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Roberts Space Industries


  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Exclusive
  • Exploration
  • Social

Wanna take some territory, kick some ass and take some names? Fly beside Idris Frigate’s or launch from one? Take some territory or a Bengal Carrier? Join up and fork anyone that stands in our way!

We use Discord for VOIP & Chat:

Hop on for events, joining up, and more!


2944-10-07: FOFF is officially the first member of STAR Alliance Bureau of Defense

2944-05-07:Proudly a founding member of(STAR Alliance”:(

2944-04-06: Delphi founded FOFF


A manifesto?? Seriously? That’s something a communist or maybe a Nazi would write. We are neither, we are mercenaries. We kick ass and take names.~Delphi

Here is What FOFF is and what we plan to do in Star Citizen:

FOFF is an elite band of brothers, that have fun but also get serious when duty calls. FOFF uses the best equipment & tactics to get the job done efficiently and safely every time. FOFF will be an active part of STAR Alliances military apparatus. FOFF will be one of the premier PMC’s within the Star Citizen universe.


Group 1: Personal Conduct
1.Be respectful of each other, don’t be a douchebag.
2. Be honorable, you are the public face of FOFF. Honor your commitments. If you sign up for an event show up, if something comes up let leadership know immediately.
3. Use Voice Over IP when online.
4. Do not abuse your powers
5. Do not join other organizations without prior approval from leadership, other PMC affiliations will not be approved. FOFF is your main org.
6. Wear your tags in game.

Group 2: Chain of Command
5. Let leadership know about extended periods of absence.
6. Follow the rules of engagement and fleet tactics of our alliance and org.
7. Obey direct orders. Combat is not the time for discussion. This includes alliance fleet command orders.
8. FOFF High Command orders supersede any other order given.

Group 3: Criminal Behavior
9. Do not steal FOFF or Alliance or members property. You will be kicked and your character will be hunted down.
10.FOFF does not condone piracy1. Do not join Pirate organizations.

Group 4: Internal affairs
11. Discuss issues with leadership or other members during an AAR or anytime after combat has been concluded; leadership will be receptive to member opinions.
12. If you have a problem with someone, try working it out with them directly first, if the problem does not resolve after initial contact with the member escalate it through the proper chain of command.

1-Piracy is defined as intentionally targeting a different player for the sole purpose of stealing their assets. If you engage an enemy or potential enemy in lawless space because they did not comply with your instructions this is not considered piracy.