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Ghostknife of Callisto / GHOSTKNIFE

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Ghostknife of Callisto embodies the values and mindset of the late, great OPA Commander Klaes Ashford.
We are a collection of sentients with the express purpose of aiding those in need, and uniting the species of the Verse to their mutual benefit.

Rallying on a united front near you.


Established in 2921, Ghostknife of Callisto seeks to liberate and uplift the beleaguered peoples of the ‘verse, and embodies the ideals of the famous OPA pirate and Commander: Klaes Ashford.

Klaes was a veteran pirate of the Outer Planets Alliance and renowned as perhaps the best pirate to have ever lived. He fought valiantly for the rights and freedoms of his people: the belters.

Ashford was a proud, resilient and resourceful resident of the Kuiper Belt, and he believed in the betterment of his people through overcoming their more violent, barbaric tendencies. Ashford embraced the difficult life of the belt, and possessed a deep love for its culture and peoples. His tenacity and daring as a pirate and bold strategist led to the infamous title of ‘the Ghost Knife of Callisto.’ Ashford harried vessels of the ‘inners’ for decades, and sharing the spoils with various factions within the OPA, and their downtrodden, beleaguered workers.

Ashford’s tactical acumen saved the lives of thousands of Belters, Martians and Earthers alike at Medina Station’s Ring Gate transit, and was instrumental in the mission’s unmitigated success. His actions were also instrumental in uniting the peoples of the Sol system, and regaining control of the many factions of the OPA. Klaes’ legacy would live on through his stalwart examples of compassion and justice.

Klaes was, at heart, an idealist, and believed that strength and might must be tempered by kindness and understanding; that humanity can and must create a positive, inclusive future. Though he died long before his legacy would be actualized, the sentiment remains a resounding source of hope for the people of the verse today. Mysteriously, the figure known as “Klaes Ashford’ has never been able to be located, or even confirmed to have existed, but his legend persists.

Ashford’s aptitude for intrigue and penchant for moral justice sometimes saw him operating outside the law, even after he put his ‘days of piracy behind him.’ His extensive background afforded him a revolutionary tactical prowess that the UEE, and many others still study to this day. Klaes’ campaigns against the oppressive Inner Planets gained him legendary status, and the renown of his people. His actions at the Sol ring gate elevated his status to that of a true hero and ally to all of humanity; a revolutionary, and a force for unified human cooperation and resilience.

GHOSTKNIFE seeks to emulate Ashford’s graces in the Verse, bringing an extra-judicial arm to those with the credits and needs to enlist their services. Ghostknife is not aligned with or sanctioned by any governments, and operates on its own strict, internal moral code: sentient autonomy and liberty through professional excellence. While not officially an anti-government organization, GHOSTKNIFE has come to blows with many governmental entities since its inception. As is the hallmark of nationalist and corporate entities, many groups continue to seek a loftier, more comfortable position within the social strata, much of which comes at the cost of unwitting (and unwilling) participants. GHOSTKNIFE seeks to correct the imbalance of power inherent with contemporary civilizations, and ensure unending autonomy and dignity for all its myriad forms of life.

GHOSTKNIFE is available to all whom find themselves aligned with deep systemic change. Those whom identify as subjugated, or wronged by the many enshrined and protected institutions and organizations of everyday life. All employment applications are subject to review by the Callisto Commission. In addition, all accepted missions – whether lawful or otherwise – are vetted, organized, and delegated by the Commission to its various cells and operatives in the ‘Verse.

It’s not uncommon for GHOSTKNIFE to intermittently work ‘off the grid’ during times of legal discrepancy, or fallout from previous or current missions, but aims to operate in good standing with local and extrasolar governments in the long-term. GHOSTKNIFE recognizes that peaceful resolutions may not always be forthcoming, ensuring diplomacy initiatives and aid services are at the fore of its ongoing campaigns.

Our modalities require self-sufficiency, and we are not exempt from the requirement for talent within all sectors and ‘walks’ of life and proficiency within the ‘verse. All are welcome, provided they embody ‘the ethos’ of our namesake, can embrace inclusion and social equity.

Oyedeng, beltaloda. o7


GhostKnife of Callisto’s primary objective is the peaceful unification of all sentient life in the verse, to their mutual benefit. We actualize this through peacekeeping initiatives between disparate factions, organization, and entities within the ‘verse.

The Callisto Commission (Ghostknife’s rotating governing body) realizes the long, winding journey before the peoples of the verse, to actualizing this goal. The groundwork for this lofty ambition required pushing traditional gameplay boundaries and storytelling to their extremes. We lead by example: wherever injustice exists, we seek to right the balance, and promote mutual well-being of all participants. Where this is not possible, we seek to answer in kind.

Sanctioned violence, too, is often bereft of moral integrity; GHOSTKNIFE stands vigilant against all forms of injustice and inequity.

From relief efforts of oppressed citizens, to escorting and supporting industrial and independent operations, GHOSTKNIFE’s services are available to those with the credits and need. In many instances, we operate without the requirement for compensation, as our self-sufficiency affords us the ability to engage in closed-loop campaigns and initiatives.

GHOSTKNIFE’s expert services are extensive, and border on a holistic nature. Paramilitary, Bounty Hunting and Investigative divisions make up a large portion of the organization’s revenue, leading most citizens to view the group as a strictly paramilitary presence in the ‘Verse. Contrary to public knowledge, its roots lay in the frontier colonial and space-station subsistence. Many of the services provided by GHOSTKNIFE are of the ‘frontier nature:’ engineering, homesteading, exploration, surveying, refueling and resupplying are the backbone of our internal and insular ‘economy.’

GHOSTKNIFE will not only escort you, or deliver you to to your destination, but it can also sustain you once you’re there, much as its founding ideology has sustained and beckoned the myriad individuals living on the ever-expanding frontiers of civilized space.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Sanctioned violence is subject to greatest scrutiny; injustice anywhere is an injustice to all.
  • The more you share, the more your bowl will be plentiful.
  • Beltalowda, whether on assignment or leave, represent GKOC. We are honor-bound to help those in need, regardless of creed, species, or political affiliation, or potential remuneration.
  • Wherever there is conflict, we seek to bridge the divide. If a peaceful resolution is not forthcoming, Ghostknife of Callisto will respond in kind.
  • Belters are family (beratnas). We do not abide internal conflict, rather we seek to repair or re-forge the linkages between our disparate individuals. We cannot sew inclusion within the verse, if we are unable to cultivate it within ourselves. Peace ever is found within.


Ghostknife of Callisto’s Charter of Rights and Conduct


GHOSTKNIFE is a fellowship of sentients, with the express purpose of unification and harmonization between species, to their mutual benefit. While human in origin, Ghostknife of Callisto, in keeping with its founding principles, aims to grow its ranks with participants of every species that share the goal of a peaceful, unified ‘verse.

Ghostknife of Callisto is not allied with any other sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution.

All internal decisions are governed by the Callisto Commission: a rotating group of established org members that assist in the decisions effecting the overarching direction of the org, and its adherence to the likeness of (and ideology) of the late, great Klaes Ashford. Oftentimes, these decisions will put the organization at odds with other groups and/or governments. This is, of course, the cost of doing business.

In times of conflict, GHOSTKNIFE will operate outside the law, governed by its strict code of ethics.

GHOSTKNIFE Code of Ethics

  • Beneficence – concern/priority for clients’ well-being and safety.
  • Nonmelefence – refrain from causing intentional harm toward client(s).
  • Autonomy/Confidentiality – respect clients’ rights and opinions.
  • Social Justice – provide otherwise inaccessible services for oppressed or at-risk clientele, in a fair and equitable manner, to better improve their conditions and standing in the ‘verse.
  • Pseudo-Procedural Justice – wherever possible, comply with institutional rules and laws of the local system(s), unless doing so directly contradicts the preceding tenets. Where applicable, the Commission will notify all concerned parties about the potential implications of an ongoing or future campaign. In the interest of expedience, the Commission recognizes that not all forms of justice have the leisure of queuing for a courtroom.
  • Veracity – conformity to facts; adherence to truth. Regardless of the fallout of our actions, GHOSTKNIFE stands by its ideologically informed decisions.
  • Fidelity – commitment to building lasting, transformative relationships with clients and outside influences, in congruence with the overarching goal of sowing a fruitful, mutually beneficial future for all sentient lifeforms.

End transmission.