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We found a great deal of friends were leaving other organizations being sick and tired of the political and strict environments, The American Games Association was formed to provide a more regular environment for young and old free minded gamers.

Meet us on discord :


The American Gamers Association is working on its History every day!

If you would like to be a part of that history please have a look over our Manifesto and Charter

If you would like to meet us on discord chat go here :

We look to play Star Citizen and really any other game we can get hands on we have group play sessions and regularly play socially together!


The American Gamers association sets out to gather people together, invest in playing the game, work toward individual and Association goals as well as putting forward a positive influence on the verse we are not pirates, raiders or griefers.

We promise to help.


American Gamers Association!

We accept Full members and Affiliates a rough outline of what we expect from each type of member follows.

We accept affiliatess very happily however we do have a basic set of guidelines.
- Do not attack other members of the Association in any game without consent.
- Do not join crews or groups with other org’s we are likely to come up against.+
- Do not attempt to advertise or recruit our members to your own or another org.%

+ We are not the CIA and will not be digging through your history or other orgs we feel that would be an inappropriate encroachment on your liberty however if an event occurs that reveals a breach of this guideline we may have to take action.

% We wish we did not have to stipulate this however sadly some people like to simply fish around other orgs to get members and we take a dim view of this.

Becoming a member of the Association will hopefully yield more benefits when the game is more fleshed out, as time goes on and we gain more mechanics to work with we will factor those into member benefits however for now we will keep it simple and outline some simple member guidelines/perks.

- The guidelines for affiliates apply also to members.
- Members can advance through the current Rank/Role build up of the Association.
- Members will have priority pick in instances where player slots in any group activity are limited.