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Fortitude Corp.

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Fortitude is a proud member of Cognition Corp Network !



FORTITUDE CORP. welcomed our 100th member on the 2946-04-22!
Our 150th member on the 2946-05-02!
Our 200th member on the 2946-07-03!
Our 250th member on the 2947-04-20!

Far from where we started on the 2946-02-17, we will continue onward to become the very best low-sec mining organization of the ‘Verse!

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Miners have always rules and values, this is why they can survive in this world.

Rule n°1 :
In any time, help your brother/sister from the organization, it’s by being close to each other we’ll rule over the world.

Rule n°2 :
If you have a differing with someone, don’t wait the monster from the bottom of the cave to show up to say what you feel.

Rule n°3 :
Follow your heart, but don’t forget that “Passion rules reason”.

Rule n°4 :
No privileges by being in the staff, we’re all miners.



First Minor :
Founder of the Organization, this Role is taken by Oppageek.

Executive :
Officer and Right arm of the Organization.
This is the role for every citizen who wants to have responsibilities and be at the top of FORTITUDE.

Dwarven Prospectors :
Manager of the applicants, she/he has the role to recruit, to welcome new members and to be with the Mineketing, managing communication to the verse.

Mineketing :
This role is for the one who enjoy creating advertise, communication etc to the public !


• Collier (Rank 0 ✰✰✰✰✰) -> You broke some rules, no worries, we give you a chance to start over from the start.

• Hewer (Rank 1 ✯✰✰✰✰) -> Every new player start here, this is the start of your new life !

• Driller (Rank 2 ✯✯✰✰✰) -> Did you add our forum banner to your profile ? Great, you’re now one grade up !

• Loader (Rank 3 ✯✯✯✰✰) -> Are you ACTIVE by the same way ? Great, you’re comming on the top of the organization !

• Hurrier (Rank 4 ✯✯✯✯✰) -> Do you help new miners etc on Discord ? You’re one more step far from the top !

• Mining Ingenior (Rank 5 ✯✯✯✯✯) -> For this one, you need to finish this minigame (Put your screenshot on Discord) :