be a Christ-Centered community and we desire to honor God in all that we do. It is our belief that our faith is primary and our gaming is secondary, and we have a strong hope that others we interact with see Christ shining through us.

Our goal is for every member to play in a comfortable environment where they are in control of the conduct they absorb. By maintaining a family-friendly environment, our gaming fellowship is safe for gamers of all ages. We have established a Biblically-based Standards of Conduct that assist in maintaining our family-friendly environment.

Fellowship is what drives us to play with each other. We are more than an in-game character, but a real person that lives on past the log-in screen. We encourage fully immersing into the social experience that comes with our fellowship, which includes in-game collaboration, website, and Discord communication.

Jesus met with people where they were at, and He built relationships with those people, regardless of stature. We are not an exclusive guild that wishes to hide away. We wish to build relationships with those in the community around us, and use our Godly example of Christ to positively influence them for Jesus. We regularly interact with others in our server community, and we hope to continue to be highly regarded as a friendly and helpful community.



Family-friendly dialogue.
If you are tired of having your eardrums blasted with profanities, vulgarities, and obscenities then you will love the banter of FIRE where such things are prohibited. We keep our conversations truly family-friendly, so you will be able to keep us on your speakers without worrying that your toddler is going to pick up some colorful new vocabulary.

We enjoy bringing the community together through various events, some that are planned and others that are spontaneous. Likewise, we love spurring conversations, sharing memes, and dragging the most introverted members among us into the wilderness of our shenanigans. None shall escape our friendship. NONE.

It is our belief that our faith is primary, and our gaming is secondary, we desire for others to see the light of Christ in us in all that we do. We have voluntary prayer meetings, Bible studies, and enjoy discussing theology in a constructive and loving manner.

FIRE is like family, but we do not replace your family. We believe that gaming should never overtake your real-life responsibilities and pursuits. We understand and support our members in their endeavors to grow in the “real world”. School, work, family, friends, and so many other things are constantly being juggled, so do not add FIRE to the rotation—-instead, know that we’ll be here for you when things settle down.

Fuel the FIRE.
If you’re ready to call Luminosity Corporation and FIRE Gaming your home for Star Citizen, then submit an application via our website.