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UEE Pathfinders / FIRSTIN

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UEE – 7th Carrier Strike Group – Pathfinders
“First In”


A Brief History

Before humanity took the stars, it had been perfecting methods of warfare for centuries. The UEE Marines are the battle forged, combat ready answer to all of humanities threats across the star-lit galaxy. Since the first colonization efforts, the UEE Marines have always been tasked with outer-world assignments.

Though the Marines cannot command the stars alone, guarding the skies and bringing boots to the ground, the UEE Star Wing rips through hostile atmospheres and interstellar alike. The fly-boys, known as Wingmen, are the UEE’s dog-fighters and shield the Marines and the Fleet alike.

Finally, the 7th Carrier Strike Group was formed as the Navy reported for duty. These stoic Starmen navigate the stars and wrecks of hostile vessels alike, ensuring the UEE Pathfinders arrive on tasking safely and armed to the teeth, with whatever supply is needed. Combining skilled star navigation of the Starmen, and the expert dog-fighting of the Wingmen, with the spearhead of the Marines the 7th CSG undertakes all manner of missions.

From protecting shipping lanes against pirate boarders, to patrolling distant outposts and fending off the hostile wildlife. Dropping hot on foreign worlds, seizing hostile spaceports. You name it, the Pathfinders deploy to it!

That’s why the UEE depends upon the UEE Pathfinders to lead the way, acting as early warning capability, or removing threats before they were ever known.
“First In”.

The following military log broadcasts declassified training and operations of the UEE Pathfinders.


  • January 4th, 2950 – 30th Century :: Renegade Platoon Musters, Training Day 01 commences at 1930 hours. Focus is CQB on an abandoned space station, including combat landing tactics in a hot zone.
  • January 11th, 2950 – 30th Century :: Renegade Platoon advances to Stage 2 of ‘Blue Phase’ CQC at 1900 hours. Live fire training in close proximity as a team, breaches combined with earlier methods of movement as a team.
  • January 17th, 2950 – 30th Century :: Renegade Platoon dispatches a small recce team to |‘REDACTED’|. Tasked in documenting the fate of a doomed |‘REDACTED’|. Whilst confirming data on site, EVA training transpires in preparation for future combat operations in ZERO-G. The site is secured and deemed safe for future EVA training operations.
  • January 25th, 2950 – 30th Century :: Atmospheric deployment to planet |‘REDACTED’|. Marines undergo intensive ground assault training, preparing for future raids on hostile locations. A large portion of Renegade Platoon earns their ground assault certifications, and go on to qualify for CQC qualifications. 42nd MEU Command is informed that Renegade Platoon is now mission ready. New orders are expected soon.
  • January 31st, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holo Records: ] Marines deployed to Hurston, following combat deployment assignment from 42nd MEU COMMAND. Several confirmed pirate installations are breached with combined arms in support. A successful breach and pacification of all threats within has been reported. Renegade Platoon’s crucible by fire is considered a success, and the platoon is placed on active mission rotation.


  • February 8th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] UEE Pathfinders commence anti-piracy patrols and respond to an 890 JUMP in distress.
  • February 16th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] UEE Pathfinders deployed to regain control of orbital security outpost following an attack on security personnel near to Port Olisar. Subsequent anti-piracy patrols commence and response to ‘CLAIMJUMPER’ beacons ensue. Continued support to on-going attacks on civilian vessels provided.
  • February 16th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] Port Olisar is placed under UEE blockade action as rogue security forces attempt to ambush UEE patrols in the sector. All vessels failing to comply with the lawful blockading order are subjected to military action – the blockade was later lifted and rogue security elements located on Hurston and pacified.
  • February 16th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] 42nd MEU Command dispatches UEE Pathfinders to MicroTech on discovering final hide-out of rogue security elements responsible for attacks on UEE personnel in Stanton System.


  • March 07th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] After reports of a capital class Idris being stolen, the 42nd MEU deploys Hunter Company on anti-piracy patrols – a Salvage Yard assault takes place in an effort to recover intel on potential locations of the hijacked vessel.
  • March 14th, 2950 – 30th Century :: Training exercise at abandoned shipping hub – EVA focus with pilot support on external perimeter security duties. Task-force remains on stand-by whilst intel is analyzed regarding the dark Idris.
  • March 21st, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] Pirate activity continues to rise, hostile forces openly attempt to attack Port Olisar. UEEN forces deploy to take back control of the station, sector sweeps take place to cull expanding pirate numbers.


  • May 4th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] UEE Navy intercepts a slaver’s barge attempting to cross MicroTech sector space. A Rapid Reaction Force is deployed to rescue the prisoners.
  • May 10th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] A long range patrol is launched from Port Olisar to investigate a series of flagged way-points, resulting in space and ground combat engagements.
  • May 16th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] Classified weapons research data is at risk from falling in to anti-UEE hands on Levski. Renegade PLT is launched to commence a combat drop on the last known location of the data.


  • June 06th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] A mobile pirate base creating lawlessness in the area is ambushed by a UEE Marine strike-team.
  • June 14th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] The pirates attempt to increase their presence in the lawless system of Delamar, a fortress assault is commenced by UEE Marines, both ground and air – the Battle of Delamar I begins.
  • June 20th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] A UEE Hammerhead sends out a distress signal, with a hostile force racing to capture it. The UEE Pathfinders deploy a rapid reaction force, and a mechanized assault force commences its attack.
  • June 28th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] An EVA strike operation is launched on to a Pirate staging area in an asteroid field.


  • July 5th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] A weaponized pathogen is presumed to of been utilized on MicroTech. Corporate foul play is suspected. The UEE Pathfinders are launched to conduct a search & rescue of a missing UEE Science Team who were investigating the situation.
  • July 12th, 2950 – 30th Century :: [ Holoreel Footage: ] An illegal storage site for a weaponized pathogen is located, as a probable source of distribution, the UEE orders the Pathfinders to commence a lightning raid to seize the bunker and any data about the possible source.


The list of operations continues to grow on a monthly basis. Proceed to the Pathfinders youtube channel to find out more. (Accessible through any of the links on this page).


UEE Pathfinders :: Missions & Tasks

The below information is declassified, to provide potential recruits with suitable awareness as to what they are attempting to embark upon. Be advised, Pathfinders work in both combat and logistical operational theaters. With the MIL-SIM aspect of our unit at the forefront, the following missions are considered for undertaking.


Combat Operational Taskings

“Pathfinders are the advance force for 42 MEU, the UEE’s Marine rapid reaction force designated 7th Carrier Strike Group (7 CSG). The Pathfinders are trained in specialist orbital insertion techniques and capable of conducting offensive action tasks at very short notice.”

  1. Provide forward reconnaissance on hostile activities
  2. Subterfuge expertise ahead of main assault forces
  3. Precise strike team action on High Value Targets
  4. Provide skilled assault support to on-going military operations
  5. React to unique assignments upon request from UEE High Command
  6. Scout and document planetary assets suitable for UEE expansion
  7. Anti-Piracy Operations
  8. Long-range Patrols


Logistical Operational Taskings

“Every Pathfinder can train to become a Coxswain under the Navy’s watchful chain of command. It’s vital that the UEE Pathfinders are self-sustaining as a Carrier Strike Group, and the CSG has regular logistical demands, that include, but are not limited to fuel, ammo, rations, armaments, engineering requirements. To gather funds, or deliver these supply, Coxswains act as the lifeblood of the carrier strike group in acquiring funds or delivering supply, where-ever needed.”

  1. Self-sufficient crew capable of long-range, long-haul operations
  2. React to unique assignments upon request from UEE High Command
  3. Scout and document planetary assets suitable for UEE expansion
  4. Safeguard high risk logistical operations across the expanse
  5. Provide logistical assistance for any UEE resource gain



This unit operates as a sci-fi mil-sim, which means we strive for immersion above all else (think RP & ARMA). Training and strategies have been taken from real-world military & aviation experience and translated in to workable techniques for Star Citizen. There are currently three key branches. The branches are the Marines, the Star Wing (Navy Pilots; fighter craft, dropships, C.A.S, bombers) and the Navy which focus on logistics & fleet operations for larger craft such as Corvettes (Hammerhead), all the way up to Capitals such as the Idris.

We have the majority of our personnel in the EU time-zone, but have a quickly growing American community. Typical times for events are 1830 ZULU (EU) weekdays. We all rally at 1800 ZULU Saturday for a main operation or training exercise. As for a ‘minimum attendance’, you should be able to play once during weekdays/ and once per every other weekend, and preferably not have a very restricted schedule.

It doesn’t particularly matter what ships you have, as this unit is lucky enough to have a very diverse and abundant ship deployment capability for its needs, but all additions are welcomed.

If you have learned SOPs/training else where, be it in the real world or whilst gaming, please keep in mind that whilst we will be interested to hear your thoughts – your job is to learn our SOPs which have been working for us for half a year now. Approach the training with an open mind, and then once your settled, feel free to share any feedback and suggestions.

Finally, this is a community that believes the real world comes before the game, and this isn’t a 2nd job. That being said, we expect you to commit to your training & operations with dedication and motivation when you have the time to join in. The minimum you should expect to be able to partake is one weekday and one weekend day (this does not have to be every weekend).

Please note we also have a 18+ age limit on this community.

Please note this org is not currently an exclusive ORG. How-ever, in order to promote beyond enlisted ranks, you will need to only have this ORG as your active ORG. This is to avoid conflict of interests. You also are required to own the game as the recruitment & training takes time, so free-fly trials we first ask to decide if they will be playing Star Citizen.

Please note if you wish to share any private discords, you must check with leadership before sending invites out – to breach this rule will result in a warning and then removal.

If you want to continue to enlist – ask to speak to a recruiter in #recruitment! You can also check out more videos & information here:

We welcome questions. Oo-rah!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You are welcome to join our Discord: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


7th Carrier Strike Group Composition ::

When joining the UEE Pathfinders, you will have a choice of three branches to join. You will be able to cross-train, but you will ‘represent’ one main branch.

1.) Renegade Platoon – UEE Marines

The Marines focus on CQB, patrols and assaults at their core, but they can specialize in to a vast array of assignments that include (but are not limited to): JTAC, EVA, Sniper, Armoured Infantry, Armoured Crew.

2.) Outlaw Squadron – UEE Star Wing

The dog-fighting branch of the UEE Pathfinders, Outlaw SQN operates around tactical flight, formation and controlling air spaces in fixed-wing 1/2 seater starcraft. Wingmen will specialize as CAS, recce or dropship if they so wish to in advanced training.

3.) Trident Naval Squadron – UEE Navy

The Fleet branch of the UEE Pathfinders, focusing on anything and everything multi-crew. Starmen will operate bridge crew roles, alongside gunnery taskings at a base level. From there Starmen can specialize in to CAS, load masters, coxswains (logistical) and NAV-SEC to name a few!

Each branch has its own taskings, training and responsibilities that will be explained at length to you during your recruitment interview. These branches cover all areas of gameplay within Star Citizen, so we will have a fit for you, and transfers are available if you change your mind!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You are welcome to join our Discord: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<