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Frontier Intergalactic / FRIG

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To receive an invite to the org, please fill out this short questionnaire.

Alternatively, you can submit an application to our organization or join our Discord server by clicking HERE and request an invite.


Established 2681

2681 During the first Vanduul raids, an alliance is established between a number of small groups of privateers for protection and the potential for greater profits and trading areas.

2726 The group allies with a pirate organization with an understanding that cargo transports will be protected and to increase the size of our trade area.

2757 Messer downfall / Revolution begins. Standing true to the beliefs of our community, a group vote is held and decision made to join the revolution and fight for the rights of the people. REMEMBER ANTHONY TANAKA!

2783 The revolution has ended and freedom of the people has prevailed. All of the allied groups are officially integrated into one large community and an interest is created under the name “Frontier Intergalactic” with the intention to function as an organization and continue to carry the members and beliefs of the original groups into the future.

2795 The entire organization is uprooted from their respective home worlds and consolidated into a fleet of ships. The FRIG expeditionary fleet is born and pushes into the vast expanses of the universe to find one central planet that the org can settle and call home.

2799 The FRIG expeditionary fleet signs a contract with the UEE to assist in material acquisition, transportation, security, and construction of the ARK; a deep space repository of information located within the Tayac System and open to all races of the universe.

2832 A vote was taken and the decision was made to settle the FRIG community on a single planet; Nogo of the Gliese System. The planet had been previously terraformed by the Banu but left uninhabited.

2834 After years of hard work, FRIG has established a settlement on planet surface for all land-based operations of the org. This is also intended to be the home to all members of the organization, no matter how they came to be in the organization or where they hailed from.

2850 FRIG, now establishing diplomatic ties throughout the neighboring systems, incorporates a new community of organizations into the ranks. This community included industrial, trading, and pirate orgs that were based in space fleets.

2856 A new agreement between FRIG andThe Banu led to increased trading routes and commodity availability throughout multiple systems surrounding Gliese.

2872 For years, FRIG command has been delegating and in 2872, it has paid off. An agreement with the Xi’an empire is signed, again, increasing FRIG’s reach across the universe.

2881 Two hundred years after the founding of Frontier Intergalactic, it is decided that the organization be renamed to Frontier Intergalactic Alliance to commemorate the different communities that make up the organization. FRIG, now 10,000 members strong, is split into two divisions: the land based wing, residing on Nogo at the settlement, and the Frontier Intergalactic Deep Space Expeditionary Fleet. It is decided that when the fleet is home on Nogo, any ships unable to make planet landing will be moored at the Lyris Flotilla in the Gliese system while the rest of the fleet is stored at the settlement.

2899 The ranks of FRIG are expanded once again, absorbing a space based salvage and repair operation. This sets in play a new business plan that makes FRIG that much more desirable to entrepreneurs. With the salvage and repair fleet alongside the deep space expeditionary fleet, any derelict ships found are either salvaged if beyond repair or repaired to a flyable state and returned to Nogo. Here, they are fully repaired and then gifted to the most ambitious members of the organization; thus adding to the fleets numbers as well as providing a member with the ability to pursue the career they have chased throughout their lives.

2921 FRIG is partnered with a sister organization, Alliance Trading Corps. This further expands the reach of fleet in trading and other ventures and brings the member count to a robust 14,000 by the end of 2921. The settlement is re-named “New Boston.”

2928 A disgruntled leadership member of Alliance Trading Corps defects to FRIG. This, among other things, triggers the partial collapse of Alliance Trading prompting a large number of the members to directly join Frontier Intergalactic.

2945 FRIG absorbs a small fleet of refugees of the Vanduul war into the ranks. A pirate, only known as “Spugnoir” is among the refugee fleet.

2945-December Brewing behind the scenes, a mutiny was being orchestrated by Spugnoir. Posing as a refugee, he had infiltrated the ranks of FRIG and was now in a position to strike. By re-configuring one of the ships’ distress beacon, he was able to transmit the location of the FRIG settlement back across the system to his pirate companions. The pirates arrived late in the night, taking the settlement by complete surprise as peace had started to be taken for granted. 1302 lives were lost, as well as 70% of the ships that were at the settlement, almost all supplies, weapons, and food storage. The vaults were all but cleaned out and 10 of the main structures of New Boston were destroyed. In an attempt to recover some of the lost supplies, the deep space expeditionary fleet was sent into action. The pirates were pursued across half of the Gliese system and were eventually cornered. A battle ensued and most of the pirate fleet was destroyed. With only a few ships left, an ultimatum was given to the pirate commander, who eventually returned the stolen supplies and was allowed to leave with his life.

2946 January In whats known as “The Battle of New Boston,” while waiting for the expeditionary fleet to return with the stolen supplies, a Vanduul raiding party descended upon New Boston. With most of the security team accompanying the expeditionary fleet, there was a only a skeleton crew left to defend the settlement. Moreover, the crew had little in the way of weapons or supplies. The Vanduul were relentless with their attack, eliminating all of the inhabitants of the settlement. More than 12,000 men, women, and children were lost and the entire village scrubbed from the surface of Nogo. When the fleet returned from their recovery mission, they were met with a scene of unimaginable horror. The once prosperous settlement, now reduced to a field of ash, blood, bodies, and debris. This prompted the restructuring of Frontier Intergalactic and procedures to be put in place to ensure that a tragedy such as The Battle of New Boston would never happen again.

2947 Abandoning the home-world of Nogo, the remaining members of the Frontier Intergalactic Expeditionary Fleet become space-based. The organization was restructured with an emphasis on security and Vanduul were made to be the sworn enemy of FRIG. Suggestions are made to join Operation Pitchfork, a last strike against the Vanduul to rid ourselves of them for good, and a vote is scheduled for the future.

2948 Current day


Frontier Intergalactic or FRIG is an organization dedicated to the service industry. We specialize in repair, refueling, salvage, and re-stocking of arms and other supplies to our customers. With the variety of professions of our members, we are also able to provide many more services such as cargo transportation, personnel transportation, mining, research and exploration, medical services, data migration, combat logistics services, and construction. Our security division, when available, is able to provide PMC services, escort, bounty hunting, ship-bounty hunting, and more depending on the needs of our own organization and customers at the time.

We are a very active group with members hailing from many time-zones. Although we like to see our members in-game with us, we have no requirements of attendance on any events or in the Discord. We understand that everyone has a life and this is a GAME. That said, our leadership is chosen on activity with the org and knowledge of Star Citizen so you can find comfort knowing FRIG leadership is almost always available to help and has the answers you’re looking for. Members’ ranks are adjusted according to activity with the org in Star Citizen. Every member of Frontier has the ability to progress through the ranks rather easily. We are not an exclusive group so YOU MAY be a member of another org, if you chose. If you are a member of Frontier and another organization is set as your MAIN, you will remain an “Org Affiliate/Cadet” in our ranks. Discord is used for our communications and will likely continue to be well into development and release. ALL org business is handled via Discord and nothing in Spectrum. Discord is essential to to members’ abilities to function within Frontier and is a requirement.

FRONTIER IS NOT EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO STAR CITIZEN. We are a gaming community that is BASED PRIMARILY on Star Citizen and our only requirement to join is that you own a Star Citizen game package. Every member of Frontier has a Star Citizen package but, as a group, we also play other games. This helps everyone when the occasional bad patch is released, making SC unplayable. Although this is not always the case, you can be assured that whether you want to play SC or another game, you will always have people to play with and talk to you.

If Frontier sounds like a good fit for you, drop into our Discord, apply for membership here, and fill out our short questionnaire so that we may better place you within our divisions. (Link for the Discord and questionnaire are below). Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope to see you soon!



If you are leadership in another org and would like to speak with FRIG command about becoming an affiliate, please contact me through the discord link provided in the introduction. Speak with me, vladimirXputin#3201, FRIG COO Jaster_Gorren#5170, or FRIG CRO Diabolai#7829.


As with any organization, we do have a set of ground rules that must be adhered to by all members.

1) Any illicit activities not sanctioned by FRIG operations command are not prohibited outside of UEE monitored space, however, should you take part in one, do not expect support from the org if you encounter any resistance or retaliation.

2) If illicit activities are conducted by org members inside UEE space, any alliance with FRIG must remain hidden from the members’ dossier (set FRIG to “hidden/redacted in your orgs temporarily). We ask this so that the reputation of the org is not damaged by your actions.

3) Non-consensual violence against fellow FRIG members is prohibited and will result in a warning first, followed by expulsion from the organization for a second offense.

4) When participating in missions sanctioned by FRIG command, members are to adhere to the orders given by ranking officers/personnel. If there are any disagreements, feel free to approach the ranking member for assistance or escalate the issue up the chain of command.

5) Membership and ORG affiliation (leadership positions are considered as Cheif Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Recruiting Officer, Chief Financial Officer)

5a) FRIG leadership should have FRIG as their active organization within RSI and are permitted to hold membership with another organization, however, FRIG leadership should not hold leadership/ownership positions within other organizations.

5b) FRIG members are permitted to have dual affiliation with another organization but if you hold a leadership/ownership position with that org, you will be kept at rank 0 as an org affiliate.

5c) FRIG members holding dual affiliations without a leadership position in either organization will rank up as normal based on participation and standing with the organization.

5d) FRIG affiliates with other organizations can recruit FRIG non-leadership members to their organization with prior approval from FRIG leadership.