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Gene 9 is a friendly Org. Respect, Unity, and Peace are our rules. We usually abide by UEE, Teddy’s, and Jedi law.
We furthermore like to do anything that is fun.

Our Discord:
(Checkmark Rules to see all Channels)

More to come. Stay Tuned.

In Lak’ech /// o7


Originated at mother Gaia, we seek to protect and fight for Nature and the Multiverse. We are ancient. We will reveal more soon.


We are here to serve the Multiverse. Everyone is welcome, as long as you abide by the rules. We only allow white pirates. We avoid black pirates and griefers. We help and prosper together.


UEE Law. White pirating occasionally allowed. Teddy is our Commander in Chief, abide by his laws. If he is absent, Antimaterium will do his best to lead this friendly Org. Please read our Discord Rules and Law. The main thing is, have fun and respect each other! Thank you and see you in the Verse. o7