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Roberts Space Industries ®

G3 Solutions / G3S

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Exploration

“Victory is reserved for those willing to pay its price. “ -Sun Tzu

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2017.09.15 WEBSITE ON ENJIN IS UP AND RUNNING We’ve added a website to call home, located at the following address. Members are encouraged to drop by and register.

2016.03.01 STRATEGY AND TACTICS Development of new assault tactics for space stations along with strategies for off plane approaches for minimal detection (i.e. hit em hard and hit em fast and don’t let them see you coming).

2015.09.06 – ACTIVE RECRUITING CAMPAIGN Having completed a recent training DET, we are gung-ho towards investing in our future members and building up our core membership. Apply within and stand by for adventure.

2015.05.30 – PUBLIC PUBLICATION OF ITS MANIFESTO AND CHARTER Were now open for business and actively recruiting. The first 12 members are considered founding members, eligible for immediate promotion upon recruitment.



We follow the three guiding principles of conducting successful operations for our clients and interests.
• Command and Communication
• Logistics and Supply
• Security and Conflict Superiority
Through these three basic tenants we aim to become the best player ran organization, capable to doing more with smaller, lighter foot prints than monolithic military structured organizations.

• To be the front runner of mobile security operations
• Engage in highly profitable operations that benefit our members and associates
• We seek to infiltrate unknown areas of space and facilities in order to gain increased intel on the galactic environment

• 24/7 all year round
• Multiple time zone membership

• Security – To provide top-notch protection on ships, personnel, and equipment.
• Infiltration – To seek out and gather intel on any type of target.
• Adverse Logistical Relief – We get you the goods no matter the odds.
• Scouting Ops – Exploration, plotting jump points, or spying on the target.

We use small fireteams (a three to six player group) to improve small group play and increase the chance of success on mission. It allows flexibility to adapt to the battlefield and overcome its adversity. Expand this concept with three squads focused on a single mission and your stike package is unbeatable.

  • Core Fireteam (Three to Four Player Team)
    1. Fireteam Leader / Grenadier – Primary weapon is the shotgun and grenades or demolition charges. Is responsible for the success of the mission and welfare of the other members. Is also skilled at electronic warfare.
    2. Machine Gunner – Primary weapon is the Automatic/Machinegun weapons. Responsible for covering, suppressive, and supporting fire.
    3. Rifleman – Primary weapon is the standard rifle or submachine gun and assists the machine gunner in his duties. Looks after the medical needs of the team to keep them in the fight as a Corpsman/Medic.
    4. Scout – Primary weapon is long rifles/sniper fire. Scouts and gathers intel on the enemy through stealth and remote observation (UAV, sensors, beacons, etc.). Needs to be able escape detection using camouflage and concealment techniques.

  • Expanded Fire Team (Six Player Team)
    1. Pilot / Assistant FTL – Primary weapon is a carbine. Responsible for the safe infiltration and extract of the team from a target. Provides over watch and additional intel to the Fireteam leader with ships sensors. Can disembark with the Fireteam to provide additional support and act as the assistant Fireteam leader.
    2. Heavy Weaponsman / Co-Pilot – Primary weapon is Heavy Weapons/Rockets. Can embark as the co-pilot during transport to assist with the flight duties along with acting as a turret gunner. Once at the target, can disembark with the Fireteam to act as the rocketman with anti-armor munitions.

• Founded by a retired jarhead, GySgt “Hog” Jacobson found a gap in the market between the government military and its civilian counterparts. Originally it was just a one ship operation that was willing to get supplies, personnel, and equipment in and out of hotspots that other companies couldn’t or that the military wouldn’t go into. Since then our assets have increased with hand-picked operators and specialists with military background, ranging from combat veterans, maintainers, intel, pilots, and logistical suppliers. If you absolutely, positively, have to have it overnight and not get blown up doing it, then you’ve come to the right place. Semper Fi.


“We don’t take applicants, we take operators…”
-Gunny Jacobson (UEEMC Retired)

We’re founded on the structure of a military contractor, which means you do what you want, when you want, with who you want, as long as the pay is good and you can smile when you fight. Play with a team of fellow professionals or take on a mission by yourself, what ever works for you. Operations are designed for a small foot print so we can move quicker and be more agile and mobile. If your looking for the safety and security of a large monolithic organization with no chance at calling the shots, then this isn’t for you. We believe in each member having a vote and being able to call the play. So step up and take a shot, lets see what you got nugget. Semper Fi.

Articles and Ranks


  1. All members must agree to the by-laws in full in order to join the organization.
  2. Members shall obey the orders of their team leaders while on group missions.
  3. All members have a vote in organization affairs.
  4. Compensation from group missions with be distributed as follows: Ten percent of all profits from missions are to be given to the public stock first, repairs and rearmament to participating ships second, and then equal distribution of the remaining profits to members who participated in the mission.
  5. Ownership of derelict ships will be claimed by the party that discovered it and any profits distributed in accordance with the previous article.
  6. All grievances will be given a hearing, and if found guilty, will suffer punishment agreed upon by the majority of the organization. Members may be expelled and marooned at the nearest port for defrauding the organization.
  7. No member will attack or cause harm to another member unless in a sanctioned dual to settle personal quarrels. First blood wins.
  8. All members are held to their own individual accountability and responsible for obligations they undertake (i.e. contracts or missions).
  9. Unless contractual obligations require it, the organization will disavow prior knowledge of any member who gets caught engaging in piracy, murder, or disobeying the local laws.
  10. The organizations public communications and chat will be professional and kept free of advertisements, bots, intense foul language, or spam.
  11. No member will discriminate against another’s race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. We came to play, not politic.
  12. Members will come to the aid of another member in distress when able. Never leave a man behind when on mission.
  13. If a member is maimed during an organization mission and survives, they will receive compensation from the public stock to make them whole again (prosthetics, surgical care, replacement of personal property destroyed). If a member is killed, all their remaining property is to be given to their next of kin to include their share of compensation from the mission profit.


  • Recruit – No voting rights or compensation, probationary period to last no longer than 30 days or 3 missions before deciding on membership.
  • Private – Voting rights, compensation of 1 (1) equal share of profits from organization missions.
  • Sergeant – Voting rights, compensation of one and a quarter (1 ¼) share of profits from organization missions. Appointment to billets of responsibility in the organization.
  • Warrant Officer– Voting rights, compensation of one and a half (1 ½) share of profits from organization missions. Appointment to billets of responsibility and access to management roles.
  • Lieutenant – Voting rights, compensation of one and three quarters (1 ¾) share of profits from organization missions. Appointment to billets of responsibility, access to management roles, and public stock management.
  • Captain – Voting rights, compensation of two (2) shares of profits from organization missions. Access to executive permissions in the organization, all roles, and public stock management.

Roles and Billets of Responsibility


  • Executive – The Executives role exercise all rights and privileges of the other roles.
  • Operations – The Operations role must be a member in good standing. They are responsible for management of the organizations business and operations, ensuring we function as a group.
  • Recruiter – The Recruiter role is responsible for finding, screening, and managing qualified applicants who are interested in joining the organization. Their primary mission is to grow the organization and help maintain its membership.
  • Public Relations – The Public Relations Director and subordinates will announce all events to the Newsletter, local comm channels, applicable internet sites, and the Star Citizen Forums. The P.R. role will also promote the organization, through in game newspaper or other possible means, by sharing the impact the organization has on the community and its members.


Sergeant at Arms

  • To keep order at all meetings.
  • To collect unpaid funds/property.
  • To collect organization funds/property from any member who has left.

Quarter Master

  • To manage and oversee all warehouses, inventory, and equipment owned by the organization.
  • Maintain equipment and ships in good order for use, to include repair and rearmament.
  • To coordinate with the Treasurer all authorized purchases and sales of equipment, goods, and supplies owned by the organization.


  • To maintain records, record meetings or archive mission transcripts in a log kept for that purpose.
  • To handle official correspondence for the organization and send out notices of meetings.
  • To record all votes in a meeting and maintain membership files and records.

Director of Operations

  • To manage the events and scheduled gatherings of the organization to include missions.
  • To monitor club property such as stations or hangers.
  • To assist in the organization of all sponsored events.
  • To assist in the development and management of a revenue stream for the organization.


  • Will update the website and manage the forums as needed.
  • May solicit additional assistance as needed for the monitoring of the forums.
  • Assist the other billeted members with webpage issues or related content.