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Roberts Space Industries ®


  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Security


Dedicated to forming ‘safe space’ for it’s members, FR17 has an awesome arsenal at it’s disposal. Officers are highly trained, all citizens may apply.

Regular training


A history of elite marksmen, tacticians, traders, bounty hunters, explorers, and leaders. We are currently recruiting in the above fields. If you have the skills, apply here. Only those who excel ..and with honour.. are ever accepted.


Frontier17 seeks to explore, defend, trade and hunt.

We will build a fleet, and build safe homes and trade networks. Our aim is to provide safety, security and supply, through discovery, strength in numbers, high quality officers, organisation and honour.

Do not be fooled. We are strong and well trained, our forces lethal. You are only welcome in FR17 if you can prove your worth, and your allegiance. Alliances with other orgs are considered on an individual basis. If you are asked to dance, dance.


You are safer behind the 17th Frontier. You are richer behind the 17th Frontier. Honour is everything behind the 17th frontier.


1. FR17 members do not attack innocent citizens.
2. FR17 members always help those in need.
3. FR17 members will use their judgement, and fire first if threatened, or if an ally is in harm’s way.
4. FR17 members can always justify their actions.
5. FR17 members will respect the rank of a superior officer.
6. FR17 members will commit to their own training, in their elected fields.
7. FR17 members will pool their knowledge and resources for the benefit of the greater good (of the org).

Do you have what it takes? If you are accepted, share in the rewards…