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Roberts Space Industries ®

Free Roamers of the Galaxy / FROGS

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Feeling froggy? Then leap!

We will roam the galaxies and serve those in need.


A History of:

The F.R.O.G.‘s were founded by a small group of brothers in arms in the year 2942.
At the beginning they did not know much more then war as they came from a colony that had been in civil war since 2891, which was about who had the right to the fertile caves to produce H’yjak a Crystalline based plant that can be used to produce beam foci. There were 3 factions of colonists fighting for it while the big corporations laughed with money in their hand for selling more weapons.

With such a history the 4 founders of F.R.O.G. decided to leave there and start a new life away from corps and crops.
At first they were unsure what to do as they had one ship they called home with one gun called sally.
Doing job after job hunting criminals and providing protection services to small businesses only.

2 Years before the founding of F.R.O.G. the men had dealings with The 19th Fleet and though they never joined them they did become close
allies and to this day the alliance stands.
That was all 5 years ago and now they had enough money to buy a ship for each one of them and a office on Mars Orbital.
With more jobs to do and more requests they decided it was time to grow the family. This is where you come in!


Let me explain what we at F.R.O.G. aim for:

INTENT: live life to it’s fullest.
MOTIVE: Make life full of joy and laughter
VIEWS: Respect is given but you have to work to keep it.


Below you will find the Rules and Regulations that we here at F.R.O.G. adhere to.
Please read these carefully before you join.

α1-1: Work together and help each other.
α1-2: Share what you can but only when you can.
α1-3: Never force anyone to do anything they don’t want.
α1-4: Speak your mind but only if it’s constructive.

β1-1: When working together anything earned and found is shared equally unless the other forfeits their part.
β1-2: Upon Specialty equipment that is wanted by more then one it will be compared to see who needs it more.
β1-3: If ever taken out by those outside the law a appointment will be made to assemble and find said target.
β1-4: Not adhering to any of the previous rules will give you a mark. 4 marks equal an unfortunate expel.

γ1-1: Only engage targets when needed, do not take unnecessary risks.
γ1-2: If you did take the risk and it backfires (and gets you killed) Rule β1-3 can be ignored.
γ1-3: We are allies of The 19th Fleet and when working with them we adhere to there rules
γ1-4: When working with The 19th Fleet and they take unnecessary risks judgment befalls to you.

Thank you for reading the rules. Any suggestions are welcome.