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Frontier Consolidated / FRCN

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Welcome to the Frontier Consolidated.

We are a fledgling Star Citizen Org focussed on getting out to the very edges of the universe and making some serious space dollars!

The aim is to keep it light-hearted and help out your fellow players, so if you’re new to the game feel free to drop us a line.


Christmas Eve 2950 – Two ROC miner’s; LoudGuns & Parcivale were grinding away solo on Arial, having a chat about the best ways to get a bunch of hadanite when one of them met a grisly end at the hands of nefarious pirates. Believing that nobody should go into Christmas empty handed the other miner split half his profits with his new mate. They found a new comrade in Steppe in the next few days.

January 2951 – The Frontier Miners Guild was founded on New Years Day. While travelling around Stanton mining away Parcivale, Steppe & LoudGuns recruited a few more citizens to their cause. Helping each other out with finding new hotspots, buying their first ships and learning the ropes of mining.

February 2951 – as the guild grew it became apparent that the group didn’t want to limit themselves to pure mining activities, and was renamed to Frontier Consolidated on the 22nd February 2951. The Org’s mission is to make sure that new Citizens get the best start in the verse.


Our primary goal is to help each other out, getting to know the game and try out different ships in the PU so we can theory craft a good start in the verse as a group. As such, the manifesto is a work in progress but it will help to shape the org as Star Citizen develops.

1. Keep the “Frontier” in Frontier Consolidated. From what we’ve seen so far it seems logical that some of the highest rewards will be in going to the riskier, less explored regions of space. We’re going to want to get out to the farther reaches and challenge ourselves away from the high security zones. Not to say you can’t spend your days running safe trade hops in Terra or Sol, but most of the Org activities are going to take place further out in the black.

2. We want to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit amongst our members so will be sure to keep red tape and taxes to a minimum. If you’ve got a great money making scheme be sure to speak to the officers and we’ll do what we can to help you grow it.

3. Do what you like but don’t get caught! Most of our activities will probably be on the legal side, but we won’t shy away from crossing the line from time to time. However, we don’t really want to become an outlaw org overall. The goal is going to be getting away with any shady activities we participate in, the danger is that if you go down this route it could restrict a whole lot of gameplay for most people. If you’re looking for a hardcore pirate org then this probably isn’t your bag (still come say hi!).


The aim is to keep it light-hearted and help out your fellow players, so we’ve just got a few rules;

1. Everyone can lose their cool from time to time, know when to say sorry and know how to accept an apology.

2. Everyone’s welcome – unless you can’t welcome everyone! We want all who come here to enjoy their session to have a good time regardless of who they are or where they’re from – racism, sexism, LGBTQ-related phobias etc won’t be tolerated and anyone who wants to spout that BS will be shown the one-way door.

3. Look out for your fellow citizens. We’re still in a pre-alpha state with the game – the key focus should be helping people out, showing them the ropes and ultimately get more people into the game. If you’re in a position to lend people a hand, even if it means you don’t hit the aUEC / hr rates you could solo it will pay dividends in the long-run.

4. A bit of PvP is great (even if like LoudGuns you’re awful at it) but we don’t really understand griefing. Pad ramming and focussing certain players sucks so please don’t do it while flying our flag!