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Fragment. / FRAGMENT

  • Faith
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Piracy
  • Infiltration

Faith In The Code.
Loyalty to the code:- Kill or Be Killed. No Territory, No Profit. (Aries. 1.4 & 1.5)*

PvP Based Organisation listed by the UEE as terrorist.


Hailing from the Oretani straights, the so called “Fragment.” or the simply the “Faith” are the remnants of the of a multi-species organisation that was displaced during the Teverin Wars of 2610, resulting in the terraforming of Elysium IV, the Tevarin homeworld by the UEE.

The expansion into Tevarin space towards the Vanduul was broadcasted as a victory for the citizens of the former UPE, however the expansion and conquering of Tevarin displaced many citizens; Human, Tevarin & Vanduul alike.

During the congregation of “Oretani III”, the surviving leaders from different fragmented sectors including; warlords, businessmen, traders & farmers formed the “Faith”, a religious & economic code that would become the backbone of the Fragment society.

This mysterious faith, its followers and the code are a largely kept secret however, recent UEE incursions into “Fragment” Space have revealed that the Oretani Straights – a selection of 3 entire solar systems are under Fragment Control. The UEE has now listed the faith as a militant organisation.

Ivar Messer, First Imperator of the United Earth Empire recieved the following message personally sent from the Oretani Straight, transmitted to the Military FoB on Locke, Idris:

“Transmission Location: Unknown Transmission Star Date: 2432, 2615 Sender: High Councillor Birch Message: The newly formed Empire Of United Earth and its vassals are not welcome within the designated systems within the Oretani Straight under punishment of death. The expansion and destruction of the UEE has not gone unnoticed and will not go unpunished.


The Faith – A matter of opinion. Faith & loyalty to the CODE.

The faith dictates in the testimonies of Aries 1.4 through 2.1:- Kill or Be Killed. No Territory, No Profit. Fair Value. Mercy For A Price. Keep Your Cutlass Clean And Fit For Service

The code was created after The Second Teverin War in 2610 which caused the creation of the faith or Fragment. the code, a loose set of rules of conduct set fourth by the Council Of Intent to help govern the self-proclaimed citizens of Fragment when no rules existed. In tradition, one rule never needed documenting; Never hurt another member of the faith.


The Council Of Intent has found it appropriate to document the following members of the faith.

Despite this many members have decided to remain anonymous due to the risk of UEE sanctions and bounty hunters interrupting covert operations.

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