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Genoa Heavy Industries / GENOA

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Genoa Heavy Industries are the forerunners on heavy structure construction, shipyard planning, and strategic asset management. Our proud history stretches back over 400 years and spans across 6 systems. Come join us and take your career to the next new horizon.


Our History

Founded on the planet Rytif in the Bremen system in 2559 GHI had humble beginnings as Genoa Agrico, a supply company for the planets expanding farming industry. As Rytif grew so did Genoa, branching out to construct supply buildings and expand factory installations. During this time Genoa habitation and supply suites begin to gain notoriety for their modular design and quick deployment structure.

When the Second Tevarin War began in 2603 then director Lynd Conroy saw it as an opportunity for the company to flourish. 20% of company assets were restructured as an attempt to acquire supply station and habitation contacts within the Empire. This gamble proved successful and over the next 30 years Genoa shifted most of its focus to these contracts.

Now Genoa has multiple corporate divisions specializing is mining, salvaging, construction, transportation, and trading. Genoa Heavy Industries division dominates the others and holds over 40 major contracts across 13 systems.

GHI has a branch office located in Fleetmont Tower 612, Area 7, ArcCorp, Stanton

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Jan 19 – GHI Founded
Feb 19 – GHI Hits 10 members, Youtube Channel Branding Complete
Jul 19 – GHI over 15 members. Commercial nearly complete. GHI begins sponsorship of racing events.


Our motives are best expressed through a short Q&A.

Q: What’s this light role-play business?
A: Light role-play means that in certain situations we try to deliver an immersive in-game experience. Most of the time the role-play is only used in group operations.

Q: What do I get for joining?
A: You get a discord with active fun people. There’s not much else we have until more game mechanics are added.

Q: Active people? I’ve heard this spiel before. How many is active?
A: Currently it’s between 5-13 people (07/19). They’re a good group of guys.

Q: What are your plans?
A: We’re looking to grow to around 50 active members. There are no plans to grow more than that unless we get some awesome additional leadership. (Maybe that’s you!) With more features added we want to pursue salvage, mining, trading, and construction Gameplay. We also engage in group competitions, and simulated events like exploration missions.




  1. There is not a mandatory requirement for role-play, but it is encouraged where appropriate.
  2. Be civil to each other and other citizens. Uphold the good name of the corporation.
  3. If other citizens are especially friendly, feel free to invite them to the discord.