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Galactic Enterprises Inc. / GEINC

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Welcome to our home of business.

We are a North American Based Corporation, committed to hard work and serving the people of the verse.

We are a Non-Piracy Establishment guided by laws of land and stars.

We are here to see you move forward and accomplish great things!


From the depths of our oldest files, This is what marks the beginning of our lineage.
And what it has grown to become.
Our Oldest And Humbly Treasured Document. The Beginning.

….File Acquired….
….Accessing File….
….Historic File….
….Public Data….

Company Name: Galactic Enterprises Inc.
Established: 10/21/2947 AD
Origin: North America, Earth, Sol System
Permits: Exploration, Transport, Resource Gathering, Medicine, and Security

….File Corrupt….

…the license was then turned over from the government and Galactic Enterprises Incorporated was created. And then
begin long deep exploration to find and help develop civilizations through mining and cargo trading….

….End Transmission…. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
With this information received, The corporation has decided to move forward into the future to flourish and expand
so it can better suit the needs of the human race. We thank you for your continued patronage and belief in us.

Lucky XIII
Chief Executive Officer
Galactic Enterprises Inc.

01/06/2022. Org-wide data crash as LuckyXIII steps down as CEO of GEINC. Remaining members experience 72hr blackout.

12/25/2021: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! (US)

11/25/2021: Happy Thanksgiving (US)

10/21/2021: Happy 4th Birthday GEINC!

10/10/2021: Happy Thanksgiving (CAN)

08/07/2021: Quarterly Org Meeting, descent turnout went over a lot of needed information.

07/04/2021: Happy USA Independence Day!!!

07/1/2021: Happy Canada Independence Day!!!

04/14/2021: We have officially moved to Guilded for communications. | – Guilded Server – |


12/26/2020: Happy Boxing Day (CAN)

12/25/2020: Merry Christmas to Everyone!

12/19/2020: Org Meeting, Very Good Turnout. Three Promotions, Looking Forward To The Future.

11/27/2020: We now have two media platforms, | – Youtube – | And | – Twitch – |.

11/26/2020: Happy Thanksgiving (USA)

10/21/2020: Happy 3rd Birthday GEINC!

10/17/2020: Org Meeting, Good Turnout. Two Promotions, Looking Forward To The Next.

10/12/2020: Happy Thanksgiving (CAN)

6/20/2020: Org Meeting, Quick Revise Of Basic Information.

03/21/2020: Org Meeting Went Very Well. Promotions Were Handed Out.

01/01/2020: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12/26/2019: Happy Boxing Day, Northern Brethren (CAN)

12/25/2019: Merry Christmas From Us To You!

11/28/2019: Happy Thanksgiving (USA)

10/21/2019: Happy 2nd Birthday GEINC!

10/14/2019: Happy Thanksgiving (CAN)

07/11/2019: We have an official Website | – GEINC-SC.COM – |

06/18/2019: Org Meeting, Four Promotions. Good Turnout.

03/16/2019: Org Meeting, One Promotion.

01/01/2019: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12/26/2018: Happy Boxing Day (CAN)

12/25/2018: Merry Christmas! (USA)

11/22/2018: Happy Thanksgiving (USA)

10/21/2018: *Happy Birthday GEINC!

10/08/2018: Happy Thanksgiving (CAN)

06/16/2018: Second Org Meeting, Nice Turnout.

03/22/2018: First Org Meeting.

02/17/2018: Created Our Discord Server. | – Discord Server – |

01/01/2018: HAPPY NEW YEAR.

12/26/2017: Happy Boxing Day (CAN)

12/25/2017: Merry Christmas (USA)

11/23/2017: Happy Thanksgiving (USA)

10/21/2017: Galactic Enterprises Inc. Founded


Our Main Goal

// ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ //

Operational Services

We work on contract basis and require an allotment of time to make preparations. We will deliver on agreed time frame and with exact counts, per contractual agreements. Fleets requiring time allotment:
  1. Atlas Fleet – (Loading/Unloading, Proper Crew, Proper appraisal, Proper Account Of Materials)
  2. Roughneck Fleet – (Selection of Proper Ships/Vehicles, Proper Crew, Proper Attachments)

Joining The Team.

We will have positions available to those who inquire for said positions and other positions will be either delegated, proposed, or freelanced within the company.
Everyone will have a Job to do and be paid upon completion of task and duty.

Member Fulfillment.

- There is not a mandatory requirement for role-play, but it is encouraged where appropriate. (Working For Orgs That Do RP)
Be civil to each other and other citizens. Uphold the good name of the corporation.

- We do not require you to have the top notch, high dollar ships that everyone is bragging about.
If you dont have a ship, you can work on one of the Orgs many ships, or if there are extra you can man one.

// ________________________________________________________________________________________ //


Corporate Policy.

We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer.

We are here to make money and lots of it. If this is something you think is for you, please feel free to send us an Application.

  1. ALL Galactic Enterprises Inc. members adhere too and enforce conduct, whether above and below their level. This includes any kind of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and ANY discriminatory behavior/media. Immediately report these infractions to a board member through a Direct Message!
  2. This includes any contractors, VIPs, guest, and affiliates.
  3. We will NOT tolerate toxic members, if any is heard or seen it will be recorded (A Warning Will Be Issued), if it continues you will be banned from Guided and excluded from any GEINC activities. Continued infractions will lead to termination and terminate ban.
  4. Do not post intentionally inflammatory content or comments. No Racism, Sexism, gender discrimination, religious, or political statements will be tolerated at all.
  5. No Racism, Sexism, Religious, or Political Harassments will be tolerated at all.
  • If someone does, please Screen Shot and deliver to a senior member to take care of.
  • Comments of Lude, Sexual, or Threatening demeanor will not be tolerated. (Sometimes things are better off left in thoughts).

Member Requirements.

  • • We require our members to stay Visible and not to Redact their profile under our Org. You will be warned to a maximum of 3 times. Then removal of member if no compliance is reached.
  • • We require our members to attend at least 1 of every 4 Org meetings, we schedule these in advance. Also login to RSI site as often as possible.
  • (Meeting Attendance Policy): a.) We will be announcing the date and time of meetings in Guilded. b.) Attendance Disciplinary Follows – 2 missed attendance will result in a verbal/written warning. c.) 3 will result in loss of rank. d.) And 4 will result in removal. We only have 4 meetings a year. We take notes on excusals and note patterns. We want everyone to be up to speed with the game. e.) We will be removing 6+Mon inactive members. We are here for longevity not numbers.
  • • Our age limit is suggested to 18+.
  1. We are an semi exclusive corporation, We would like to have members present as much as possible. And being exclusive is better than affiliate.
  2. It is highly suggested that you Join our Guilded, since most of our conversation is held there. It can be found in our forum area on the Spectrum, after membership is granted.

Any raffle/giveaway we do has a disclaimer attached. You must accrue points within the Guilded to participate, and this is only open to Full Member status.