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Welcome to our home of business.

We are a regular North American Based Corporation, committed to hiring and serving all citizens of Earth.

We are a Non-Piracy Establishment guided by laws of land and stars.

We will not dictate your preferred life style, and will assist however we can.


….File Acquired….
….Accessing File….
….Historic File….
….Public Data….

Company Name: Galactic Enterprises Inc.
Year Established: 2947 AD
Origin: North America, Earth, Sol System
Permits: Exploration, Transport, Resource Gathering, Medicine, and Security

….File Corrupt….

…the license was then turned over from the government and Galactic Enterprises Incorporated was created. And then
begin long deep exploration to find and help develop civilizations through mining and cargo trading….

….End Transmission….


2950-03-21 – Nice turnout for our meeting. Work on Org activities.

2949-12-25 – Merry Christmas Everyone!

2949-11-28 – Happy Thankgiving (America).

2949-10-21Happy Birthday GEINC.

2949-10-21 – Yet Another Good Meeting And Game Session.

2949-06-19 – We’ve reach our half mark.

2949-04-20 – Org Meetings Have Been Moved To Quarterly Patch Releases.

2949-02-16 – Third Org Meeting With Members, Promotions and Game Play.

2949-01-20 – Second Org Meeting With Members, Promotions and Game Play.

2949-01-12 – Added Medical and Escort auxiliary professions.

2948-12-19 – First Org Meeting With Members and Game Play.

2948-10-21 – Rank and Role Restructure.

2948-10-21Happy Birthday GEINC.

2947-11-12 – Galactic Enterprises Inc. Website Founded. | – GEINC Website – |

2947-10-28 – Discord Voice Comms Online, Open to Members Only.

2947-10-21 – Galactic Enterprises Inc. Founded.


Our Main Goal

// ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ //

- Is to provide the best cargo hauling, mining, and exploration services fathomable. We will not over extend our reach by trying to conquer every branch for we see no reason to do so.

- We will be acting as one unit. We will have positions available to those who inquire for said positions and other positions will be either delegated, proposed, or freelanced within the company.

- Everyone will have a Job to do and be paid upon completion of task and duty. If there is an unfilled position during a job there will be a small bonus for to whom ever fills the position, who may already be engaged in other things.

- There is not a mandatory requirement for role-play, but it is encouraged where appropriate. (Working For Orgs That Do RP)
Be civil to each other and other citizens. Uphold the good name of the corporation.

- The Discord info is available in the Org forum page.

- We do not require you to have the top notch, high dollar ships that everyone is bragging about. If you dont have a ship, you can work on one of the Orgs many ships, or if there are extra you can man one.

// ________________________________________________________ //


We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Corporate Policy.

  1. We are a Pro Work Corporation, Harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated.
  2. We will NOT tolerate toxic members, if any is heard or seen it will be recorded (A Warning Will Be Issued), if it continues you could possibly be removed.
  3. We like to joke and carry on, but there is a line that can not and will not be crossed.
  • If someone does, please Screen Shot and deliver to a senior member to take care of.
  • Comments of Lude, Sexual, or Threatening demeanor will not be tolerated. (Sometimes things are better off left in thoughts).
  • First Offense a warning will be issued, Second Offense you will be put on unpaid leave ,Third Offense Termination
  1. No Racism, Sexism, Religious, or Political statements will be tolerated at all.
  2. We are here to make money and lots of it. If this is something you think is for you, please feel free to send us an Application.
  3. We are an semi exclusive corporation, We would like to have members present as much as possible. And being exclusive is better than affiliate.
  4. It is highly suggested that you Join our Discord, since most of our conversation is held there. It can be found in our forum area on the Spectrum, after membership is granted.

Member Requirements.

  1. We require our members to stay Visible and not to Redact their profile under our Org.
  2. Our Main Members can achieve the rank of Director (Rank 3) and if need be Board Member (Rank 4) (upon approval) and Affiliate Members can reach a maximum rank of Affiliate (Rank 2).
  3. We require our members to attend at least 1 of every 4 Org meetings, we schedule these in advance. Also login to RSI site as often as possible.
  4. (Meeting Attendance Policy): We will be announcing the date and time of meetings in Discord. Attendance Disciplinary Follows – 2 missed attendance will result in a verbal/written warning. 3 will result in loss of rank. And 4 will result in removal. We only have 4 meetings a year. We take notes on excusals and note patterns. We want everyone to be up to speed with the game. We will be removing 6+Mon inactive members. We are here for longevity not numbers.
  5. Our age limit is suggested to 18+.