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Roberts Space Industries

Ganymede Horizons Exploration and Research Inc. / GHORIZONS

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‘Simul nos pervenire ad novos prospectus’

Together we reach for new horizons

Join us to help expand our knowledge of the cosmos through exploration, research, and trade.

We are open for applications. View our recruitment thread here:


Ganymede Horizons was founded by Professor Montgomery C. Percival and Doctor Robert “Bob” Roberts in 2933 to promote the desire to further explore our galaxy and enhance our civilization’s understanding of the universe. Starting with jump point navigation, the company soon grew to encompass all kinds of exploration and scientific discovery, and now has an active role in the discovery and charting of new systems and jump points, the observation of alien civilizations, and research and observation of all manner of astronomical phenomenon, among other things. Even today, the company continues to reach for new horizons, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge to their limits…

As our company continues to expand its horizons, we are always searching for new recruits to help push the boundaries of knowledge and discovery. We accept most applicants, from explorers and researchers, to security and escorts, even representatives from other organizations. If the Ganymede Horizons life sounds like the life for you, we encourage you to apply today.

‘Simul nos pervenire ad novos prospectus’

‘Together we reach for new horizons’


Ganymede Horizons today is at the forefront of many scientific and astronomical advances in human knowledge, and while it’s primary focus on the discovery and navigation of new jump points remains unchanged from the company’s early days, we now cover a much wider scope of exploration and research.

GH members today have an active role in:

  • Discovery and navigation of new jump points
  • Exploration and mapping of new star systems and worlds
  • Observation of developing alien civilizations, and possible first contact with alien life
  • Observation and research into various astronomical and stellar phenomenon
  • Exploration of ancient civilizations and ships, recovery of ancient artefacts and research into alien technologies
  • Discovery of faster, safer trade routes
  • Provision of intelligence for various clients


Interaction with developing alien civilizations is strictly prohibited – Any form of interaction with a less developed race that has not yet acquired the means for space travel, even including sightings of a UEE ship, can drastically affect the development of a civilization, and so is prohibited under ALL circumstances. GH Officers are not permitted to interfere with protected planets and their lifeforms, but may observe them in non intrusive ways.

Major discoveries should be reported to the board of directors, who will decide on further action to take – Don’t worry, we take great care to ensure that our officers are appropriately credited for their discoveries, and we normally let the crew who made the discovery explore it further. These reports are simply so that we are aware of what’s going on, and so that we can send out more ships if necessary.

Members of the board of directors should attend all meetings where possible – These meetings decide what action the company will take in regards to major discoveries and incidents, and discuss various deals with our many varied clients.

Orders should not be followed blindly – We don’t want our officers to feel in the dark about anything, so if you have concerns about your orders, you are free to question their reasons. We also want our officers to use their common sense, so if following an order involves putting yourself, others, or a ship in immediate danger, it may be best to re-evaluate the situation, and do what feels right.