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Free Trade League / FTL

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Welcome to the Free Trade League!

Pull up a seat at the bar, and have some Free Beer™…

Locations being added across known space

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Founded by Ex-Navy pilot Void Singer for mutual protection and combined bargaining amongst the working free pilots that the UEE fails to protect. Especially known for dealing with anyone, regardless of reputation if it gets the job done and they keep their end of bargain.

In Real Life

Based on the kernel of an idea formed on chatroll, to create a bar on an Idris, initial plans fell through, but the idea survived to have a bar where all sorts of traders could gather in-game and network for jobs and information as well as to hang out. With a great deal of continuous revision, the Free Trade League was born to provide common ground to all trade, and a starting home for those just beginning.


The Free Trade League intends to be an open marketplace for specialists in every sector of industry.

Recognizing that one person, or even one group cannot specialize in all things, we provide the opportunity for you to offer what you are best at, and contract for what you are not, with other like-minded individuals and organizations. Whether you’re a lone pilot looking for equipment, scanning jobs, and looking for a home… a big Organization offering services, looking for them, or even recruiting… or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve adopted a very simple structure, so that no matter what it is you are offering, or whatever it is your looking for, you’ll be able to get in, get what you’re after, and be flying off into the void with a minimum of hassle and fuss. And to make the process as painless as possible, we’ll be introducing an enhanced reputation system (tba) for all Free Trade League members, which will allow you to choose who you do business with more confidence, and specialized forums for offering and finding those hard to get goods and services.

FTL is open to all. From Casual day traders to Hard Core movers and shakers, Roleplayers, other Languages, all are welcome here.

FTL aims to make doing business easy and fast, with the least imposition possible. Standardized no-nonsense contract forms, Enhanced trading reputation system, secure trading and escrow services are just the tip of the iceberg.

FTL has a strong respect for the Individual pilots. Without them the whole system crashes. To that end we aim to provide increased access to jobs and support services that can help the working free pilot achieve both their long term and short term goals. We treat our pilots like people, not like drones. Pilots have complete control of jobs and tasks they accept, and aren’t relegated to being mindless workers taking orders.

FTL has a strong respect for other organizations. Our Main membership maintains a strict non-interference with their structure, policies, and activities outside of direct deals made with them. To that end we offer Organization Liaison positions to interested groups, allowing them strict privacy of their inner workings. Liaison contracts with FTL are offered blind to any interested organizations (of 10+ Main Members) to cut out the slow-down of diplomatic negotiation and get on to doing business.

To facilitate the above goals all of our Main membership also maintains a strict Mutual Non-Aggression pact with affiliate members and Liaison organizations, and encourages the same between affiliates as well as mutual assistance in present emergencies. Because we realize that different affiliates may not always agree with each other, it is not made a requirement of inter-affiliate relations

In short,
if you’ve got anything to sell, we’ve got buyers
If you’re looking for something to buy, we’ve got merchants
Skills, Goods, Services, or Information… it’s all about the deal, and the deal is good

Our Golden rule is “Keep the deals you make. Your word is your most valuable possession”


Public Policies

A Deal is a Deal

We don’t care if you’re Advocacy, Pirate, Trader, Miner, Explorer, or something in between. If you make a deal, stick to it.

All Members
  1. No Real Life illegal activities.1
  2. No Real Life personal threats against other users.1
  3. No Real Life disclosures of other users personal or private information.1
  4. No Cheats/Hacks/Trainers. Don’t post them, and don’t use them on public games.1
  5. No Spamming FTL Chat or FTL Forums.2
  6. No Bots on the FTL Chat without prior approval from Coordinator ranks2
  7. No Explicit or Pornographic materials. Cheesecake is ok occasionally, just don’t overdo it.2

1 All of these will be removed/reported without notice, and most likely earn a Permanent Ban.
Frankly, we don’t need trouble with real life law enforcement and neither do you, so be smart.

2 These will earn you warnings and only bans if it is excessive / repeated.

All Main Membership

  1. Non-Aggression with all FTL Members and Liaison Organizations.
  2. In-instance emergency aid is encouraged unless it conflicts with the former.
  3. Eligible for coordinator ranks and internal job offerings

All Affiliate Membership

  1. Non-Aggression with all FTL Main Members. It is strongly encouraged for other affiliates as well.
  2. In-instance emergency aid is encouraged unless it conflicts with the former or organization policy.
  3. Eligible for Organization Liaison position (1/org of 10+, must be visible main, approved by founder of that org).
FTL Structure
Ranks do not denote importance here, only ease of identifying what someone does or what they have access to
FTL Coordinators   * * * * *   Regional Coordinators   Region level Managers
\   * * * *   System Coordinators   System Level Managers
Organization Liaisons   * * *   Site Managers   Location Organization Reps
\   * *   Service Providers   Service Organization Reps
General Population   *   Free Pilots   Independent Members
\     Contractors   Independent Affiliates