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Honored representatives of the Banu Protectorate,
“Profits in Focus: Our Success, Our Purpose”


From an early age, I have always felt a deep fascination for the different cultures and civilizations that exist in the universe. My desire to promote peace, understanding and cooperation between the races led me to dedicate my life to the study of intergalactic relations and diplomacy.

During my travels and encounters with various species, I have been privileged to meet the Banu and have been impressed by their focus on trade, hospitality, and valuing interpersonal ties. As I deepened my understanding of their culture and established close friendships with Banu leaders, a unique opportunity arose.

Due to my knowledge of both cultures and my ability to forge strong relationships, I was selected as the representative of the Banu in the UEE. This designation gave me the responsibility of being the link between the interests and concerns of the Banu and the discussions and negotiations within the UEE.

My role as ambassador is to promote greater understanding and collaboration between the Banu and the other races of the UEE. I work closely with other ambassadors and political leaders to foster constructive dialogue, resolve disputes, and ensure that Banu interests are properly represented and defended.

In addition, my goal is to foster cultural and economic exchange between the Banu and the other races of the UEE, looking for opportunities to strengthen ties and promote a future of prosperity and mutual understanding.

My commitment is to look after the interests of the Banu in the UEE, protecting their cultural heritage and promoting an equitable and beneficial relationship for all parties involved. Through diplomacy and constructive dialogue, I seek to build bridges of trust and foster greater cooperation between the races represented in the UEE.

This is the enhanced story of how I became the representative of the Banu in the UEE as a human committed to promoting peace and intergalactic cooperation. I hope this narrative further enriches our role play and allows us to explore new possibilities in our interactions and adventures.


Honored representatives of the Banu Protectorate,

I, Ambassador Nosklox, extend greetings and warm regards from the Banu-UEE. As an emissary of cultural exchange, peaceful cooperation, and mutual understanding between the Banu and the UEE, I present this message on behalf of our esteemed alliance.

The Banu people hold honor, integrity, and respect in high regard. We value open dialogue and seek to foster a relationship built on trust and cooperation between the Banu and the UEE.

We approach our interactions with sincerity, transparency, and a commitment to maintaining harmony. Our shared goals include mutual prosperity, cultural enrichment, and the pursuit of a peaceful coexistence.

Our commitment to fostering understanding and promoting respectful engagement is unwavering. We believe in the power of collaboration, recognizing that together, the Banu and the UEE can achieve great things.

We stand ready to engage in fruitful discussions, exchange knowledge, and build bridges of friendship and cooperation between the Banu and the UEE.

We extend our hands in friendship, seeking to forge strong bonds of trust and collaboration between our nations.

We eagerly await the opportunity to work together, learn from one another, and create a future of shared prosperity and harmony between the Banu and the UEE.

With utmost respect,
Ambassador of the Banu-UEE alliance.
Hoshakor hiikushin Nosklox, karhulakor heshrakor Banu-UEE. Kajisixin ananosh-urkashin yalotashi koruvari, hinovarin komoshindari, hoshixitari ananoshin Banu naloshin korunakor. Anukarvarin karhulakor, kanokashin hinakavari tarihokorin yashikorin niyotan Banu-UEE nashinurkar.

Banu karhulakor honikorin irikorin niyotan, xashkashin kamokorin niyotan, hinovarin xatoshanin lishonirin lashkorin. Kanokashin korunakor niyotan Banu-UEE ashikorin, koruvarin niyotan hoshanosharashin komosharinasharashin korurakorin.

Banu bashinoshan niyotan korurakorin, xashokorin, reshekorin korunakorin. Korurakorin hinovarinashin yalotashi komoshinashin korunashin niyotan. Kanokashin korunakorin niyotan kajisixin dachin, shinashin, akashin, korunakorin xatoshanin lishonirin, korunashin niyotan xashkorin niyotan niyotan.

Niyotan korunakorin niyotan hoshakorin niyotan reshekorin, hinovarin korurakorin niyotan. Hinovarin niyotan korunakorin niyotan xashanoshin korunakorin niyotan, korunashin niyotan Banu-UEE korunakorin.

Nakoshanin niyotan korunakorin kajisixin niyotan komoshakorin niyotan, korunashin niyotan korunakorin niyotan hinokorin niyotan, korunakorin komoshanoshin niyotan niyotan, korunashin niyotan korurakorin Banu-UEE.

Nakoshanin niyotan korunakorin komoshinashin, hinovarin niyotan hoshakorin, niyotan korunakorin Banu-UEE komoshinashin korunashin niyotan.

Nashoshanin niyotan hoshinoshanin, korurakorin niyotan korunakorin Banu-UEE.

Banu-UEE karhulakor hoshinoshanin.


In the depths of the stars, in a distant realm,
Lies the greatness of the Banu, an unmatched heritage.
Their wisdom and skill extend far and wide,
They are a people of trade and knowledge, unparalleled.

Their ingenuity is unmatched, their prowess unrivaled,
In the Banu universe, their greatness is palpable.
With respect and honor, they navigate in harmony,
Uplifting the culture and soul of their homeland.

They are masters of negotiation, possessors of virtue,
The Banu universe, a jewel in full bloom.
With cordiality and appreciation, they embrace others,
The Banu, guardians of peace and equality.

In every encounter, in every transaction,
The Banu, beings of great dedication.
Their spirit and essence uplift their legacy,
The Banu, beings of light and revered wisdom.

With respect and admiration, we pay tribute,
To the Banu, beings of absolute nobility.
In their shining universe, they find their abode,
The Banu, custodians of a sacred existence.