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Roberts Space Industries ®

Fyrd Executive Services / FYRD

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    Bounty Hunting

A provider of complex risk management and operational support services, FYRD offers wide ranging experience and expertise. From secure logistics and operational support to crisis management/response, we offer a wide range of solutions to help clients operate safely and efficiently across the verse.






We come from many worlds.
We come from many backgrounds.
But one thing unites us:


And we’re good at our Professions.

Rule ONE:
We are PROFESSIONALS and will act as such.

Rule TWO:
Once we accept the job, for anything that’s not expressly in the contract …
…..WE decide how it’s done, not the client.

If the client adds terms and conditions to the job, they must make it clear beforehand.

Rule FOUR:
We do the job we’re paid to do, no more, no less.

Rule FIVE:
Bodycount is not necessarily a sign of a job well done. If we’re paid to kill one man, a perfect mission kills one man. However sometimes we have to clear the way to the target and clear our path offworld… such is life.

Rule SIX
If you abort the job for any reason, the client gets back any money or equipment they put up front. A professional pays his debts. Reasons to abort:
……….The opposition is actually good enough to kill you;
……….The job involves something that would bring shame to yourself or the FYRD.

We do not murder non-combatants.

We do not engage in or abide piracy.

Rule NINE:
Always carry a knife.

Rule TEN:
We are PROFESSIONALS and our work will show it.



Corporate Headquarters: Rytif, Bremen

A provider of complex risk management and operational support services worldwide, FYRD combines the multifaceted capabilities and wide ranging experience. From secure logistics procurement and operations and maintenance to high-threat protection, C4i systems integration and crisis management and response services, we offer a wide range of solutions to help clients operate safely and efficiently no matter where they are in the verse.


Board of Directors and Directorates:

The Board of Directors are responsible for governing the FYRD by establishing broad policies and setting out strategic objectives. Each member of the Board is responsible management of their respective directorate.

The Board of Directors (and directorates) are:

FYRD/Executive: Chief Executive Officer and executive staff
FYRD/Admin: Supervises manpower, personnel, and administration systems (HR)
FYRD/Finance: Accounting and Financial planning as well as overseeing financial advisory operations.
FYRD/Information: Provides information, collection, and analysis resources.
FYRD/Logistics: Maintains organizational logistical assets and Oversees Logistics operations.
FYRD/Operations: Manages the active operations and detachments.
FYRD/Communications: Oversees organizational communications needs and supports cybersystems operations.
FYRD/Special Projects: Oversees and directs the special projects offices.

The Employee

FYRD employees are the foundation of the company. The FYRD profits when it’s employees profit.

In addition to the Rules in the Corporate Philosophy, employee duties & responsibilities include:

  • All employees are considered combatants and shall maintain basic combat qualifications.
  • Employees are responsible for ensuring their equipment is properly insured and in good working order.
  • Employees are expected to use FYRD communications systems for official communications.
  • Employees will treat each other with respect.
  • Employees will follow the chain of command whenever possible.
  • Employees are expected to actively participate in the community.
  • Employees may also be expected to learn and follow additional procedures specific aspects of Star Citizen.

Employees are encouraged to moonlight as it increases skills and experience. The following conditions apply to FYRD employees seeking additional external memberships:

  • FYRD and it’s missions come first.
  • Notify Administration of outside employment & memberships. Leadership reserves the right to blacklist orgs, or prohibit membership if said membership poses a security risk to the FYRD.
  • Does not include and/or engage in acts of Piracy.

Employment is not guaranteed and can be revoked, with just cause, at any time.

Any employees found to be affiliated with or engaging in piracy will be summarily terminated.

Unit Echelons & Ranks:

Rank and promotions are based on the needs of the FYRD, not on boat/ship ownership.

Employees start at the rank of Specialist. The insignia of a Specialist is One Chevron.

A Team is small tactical units comprised of 3-6 employees. Teams are tactically flexible units comprised of employees of a similar function. A team is usually lead by a Corporal. The insignia of a Corporal is Two Chevrons.

A Squad/Section is made up of 2 or more teams. Squads may be made up of similar or differing team types. A squad is usually lead by a Sergeant. The insignia of a Sergeant is Three Chevrons.

A Platoon/Flight is made up of 2 or more squads. A platoon is usually lead by a Lieutenant. The insignia of a Lieutenant is One Bar.

A Cohort is comprised of multiple platoons combined as a permanent unit. A cohort is usually lead by a Major. The insignia of a Major is Two Bars.

A Legion is a combined arms unit comprised of multiple cohorts. A Legion is commanded by a Colonel. The insignia of a Colonel is Three Bars.

An Adjutant commands non-tactical units larger than a platoon. Adjutants rank between a Lieutenant and a Major. The insignia of a Adjutant is a Roundel.

An Administrator is in charge of a Field Office, station/base, or large detachment. Administrator rank between a Major and a Colonel. The insignia of an Administrator is a Lozenge.

A Director is a member of the FYRD Board of Directors and overseas a Directorate. Directors rank above Colonels. The insignia of a Director is a Starburst.

Insignia Rank Command Lvl
< Specialist Employee/Soldier/Operator/Spacer
<< Corporal Teams
<<< Sergeant Squad/Sections
[] Lieutenant Platoons/large boats
[][] Major Cohorts/small ships
[][][] Colonel Legions/large ships
O Adjutant Department/Divisional Superintendent
Administrator Field Office//base/detachment OIC
Director BoD Officer/Directorate