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The Free Trader's Legion / FTLEGION

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  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Security

The Free Trader’s Legion is a group of privateers who just want to do business and not step on anyone’s toes. We do not submit to searches and seizures, and we will fight to defend our cargo. Seeking strong pilots who aren’t afraid to ship the “less than desirables” or hunt pirates and slavers.


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It is rumored that Cheshire was once a slave, belonging to a wealthy family. He worked for many years until he earned his freedom. For his service, his former master gave him a ship, and Cheshire struck out into the verse with a simple goal: to make a living without oppressing anyone.

A few like-minded people joined him in trading, and the small fleet grew into the Free Trader’s Legion; a band of free men and women who wish to trade and share in the protection an organization offers, with the additional goal of tracking down pirates and slavers and putting an end to their grip on our systems. If Cheshire and his friends discover you are trading in Human (or alien) lives, they will come for you.

(Our real founder was some guy that was trying to get more of his friends to play this game. He also makes video games. Learn more about him and his video game at:


Our motives are simple… to make money, follow our charter, and keep the trade lanes free.


We have 4 simple rules for our members, and we insist they be followed with no exception:

1) No one gets left behind.
if a member is stuck and calls for help, you go. If a new member needs help doing runs and you’ve got the money, volunteer your time. If someone needs training, make the time. No member of our team should ever be unprepared.

2) If you’re going to be a tool, be a useful one.
We’ll put up with you if you can deliver the goods on time or have a good attitude; preferably both. If you suck at your job and you’re salty, we’ll shove you out an airlock.

3) Don’t ask, don’t tell.
We don’t care about your sexuality, religion, where you come from, or where you’re going… We don’t want your life story. This also applies to what you’re hauling… We don’t care as long as it follows rule #4 and we get our cut. If anyone else asks you and tries to take what you’re shipping, blast them or blast off.

4) We ship anything and everything, except for one single thing: We don’t ship slaves… PERIOD. If your cargo ever involves people and we get wind of it, we will scrub you from the verse and make your name illegal to speak. If you learn of people selling other people, bring it to us and we’ll work together to hunt them down and free every last prisoner. Drugs… Don’t care. Guns… Awesome. Women or children… You pay with your life and the life of anyone who flies with you.