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Pioneers in advancing the economy and society.
Al Fozan Group is a successful conglomerate with operations throughout the Banu and United Empire of Earth.



Back in 2940, Mr Fozan and Zechospartan decided the universe lacked a real innovator in the trade sector, so they established a simple business that traded in building materials. That single business put down roots that were so strong that the Al Fozan Group has been able to grow and flourish into diverse businesses across multiple sectors of both the domestic and regional economies. Throughout this stellar growth the group has always remained true to its core values and maintained a focus on retail, manufacturing and trading.


Customer satisfaction is our priority

Our intentions are not only to provide quality products and materials but to also guarantee that it will be delivered on time. Our company focuses on getting the job done. If our customers are feeling unsatisfied they can contact our staff and provide feedback and critique our misjudge intuitions. Another thing that may seem a little odd about our organization, is our limited fleet. We Aim to grow our fleet over the coming years as we think our practices are exceedingly capable of continuous growth.



Over the years Al Fozan Group has seen great change in the business environment domestically and globally. Business has become more sophisticated, more global and more interconnected. The group has adapted and flourished along the way, a fact attested to by the group’s impeccable corporate standing today.
Such phenomenal growth in the face of immense change has only been possible because of the group’s solid grounding in a core set of beliefs and corporate values that define the group. These are universal attributes that the group lives by:


Honesty, transparency and credibility are core to all group activities.


Adherence to strict ethical standards is the foundation of all the group does.


Ensuring the provision of the highest quality goods and services is fundamental to all group activities.


Being pioneers and venturing into uncharted waters with dedication and focus are central to the group’s management philosophy


Bringing prosperity to Universal society while helping to protect the natural environment.