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We are a body of semi autonomous units that operate under one flag, come together for fleet operations as well supporting each other and most importantly, having fun! This means on a day to day basis Unit commanders will be deciding what their unit is doing and not the Guild Council


Founded: 2945-08-24 19:24:01


GEKCO is a UEE friendly organisation with a difference.

Our aim is to create a body of semi autonomous units that operate under one flag and come together for fleet operations as well supporting each other and most importantly, having fun. This means on a day to day basis Unit commanders will be deciding what their unit is doing and how you are doing this and the Guild Council will not get involved.

When it comes to fleet level operations, the guild council give the OK and then passes on the operation to the Unit commanders removing any confusion and making sure we have the best people for the job running our operations.

This also enables us to have a range of different units with different roles, and if we dont have a role you want and you can make it work, we are happy for you to try and support you doing this.

Below are examples of some of our Units so far described by their unit commanders;

Fighter Squadrons

We have Fighter Squadrons in both the European timezone Americas currently. Day to day we will be running bounties, escort missions, I would like to pop into Vanduul space and kill a few “dull” as well. Basically if you want us to shoot at something or have us stop people shooting at you that is where I see our role. Oh and if you have a big bounty on your head I also see that as our bounty!

Now currently we are all fairly generic fighter squadrons, but the aim is for us to operate in different regions of the universe, if you had not guessed I want the Vanduul front, and possibly gain slightly different specialties for fleet operations. Areas where we excel.

For fleet operations we could be doing anything from providing cover for a mining operation to protecting a fleet. We are there to kill the bad guys so the other units can get on with their

The Recon Rangers:

We are a different type of unit. We are those who operate on the edges. We are a less clear cut unit as we will mostly be operation independently on a day to day basis.

If you are a Recon Ranger you will be operation in space where Citizens don’t usually tread, be that on the edges, or inside, Vanduul space. Making connections with the Xian and and Banu to explorer new areas. Building contacts in the less savory parts of Human space. Each of us will have a specialization and an area we know better than anyone else so that if anyone else needs to operate in this area, they come to us and, for a fee, we provide the information they need to operate safely in these areas and possibly even an escort to take them through a safe route.

In fleet operations, we do the same but also provide recon and scouting. We provide the intelligence so the operation will succeed and recon and escorts again as needed.

We effectively work as the grease to make operations and missions internal and external work, I wont pretend its and easy job, especially in some areas, but its an important one.[/quote]

Snowdonia S.C.

Snowdonia search and care is the support camp of GECKO, acting as the primary medical, engineering, and logistical unit for GECKO. Snowdonia S.C. also acts as Samaritans when possible, helping those in need no matter what path they walk. Of course the wellbeing of members and innocents comes first, so we might for example fix a pirates’ ship and give medical attention while also removing or replacing any weapons with non-lethal versions if feasible.

The unit is split into three sections, logistics, medical, and engineering. The core of the unit is the logistics section, where all information and resources is collected and distributed. The medical and engineering sections meanwhile can be thought of as two sides of the same coin, with medical maintaining people while engineering maintains ships.

If possible, all our “non-combatant” ships will have their weapons replaced with extra sensors, fuel tanks, etc. Basically, replace ‘pew-pew’ with stuff that makes us better at our jobs and less likely to die.

Any combat ships in the unit will be using non lethal weaponry to deter or disable any attackers. Of course, if it turns out that there’s no Geneva conventions or extra large punishment for war crimes, we’ll have to put non-lethal weapons on non-combatants and lethal weapons on the units combat ships.

I personally believe that lethal weapons shouldn’t be on any of our medical, repair, resupply, or refuelling ships under any circumstances as it completely contradicts their purpose, but I’ll put it up to a vote if needed.

The Movers

Where Snowdonia’s logistics focuses on maintenance and medical support the Movers aim to provide the cash backbone required by any large fleet. To do so the Movers will ship anything allowed under UEE law with the goal of making as much profit as possible. The Movers will for this rely on the other fleet units for Intel, protection and repairs. When not supporting the fleets monetary backbone The Movers are researching new ways of making a profit. Be it mining, manufacturing, refining, parts tweaking or Winning the Freighter Class Race Cups. If you like going from A to B whilst seeing the galaxy, and making a good profit, then we want you! Sign up now and get Moving!

We are a young organisation and as such now is a great time to get on board as you will have a change to help mold us into a great organisation. You can find our charter, which is still under construction, on the below link, which gives you all the information on how we plan to run GECKO;

Or to join our discord server use the below link;

Please let us know if you have any questions?



Mission Statement: (What do we want to do out there)

The aim of GECKO is to create self sustaining UNITs which will be able to create and maintain their own missions as well as to work with the UEE and other UEE friendly organisations in situations where they need extra support or specialisations.

Goals: (what do we do to achieve this)

To be a group of like minded players who are having fun.
To respect other members, their beliefs and opinions.
To remain in contact within the game, and outside of it, by means of voice comms.
To remain Friendly to the UEE, but not necessarily follow UEE law.
To form Units within the fleet, that have their own specialisations.
To allow the Units to be self sustaining and autonomous outside Fleet operations.
To allow Units to manage and create their own operations within the fleets rules.

Community Tools:

Gecko utilizes two main tools of communication, a forum for written discussion and information exchange as well as a Teamspeak server to allow for voiced communication. It is the believe that voice communication is extremely important to be able to respond rapidly to situations arising.


Structure: ( how is Gecko Organised)

Gecko is based on two different ranking systems. One is the military ranking which is used in-game during both fleet and autonomous operations as the chain of command. The other is the Community ranking used outside of the game to denote seniority.

The choice to differentiate is based on honouring each personal strength. Some of us are good leadership material, others good Administrative aids, While some are just good at community involvement. To separate effective command in-game from effort put into the community the split in ranking has been made.

Overarching Both structures Is the Council. This serves as the main Strategical nerve centre of Gecko.

The Council:(Strategical Operations and Community Management)

Gecko strifes to have each and every member to be able to voice their opinion, and respects and values these opinions. Too many contradicting opinions will lead to a democratic stalemate and drama amongst the community. Hence the Council will lead Gecko as a open minded Dictatorship. To prevent power abuse the Council is split between an Inner and Outer Council section, and its members can come from any rank and position within the fleet.

The Goal of the Council is to lead Gecko on a strategic level.

Although the Council is the highest rank in both the Operations and the Community, They will not

The Inner Council:(3way deadlock)

The Inner council always consist of just 3 members. This is to prevent deadlocks in decision making. And to make sure the knowledge is spread lest something bad happens to one of its members in real life.

The main goal of the Inner council is to make the strategic decisions in both the community as the operational sections of Gecko. To lead Gecko in its entirety.

To be able to be informed of all things happening the Inner Council relies heavily on input and feedback from the Outer Council members. This is a two way interaction both requesting and being advised on matters concerning the Governance of Gecko.

Although the Council as a whole is on the top of both the Community and Operational Ranking, They will only in certain circumstances exert their power directly. In regular cases the Council is only leading but not taking part in.

The Outer Council:

The Outer Council size varies with the growth, recess, needs and demands of Gecko. Their numbers are therefore not a fixed size, but will fluctuate over time.

The Outer Council members are chosen by the inner council from any position within Gecko. No matter the Operational or Community Rank, anyone can as such become a Outer Council member upon invitation.

The Goals for the Outer Council is to worry about the strategic governance of Gecko, and from that standpoint advice the Inner Council on Topics and Decisions. To help in leading Gecko in its entirety.

To be able to provide support to the Inner Council continuous communication is essential. This is a two way interaction with both bringing topics to attention and handling requests for more information and advice.

Military Ranking:

Within the Military ranking we all initially belong to the reserves as a fleet member. From there one can be requited, or one can ask to be placed, into a specific Unit. Units are groups of members focusing on a set of Primary/Secondary objectives. And each unit therefore can have a different playstyle, and functions autonomously from other Units.

Military Ranks:
Unit Commanders
Lt. Commanders
Unit Members Rank 5
Unit Members Rank 4
Unit Members Rank 3
Unit Members Rank 2
Unit Members Rank 1

Council Member:
The council members run the fleets High Level Strategic decisions. And has the highest Chain of Command authority. Basicly they will decide on the Fleets Mayor Missions and Operations. They will never issue Operational orders as a Council rank.

Fleet Commander:
Exceptional Unit Commanders might be asked by the council to become Fleet commanders. Their role is to oversee the fleet’s Operational plan. As such they can direct any Unit with orders.

Unit commander:
Is the leader of his Unit. They manage the Unit actions, finances, and operations in both fleet based missions and autonomous operations. They also create and accept missions for the unit when working autonomously.

Unit commanders are picked by the GECKO Council based on ability to lead, seniority and reputation within the fleet.

Lt. Commander:
This is a Junior Unit commander, fulfills all the roles of a Unit commander until they gain seniority and experience to manage a larger Unit. Can also be a Unit commanders second in command.

Unit Member Rank x:
each unit can have up to 5 ranks as decided by the unit commander. more to add…

Unit formation:

Any member in GECKO can propose the formation of a new unit to the council. The proposal should contain at least the following information:
Unit name
The benefit of the new unit to the fleet
The primary role of the unit
the secondary role of the unit
The autonomous goals of the unit
Unit ranking structure

Unit List: ( Life list of current units )

GECKO Reserve – Main reserve unit ( Default )
The Immortals (EU Fighter Squadron), Unit CO, LtCmd Zombie
Strike Commandos (US Fighter Squadron), Unit CO, LtCmd Mezcon
Crazy Canucks (CA Fighter Squadron) Unit CO, LtCmd Rainboq
Snowdonia S.C. (SAR Squadron), Unit CO, LtCmd DutchJones
Recon Rangers (Specialist Recon Squadron) Unit CO, Ranger Inc

(More to formrd by the council)

Unit Roles:
Bounty Hunting,
(more to be defined by members)

Organisational Ranking:

The Organisational Ranking is separate from the Military Ranking. It is used as indicator of the participation level and achievements of the members of Gecko. Service done is considering both Community participation as wel as in-game Operational participation. Those that perform admirably in combat, help out the community, support the organisation, or do other feats beyond the “I’m a member” mentality will find they will rise in community ranking.

Be advised that Community ranks are a reward for effort. Striving for a specific rank will not guarantee obtaining that rank. Especially not when going the egoistic route of asking for a promotion.

Overarching the Community rankings is the Council that form the core of Gecko.

Community Ranks:

The council runs the community on a strategic level. This requires exceptional continuous dedication in both effort and time, bordering on a second full time job. The council positions are invitation only and deserve the utmost respect.

Only those that have performed Exceptional deeds for Gecko over a prolonged period of time will be regarded as Veterans. Continued Excellence can be awarded in the form of Service Stars. Take note that reaching Veteran level constitutes a continuous major effort over a very long time and should as such be taken with the highest regard.

Those people who put in the extra effort towards Gecko’s community will be regarded as seniors. Indicating their prolonged effort towards, and their advanced understanding of the community of Gecko. Take note that reaching Senior level requires prolonged effort on the side of the member and should as such not be taken lightly.

Those who regularly participate within Gecko’s community and in-game Operations will be regarded as regulars. They completely understand the ways of Gecko and put forth continuous effort. This rank will form the Majority of our community and as such deserves respect.

Those who have learned the basic ways of Gecko will be regarded as Juniors. This rank shows a growing effort to be part of Gecko after the initial joining.

Those who seek to join or recently joined Gecko will be regarded as recruits. It i the default rank in the community for new members. This ranks also indicates that these members will need guidance, role models, and support from higher ranking members.

Organisational Rewards:

Besides the Organisational Ranking as a rewards some feats are based on moments but still are so exceptional they constitute a reward title. These titles can be worn besides the Community Rank. Members who have a title deserve due respect.

Founders award:
Those who founded Gecko will forever be remembered and bear the right to use the title “Founder” in conjunction to their Organisational Rank.

Ace rewards:
Those who perform extra ordinary battle feets during Operations can be put forth by their military commanders as elegible for an Ace award. This reward denotes their Exceptional ability in combat and as such should not be handed out lightly. Those who earned the Ace award bear the right to use the title “Ace”. Upon earning this reward multiple times one bears the right to use the title “Multi-Ace”.

More Awards:
More awards to be defined by the community and the Council.


Gecko is a UEE Friendly ORG