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Roberts Space Industries ®

Forward Network / FORWARD

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Social

Currently sub-contracting from:

MicroTech Security
Unified Distribution Management
Shubin Interstellar
Behring Applied Technology

We are currently accepting new clients, consult us for details.


The First were apart of the mass migration to the Stanton system shortly after it’s discovery. Beginning as humble freelancers traversing the stars, exploring the verse, searching for profitable trades and hunting bounties. As we ventured we encountered like minded individuals and organisations that valued the freedom of the Zero-G lifestyle. Like us, these minds began to share their experiences and encounters to impart valuable information to others within the network. Along with Terran races, the Banu, Xi’an, Vanduul, and Kr’Thak were actively apart of the network as each encounter was treated individually, unlike political meetings with the UEE.

In 2851 the Jump Point of Stanton was sold to the UEE and commercial interest in the region skyrocketed. The network of information among the Second generation became even more important as electronic access became congested with traffic from all sources from mass immigration from the UEE.

In 2903, due to pressure from over 50 cycles of corporate expansion into the area, the FORWARD NETWORK was forced to conform to legalities within the UEE Jurisdiction and form an organisation. As the organisation required a formal base of operations, it was agree upon unanimously to operate out of Microtech as it was the least controversial and most progressive in their legal codes. With constant strain on the CommSat systems, members were able to siphon information from orbital satellites. Over time this practice was leaked to members outside of the network and outside parties began using less convert and more invasive methods. The FORWARD NETWORK partnered with MicroTech Security to combat these attacks, while simultaneously continuing operations.

In 2915, FORWARD NETWORK began spinning off operations into separate divisions, umbrellering; FORWARD LOGISTICS, FORWARD SECURITY, and FORWARD MINERALS. However, in 2943, members began to believe that silo’ing certain activities began a divergence of ideological stances causing a culture tension among members. This resulted in a reversion to a decentralised syndicate the following cycle.

The FORWARD NETWORK has since been an evolution of several divergent industries to create a new vanguard service for those conquering, profiting, exploring, and existing in the verse. Clear skies, open contracts.


The Forward Network strives to provide services to assist those venturing out into the verse.

Further information will be made available via Spectrum v5.7.0


FORWARK NETWORK honours the complexity of life in the verse and values freedom to traverse the stars without judgement.

FORWARK NETWORK strives for providing services to all citizens within it’s members capacity.

FORWARD NETWORK members are inclined to support other members in all aspects only exempt in cases of self-deprecation.

FORWARD NETWORK members action equality among all and distribution of equity by bringing everyone forward rather than belittlement.

Information is to be shared with all members with full transparency with the below exemptions.
Legal activities are to be conducted through proper channels with communication to transparent and stakeholders kept informed.
Quasi-legal activities are to be kept within the network with lean outsourcing to minimise exposure.
{REDACTED} || ▉▉▉▉▉▉▉ ▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉ are to be kept to secure channels || {REDACTED}