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Welcome to our home of business.

We are an North American Corporation, committed to serving the mass majority.

We are a Non-Piracy Establishment guided by laws of land and stars

We will not dictate your preferred life style, and will assist however we can.


….File Acquired….
….Accessing File….
….Historic File….
….Public Data….

Company Name: Galactic Enterprises Inc.
Year Established: 2947 AD
Origin: North America, Earth, Sol System
Permits: Exploration, Transport, Resource Gathering

….File Corrupt….

…the license was then turned over from the government and Galactic Enterprises Incorporated was created. And then
begin long deep exploration to find and help develop civilizations through mining and cargo trading….

….End Transmission….


2948-10-21 – Rank and Role Restructure.

2948-10-21Happy Birthday GEINC.

2947-11-12 – Galactic Enterprises Inc. Website Founded.

2947-10-28 – Discord Voice Comms Online, Open to Members Only.

2947-10-21 – Galactic Enterprises Inc. Founded.


Our main goal

- Is to provide the best cargo hauling, mining, and exploration services fathomable. We will not over extend our reach by trying to conquer every branch for we see no reason to do so.

- We will be acting as one unit. We will have positions available to those who inquire for said positions and other positions will be either delegated, proposed, or freelanced within the company.

- Everyone will have a Job to do and be paid upon completion of task and duty. If a Job is opened then at the time of a job and no one fills the empty slot there will be a small bonus for taking their time to fill the position during the job.

- The Discord info is available in the Org forum page.

- You are not requiring you to have the top notch, high dollar ships that everyone is bragging about. If you dont have a ship, you can work on one of ours or if there is extra you can man it. Of course mining does require a ship of some sort, or (to be introduced into the game) mining platform.


We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Corporate Policy.
  1. We are a Pro Work Corperation, Harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated.
  2. We like to joke and carry on, but there is a line that can not and will not be crossed. If someone does, please Screen Shot and deliver to a senior member to take care of.
  3. We are here to make money and lots of it. If this is something you think is for you, please feel free to send us an Application.
  4. We are an semi exclusive corporation, We would like to have members present as much as possible. And being more exclusive is better than affiliate.
  5. Main members can achieve the rank of Directors and if need be Board Member (upon approval) and Affiliate Members can reach a maximum rank of Fleet Manager.