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The First Order / FIRSTORDER

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We,The Order,follow a doctrine of peace and prosperity for all-kind. Within our doctrine, you will learn to survive so that you may protect those weaker among us that need guidance.The reason that we of, The First Order, exist today is that we know to survive we must be overwhelming in our resolve.


History has known great corruption and hatred. Through these troubling times there has always seemed to be a force that derived a guide back to a balance. We the Order have been part of that change that man has always sought in times of great sorrow.

Homer spoke of Troy as though the mighty armies of Greece were defiled in dishonor over the taking of the bride of a Greek nobleman. What details are left untold is the romance between the Trojan prince and the Greek princess was a myth. Troy was poised to attack the fledgling democracies of Greece. Our Order saw the build and was ready to influence the armies of Greece when Troy retaliated in fear by capturing a princess of a nobleman. The effect was to delay the attack of the Greek, but instead it served as a rally cry to save the innocent. The men of Greece were tired of the lies and idols of the Trojan and raised the city to purge the sickness they had created.

Rome, the greatest empire of it’s time spawned terror and destruction as far as their armies could march. Only the uniting of the Germanic tribes of Northern Europe could slow their advance and even they would slowly fall. Julius Caesar, however, being a clever tactician and politician saw that the size of the empire would not be sustainable without the support of nobles from the conquered tribes of the territories controlled. Caesar was one of the finest examples of the redeeming qualities of The First Order. In his military career, he murdered so many needlessly for the supposed honor of Rome, only to discover the emptiness that it held in his personal life. His ideals where challenged by The Order and was able to plant the seeds of peace and prosperity within his very mind. There it grew and the Great Warrior transformed into a Righteous Leader. His ideals were sound but his early reliance on fear, to demand respect, made him look weak when he attempted to become more inclusive. The Rome that could have been, was struck from existence. When he was murdered by those he trusted, in error on the Senate floor, that He was trying to reform. Thus a virtue in our Order was formed at that time “Si vis pacem, para bellum “ Peace through strength.

As time flew by the examples of Troy and Rome were forgotten and new tyrants and evil doers inflicted perverse ideals to desperate citizens. Seen in Russia when Bolshevik Revolution overthrew 300 years of greed and fear. Russian minds were free to live without restraint , only to be tamed again by Communist ideals that ignored the nature of man for the hope of fairness and understanding. Individuality was suppressed and mass control was inflicted. Germany was similarly in chaos when the Nationalist party spread the same ideals but more venom towards their fellow man. Italy was also driven to the verge by a Fascist regime bent on power at all cost. There is an order that all things must abide by for a true and pure society.

The Order was in full force in those dark ages and saw mankind to the brink. Always, the trust of many will pick the righteous path- if shown the way. As Nations rise and fall, we stayed every vigilant to face the challenges of history. We, as The First Order, could never look to overthrow the evils that exist in the universe alone. Our role was always to open the eyes of the masses and stay on the edge of the shadows. Being protected in our anonymity we were given chances to influence those around us and have an impact on history its self.

All Governments inherently form with the idea that all-kind needs protection. But when the role of the government moves from protect to control, eventually, the corruption is too great and The Order must be there to influence change. Are you ready to join in the calling?


Life being of immeasurable worth, service to those worthy souls is beyond value. Lest may we be found wanton to the greatest judge of all, ourselves.

So Say the Order.


SO THAT IT MAY BE KNOWN TO ALL MEN, FREE OR OPPRESSED, WE AWARD THESE VALUES AND INHERENT RIGHTS TO ALL PEOPLE FOR ALL TIME. Be it henceforth recorded, that The Order has been granted it’s power by the infinite and is indebted to the service of all Disciples past, present, and future. Recorded here are the defining principles for not only our Order, but all societies that hope to prosper. The Archivists have inscribed herein our wisdom that it may serve to protect the innocent and to pass down through the ages our knowledge of the hardships man has endured for survival and our role in seeing all kind protected from oblivion.

1.) All that is destined is beyond control. Our roles are to live the values we preach without reservation or concern for the final price we may suffer. If evil’s resolve is greater, it alone, may prosper for a time. Regardless, we shall continue the battle, undaunted.

2.) All defeats and victories are temporary. We avow that every triumph is followed by an eventual defeat, and with every defeat The Order shall steel it’s resolve to enhance on its future endeavors.

3.) One enemy is preferable to several. The Order is finite, by nature of it laws. It is imbued with certain limitations to it’s corporal trappings. Thus, sometimes, we shall bear witness to moments when we must face our enemies in turn, rather than attempting to hold back a tide of adversaries on multiple fronts. In doing so we shall stand more ready to face our next opponent with a steady reserve.

4.) All innocents are deserving of protection, regardless of their material means to obtain it. The wealth of a being shall not define it’s right to protection from harm or death. This right belongs to all sentients equally and emphatically.

5.) All that wish to join the Order shall be granted an opportunity to prove their mettle. The penalty for betrayal of our trust, however, will be swift and eternal. All future generations of those sprung from a foul seed will be counted and weighed for their intentions toward the innocent, and if found wanton shall share their fate of their vile forefathers.

6.) The grandest events in the lineage of The First Order lie not in the past, but outstretched in the infinity sea of stars. Should our Order ever fall, another shall rise up to carry forward the values that we etch in stone today.

In doing so, all those who pledge to The First Order truly shall truly live immortal….