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Federal Mining Company / FMCOMP

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Welcome Citzen. Federal Mining Company was looking for you. We need you! Come and join us in our beatiful adventures in the verse! Mining, trading, racing, exploration and colonisation are our main interests and we are looking forward to recruit new citizens like you!


Federal Mining Company, or FMCOMP in short, started their actions in year 2952. Their main interest was always mining and it was always in a decent way to make money. But it was never only mining! FMCOMP is also interested in things like exploration and racing. And actually right now they are planing to host their first big race. Come and join us today

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Federal Mining Company will make use of mobile refinery and cargo ships. We want to make our mining trips as effective as possible. Curently we have acces to 2 mobile refineries (MISC Expanse and Drake Catterpillar), 3 active MISC Prospector miners and 1 active MOLE miner!

We are still recruiting so don’t hesitate to join us right now!
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Good Day Miners

We are FMCOMP and these are the rules that you have to follow in order to stay here with us

1. Be Respectful – Respect the opinion of others, and if you don’t like the opinion, leave it to yourself. Do not hate other’s opinions
2. Write in proper channels – For discord users
3. Do not swear – We don’t want this community to be toxic, we want it to be friendly and chill
4. No self advertisment – We do not want any self advertisment. Any self advertisment will result in a ban or mute
5. No spamming – Do not spam in any of the channels. Do not send short messages in a short period of time, otherwise it will result in a mute or ban
6. Useless pings – Use the proper ping, when you want a help/write something in the chat, so you will not disturb people that do not want to get involved
7. Do not abuse fleet manager – Do not add the ships that you do not own to your fleet manager (@Iridium FleetBot). If you accidentaly add ship you don’t own contact admins right away!

If anyone will break the rules, our staff, mods will take care of him. Mute/Timeout/Ban

If you feel mistreated message any of the admins or mods and we will solve the issue you have

Join our discord – Discord