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GameGlass United / GGU

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  • Casual
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  • Social

GGU is an org based on the GameGlass community. You don’t need to have a GameGlass account to become a members, but many of our activities will assume you have access to the platform.


GameGlass is a platform for immersive, intuitive and beautiful touchscreen interfaces for many of the games you love. Starting with Star Citizen, we’re building brand new ways to reach out and touch your controls.

GGU is an Org for members of our 1,200+ community from Discord, Twitch, Youtube and Reddit to connect in-game.

Fly with each other. Fly with devs. Fly with style!


Our community is filled with people with wildly different play styles, in-game interests and goals.

What unites us is a love of the game, the desire for a more immersive and satisfying game experience, and a preference for hanging out with people from our scarily wholesome community.

You don’t need to own or use GameGlass to join, but many of our members do.


1 – Don’t be a dick
2 – We’re all here to have fun playing the game
3 – We’re NOT here to be toxic, racist or sexist
4 – Seriously, don’t be a dick and we’ll all get along