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Roberts Space Industries

Galaxy Discoveries & Logistics , Inc. / GDL

  • Corporation
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Trading
  • Exploration

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Exploration CARGO SHIPPING (TRANSPORT) Trading MINING Fuel Gathering CONVOY ESCORT Repairs

Main focus on generating UEC (money/profit)



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Company name: Galaxy Discoveries and Logistics
Origin: City of Berlin, Earth, Sol System
Permits: Exploration, Transport, Trade, Mining, Fuel Acquisition & Refining

Originally a deep sea exploration company with offices based in Tennessee (see references USA old earth) and Cape Town (see references RSA old earth). The company entered a dormant state in 2087 after most of the world’s (Earth) ocean floors and wrecks were discovered and placed under the ownership of corporations and governments. The company stayed in the Fielding family for generations as part of an extensive inherited estate. A distant relative of the Fielding family served in the military and moved on to the communications industry and upon retirement re-activated the company and purchased an old exploration vessel. Venturing out to space a series of discoveries of resources resulted in a very profitable decade for the company.

After meeting with a friend who was with Mr. Fielding in the service. It was decided to expand into logistics, shipping cargo and trading commodities within UEE borders. Galaxy Exploration merged with TransNet Shipping to form GDL (Galaxy Discoveries and Logistics).

The company continued with exploration, hauling and trading activities without financial difficulties. With its profit operations mostly confined to “safe space”. With priority shipping and trading in more dangerous space only taking place under escort by contracted professionals from other companies and occasionally employees and partners with their own escort fighters.

After a very successful year of profit operations the exploration contingent discovered an asteroid field rich in minerals and also a nearby nebula rich in fuel. Immediately the company staked a claim and acquired permits to collect and refine fuel for the UEE fleet and provide minerals for its government contractor’s factories. The company took out a loan with the central bank and a group of private investors and then proceeded to purchase fuel refining vessels, prospecting and mining vessels. The company also expanded its Transport fleet with larger haulers and with escort vessels. The latest acquisition being a dedicated repair vessel.

Currently the company is recruiting employees and partners to command, crew and pilot their new fleet. Private investors are also frequently invited to presentations on project investment opportunities that thus far have yielded good profit results.

The company’s main approach to success is a conservative approach to profit, taking care of risk evaluation, careful project planning, arranging necessary security and insurance coverage when needed.

The company has also been known to pay mercenaries to clear areas of operation of troublesome pirates if profits were impacted or its employees endangered; even throwing its own capital ships (manned by angry employees with a grudge) and escort fighters into the fight during anti-pirate operations as reprisals for attacks.

An infamous bounty office was also contracted to provide the 3rd party issuing of bounties on the heads of the company’s enemies. Those who attack company vessels usually become sought after by bounty hunters and suffer a total loss in all assets and always their lives even if they initially get away with their original attack or piratical attempts. Rumors are also doing the rounds that an assassins group was contracted for very elusive enemies.

A notable point of interest about this company is its famous employee development program which involves profit sharing and investing of funds to improve the income of those who have proven themselves to the company. Employees are well paid, partners have a steady income and running the entire fleet in shifts is encouraged to maximize profits.

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Have fun is why we are here! Not to take away from other player’s fun . Golden rule.

Group Play
We the members of the org are to play as friends to the mutual benefit of all members. We the members are to do so frequently and in groups. Inactivity and solo play is not encouraged. We have members with more than one ship, some with large fleets of multicrew vessels, we need crew too. You can serve and rise to command. We are stronger, more profitable and safer as a group.

We the org promises to keep members successful and profitable by planning profit projects and events. With different groups in the org working together to bring different game mechanics in support of each other. All participants will profit according to their worth and input. Activity and contribution will be a determining factor

We the org and we the members are to undertake not to leave any member behind. We are to mentor new members and help them improve in the game and achieve financial success.

We the members must promise not only to work toward the betterment of each other but also to growing the org and making it more profitable and efficient without impacting the fun factor or it becoming a second job

We the members solemnly swear to help and defend each other when under attack and to band together in times of need when the org calls on us to do so. We will not ally with the wicked. We will despise the criminal, the scam artist, the pirate and the great enemy. If need be the membership are bound to take up arms against enemies of the org if they threaten our profits or in reprisal for transgressions against the org and it’s members. We the members are encouraged to travel and work in groups (safety in numbers) and although mostly commercial in nature we are to arm and familiarize ourselves with the means to defend and attack.

The org will invest itself in the improvement of the membership. In return the membership is to invest its time, effort, productivity and occasional financial investment to the betterment of the org.

Co-operation (other orgs)
The org promises to engage other orgs in contract opportunities to provide our services to those orgs with our specialist exploration and logistical services and also extraction of resources that orgs have discovered but have undertaken to outsource said extraction to our org.
We will outsource any required service we have need of if we have not the manpower and ships to do so on demand. We do not bound our members to only one org

Co-operation (members)
Members are forbidden to attack, steal from each other or the org. When members have a dispute they will submit their case to higher management and abide by its ruling. Members will work together with all individuals assigned to a project or mission and work towards completion of the project or mission with the goals of the org in mind first

The Search
Members undertake to explore new means of profit, new trade routes, new contracts/jobs, discover new resources to gather and find the most efficient and safest way to improve the profit of the org and its members and to share the information to management when ready.

The future
Our org will not blindly grope for numbers but rather gather around itself members that can benefit each other and the org. Good activity, productivity, efficiency and skill will be our focus rather than just a mere game of numbers to see which org is the largest. After all we are a group of friends and a member is not just a number.

The org and membership is to strive to tolerate each other and their failings. To work towards building bridges using friendship and understanding. To forgive and overcome instincts of gain at the cost of other members. To resolve disputes no matter how intense in private before taking it to management. Not to play tattletale or work towards forcing fellow members out of the org. To rather improve upon those you dislike by investing time and friendship in group play. Members are to support each other in times of need and strive toward a family approach. Remember: family sometimes fight but family should always stick together.

The now
Star Citizen is still not a complete game. The org at the moment is recruiting new members and those members have a mission to do the same and also stay active in the game and in chats. As new game mechanics release, members should familiarise themselves with it to increase their competency and also participate in group play to learn how to work together as an org. Long before final release of the game most of the mechanics this org will concentrate on will be in place to some degree and give us the means to practice for the real thing

Galaxy Discoveries and Logistics Inc
Two souls one thought, two hearts one beat


mounted on walls of every GDL office main entrance


By order of his majesty the emperor of the United Earth Empire

Galaxy Discoveries & Logistics , Inc are hereby granted the following permissions within bounds of the laws of the empire

  • The exploration of space for commercial gain
  • The transportation of goods for commercial gain
  • The transportation, purchase and sale of legal trade goods for commercial gain
  • The exploitation of natural resources that are the legal property of GDL Inc or have been given access to by the legal owner
  • The sale of items permissable within bounds the terms and conditions of a Class 4 commercial entity
  • The provision of registered services for commercial gain within bounds the terms and conditions of a Class 4 commercial entity
  • Conduction supporting/complementing commercial operations in the protection and improvement of the aforementioned activities
  • Commercial support of the UEE
  • Access to UEE government tenders and contracts
  • Operate as a Class 4 commercial entity
  • Permit to operate large vessels up to Alpha class within bounds of UEE law and restrictions on armed vessels under the control of registered companies
  • Free entry without hindrance to all UEE space with the exemption of areas closed to civilians as per clause 37 such as systems under quarantine or restricted areas. Permission to operate in aforementioned space.
  • Permission to arm individuals and vessels within bounds of clauses 36 & 37.
  • Permission to engage in armed conflict with any pirates and criminals listed as such under UEE criminal databases or individuals/groups that engage in criminal activities. This may take place in defense of GDL Inc (including their employees and assets) or at their discretion. Under section 41 of the UEE penal code the use of deadly force is permitted.

Galaxy Discoveries & Logistics , Inc are bound to this charter and subject to commercial and private sector laws, it’s employees are bound to public law. All taxes and tribute as applicable and indicated by the UEE will be the responsibility of GDL Inc to pay in full.

This document attests as per registrar #UEE-IC-COM-Z794-4820-D that Galaxy Discoveries & Logistics , Inc is a commercial concern in good standing with the UEE and carries the approval of the Emperor (long may He reign).

Signed and decorated with imperial seal

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