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Fox Search and Rescue / FOXSAR

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Medical
  • Security

Fox Search and Rescue was founded by a small number of professional colleagues from the Irish Defence Forces and An Garda Síochána shortly after the creation of the UEE. Our aim is to work with and provide support to other Organisations and Individuals.


The Irish Defence, Logistics & Support Force was founded by a small number of professional colleagues from the Irish Defence Forces and An Garda Síochána shortly after the creation of the UEE. The name of the Organisation was later changed to Fox Search and Rescue to better reflect the more specialised role it had come to fill and the growing diversification of it’s ranks.

From years of being the head of the UN Security Council, providing Peace Keeping, Humanitarian, Defence, Support and Logistic services to other nations, as well as experience in fierce guerrilla warfare during the Second War of Irish Independence, the organisation was created with an unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise.


Fox Search and Rescue (formerly IDSO), Callsign “FOXSAR” herby declares the following;

The primary aim of Fox Search and Rescue is to provide our client Organisations and Individuals with support, with our well equipped, upgraded fleet and our growing teams of professionals. We aim to network and provide clients with such a service, that no operation, military or otherwise is complete without an FOXSAR contractor by your side.

  • Combat Assistance / Security / Defence of Land/Mining Claims, Ships, Cargo and Persons.
  • Transport / Logistical Chains of Ships, Vehicles, Persons, Supplies and Ammunition
  • We offer an industry leading Troop Transport capability, we can get your troops where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there.
  • Providing Emergency Medical Services for clients, including Combat Medical Assistance and Medical Transport.
  • Search and Rescue Services
  • Repairing / Re-arming / Refuelling / Recovering of Ships, Vehicles and Cargo
  • VIP Close Protection and Transport on one of our Luxury Ships with a full Security detail and escort ships.

Our Fleet;

  • 1x Origin 890 Jump
  • 1x Origin 600i Exploration
  • 1x RSI Constellation Phoenix
  • 1x Origin 400i

  • 1x Anvil Carrack Expedition
  • 1x Aegis Hammerhead
  • 1x RSI Constellation Aquila
  • 1x Aegis Retaliator
  • 2x Apollo Medivac (Awaiting Delivery)
  • 1x Drake Cutlass Red
  • 1x Anvil Valkyrie
  • 2x Anvil Legionnaire (Awaiting Delivery)
  • 1x Aegis Vanguard Hoplite
  • 1x Drake Cutlass Steel
  • 1x Drake Cutlass Black
  • 2x Argo MPUV Personnel
  • 1x Crusader C2 Hercules Starlifter
  • 1x Crusader M2 Hercules Starlifter
  • 1x Drake Caterpillar
  • 1x Crusader Mercury Star Runner
  • 2x Argo MPUV Cargo
  • 1x Argo R.A.F.T.
  • 1x Origin 300i
  • 1x Origin 325p
  • 1x Origin 325a
  • 1x Anvil C8x Pisces
  • 1x Anvil C8 Pisces
  • 1x RSI Scorpius
  • 1x F7C-M Super Hornet
  • 1x Drake Cutlass Blue
  • 1x RSI Mantis
  • 1x Origin 85x
  • 1x Anvil Arrow
  • 1x RSI Aurora MR
  • 1x Vanduul Scythe
  • 1x MISC Starfarer
  • 2x Anvil Spartan
  • 1x Anvil Ballista
  • 1x Origin G12 (Awaiting Delivery)
  • 1x Origin G12a (Awaiting Delivery)
  • 4x RSI URSA Rover
  • 1x Tumbril Nova
  • 2x Tumbril Cyclone
  • 2x Tumbril Cyclone AA
  • 2x Tumbril Cyclone TR
  • 2x Tumbril Cyclone MT
  • 2x Tumbril Cyclone RN
  • 2x Tumbril Cyclone RC
  • 4x Greycat PTV
  • 4x Drake Mule


We are a “No-Questions Asked” PMC, however, our members will conduct themselves professionally and with due regard for life and local laws.

Our members will not instigate or attack others unprovoked, except when it is absolutely necessary to protect our clients, their property or their interests.

Every effort will be made to minimise our impact on the lives and careers of third party, innocent citizens.