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Firefly Search and Rescue / FSAR

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Medical
  • Engineering

Firefly is quickly becoming one of the busiest search and rescue organisations on the frontier! All are welcome here whether you’re a noob or a grizzled Kickstarter vet, come see what the fuss is about: our discord server


As a new organisation it would be dishonest to write a novel about our escapades here, this will likely be updated in the future but in the meantime, come forge one with us!


Here at FSAR our goal is to provide a helping hand to whoever needs it whether they are law-abiding or otherwise, free of charge. Nevertheless we still strive to be as self-sufficient as possible and are constantly searching for ways to reduce our response times to provide you with the best service we can. Due to gameplay limitations we are of course primarily a security/search and rescure organisation at present, however we intend to expand our services to include refuelling and repairs as soon as updates allow!


The Star Citizen community is more mature than most so we don’t really feel it necessary to impose rules or hierarchies upon you, here we are all equals and our only ask is that you apply a bit of common sense and act as you would towards your neighbour out in the real world. At FSAR we’re a pretty diverse bunch and as such we’re spread across several nations and timezones (We’re split pretty evenly between EU and NA servers), so it goes without saying that we’re LGBT friendly and would like to keep politics out of our Discord where possible.