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Ghosts of Aberdeen / GHSTSABRDN

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Deep in these caverns and crevices of forgotten communities are whispers and dancing shadows, deep in the rock of a ruined world are songs and shallow bowled feasts, here in the depths of Aberdeen, there are ghosts…

Discord: Ghosts Of Aberdeen


Unbeknownst to most, many systems don’t emerge from the firmament just as the UEE decides to make them public. Many systems across UEE space were known, inhabited, and navigated by renegade pioneers, independent refugees, and innumerable working-class people seeking a respite from the UEE’s pervasive and increasingly corporatocratic conquest over the average person.

Stanton, and specifically the moon of Hurston now known as Aberdeen is one such example. Once a forested and lush moon with sprawling valleys and seas reduced to Venusian poison shortly into its trespass into Hurston Dynamics line of desire. You didn’t think they re-named the moon after a weapons of destruction engineer for nothing did you? They hand out the truth in droves, they can just erase you if you acknowledge it after all.

After Hurston, and its moons were sold to the UEE as officially uninhabited worlds, the true locals of Aberdeen were quickly muted and political and military operations by the company ensured their crimes were reduced to rumors and speculation. The true inhabitants of Aberdeen however know how real the bombs and chemical weapons were as they washed over farmlands and colonial outposts where generations had called home.

As the small “native” population of Aberdeen was reduced to ash for the sake of weapons testing and a show of force, they missed one important feature of Aberdeen, its expansive cave systems and underground mining facilities which had long been explored and navigated by the locals. Those who survived fled underground. Bunkers crafted from hollowed repurposed mining tunnels to stave off the inevitable decline of an entire people, became homes and new livelihoods. Those who remain have become disconnected from one another in fear and limitations to traveling on the surface, but they remember. The shared culture ensures the scattered clans remain friendly with one another, views on outsiders seeking to exploit the moon more varies by clan with many preferring to stay out of sight and others seeing opportunity for escape or revenge. Deep in these caverns and crevices of forgotten communities are whispers and dancing shadows, deep in the rock of a ruined world are songs and shallow bowled feasts, here in the depths of Aberdeen, there are ghosts.

The Ghosts of Aberdeen are an Insurgent Revolutionary clan composed primarily of sympathizers to the cause and fellow guerilla outcasts of the Empire for daring to dream for change. They seek nothing less than the ultimate dissolution of the UEE in place of an equitable society built by and for the working class of the verse; where all can seek the life they desire for themselves and the eradication of exploitation and subjugation. To reach this goal, the Ghosts will need friends, resources, and an army. Whether that’s in the form of industrial fortifications and resource gathering, trade, or militant counter attacks against the UEE and any other exploitative gang in the verse, the Ghosts don’t sleep until liberation.


TLDR: There is no such thing as Apolitical when referring to the material and real world. There is no subject that is Apolitical if it deals in the material and real world. To be truly Apolitical, one is to be removed entirely from reality. Politics: noun; the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

One of the few aspects of the org we require to be taken seriously… This org is run and was created by a group of people who would be termed “radical leftists” within our modern society. If that is an issue, it’s probably not the place for you. If you have questions about this, feel free to ask and even debate maturely and in good faith. This org represents a far left ideological group in SC with aims to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, inequality, and inequity. As a member of the org, you will also embody these values, or you will not be in the org. We seek to help other citizens in need through advice, resources, and guidance. We aim to crush, stall, or inconvenience citizens who seek to harm, exploit, or ruin the experience of the game for others. As described above, this is an org with an established political identity, whether that is to be classified and called by its name or observed as a variety of views is irrelevant. When observed and classified, the political leanings of this org and the political leanings this org attempts to maintain are popularly considered left leaning. This is important to note in order to establish a foundational level of commonality among members. While echo chambers of thought can be harmful, having basic shared premises of the value of human life enables true discussion to unfold as well as be the basis of how we conduct ourselves, and does not qualify as an echo chamber. To propose human life has value, it can be reasonably assumed that exploitation of humans will be viewed as inherently wrong and to be avoided, condemned, and resisted against. This translates into the game to a reasonable expectation that members won’t have a yearning to gank or grief other players among other things.

From the quality of the streets you drive on, the affordability of means of transportation, the existence of pedestrian infrastructure, and the level of toxins in the air blowing in through your open window; politics determines each and every aspect of your material life. There is no subject or idea applicable to the material world that is not within the scope of “politics”. You do not need to call yourself or proclaim fealty to any political ideology to be in this org, you do need to agree with the following statement: We do not want members who are in conflict about whether human life has inherent value, whether exploitation is okay or to what degree, or whether or not it is appropriate for the working class whose labor creates all before us should have anything less than absolute authority over the state.

It is not a radical concept to propose that those whose labor creates the resources of a society should have the democratic authority over those resources instead of individuals or entities who do not perform the labor of providing resources to a society, if it is, then this is a radically minded org.

Who we are and what we stand for…
  • We are not a Griefer org and will not condone Griefing. * You will be temporarily kicked on your first offense, returning as Dissenter rank, and permanently banned from the org on your second offense.
  • We are a pro-working-class org, this translates to us being for the advancement of newer players who lack resources and experience.
  • Violence begets violence, IF we bring peace and are met with war, ensure the enemy receives the full force of the Ghosts of Aberdeen.
  • Render assistance to those in need if you are able. Prioritize your org-mates.
We do not tolerate…
  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Sexism
  • Elitism/Classism
  • Discriminatory Behavior

General Rules of Engagement * If it would be an issue if everyone did it, don’t do it. * If you have to ask, the answer is likely no. * Don’t fire first unless entering an established hostile area where friendly casualties are unlikely or controlled. If possible, shoot to down, not to kill. This allows us to communicate and potentially revive and right a wrong.


Rank Structure
Dissenter: 1. Uncertain if they want full membership into the org. 2. Joined solely via finding the org on the RSI website or other indirect media and whom we have not actually engaged with yet. 3. Ineligible to any org benefits.
Operative: 1. Relatively new to the game, but have played with the org and can navigate independently. 2. Act as crews or are under the leadership of Chargehands. 3. May act as guides for Dissenters. 4. Eligible for Tier 2 ships of the Org Fleet Program
Chargehand: 1. Experienced players who know the basics of game mechanics. 2. Responsible for leading small groups of operatives. 3. Eligible for Tier 3 ships of the Org Fleet Program.
Chief: 1. Leader of a crew of 3+ or a division of a ship’s crew (i.e. weapons chief, ground chief, etc.). 2. Highly specialized in a trade or field. Holds ships capable of crewed gameplay (Tier 3A). 3. Can be reliably expected to oversee multiple Chargehands. 4. Eligible for Tier 3a&b ships of the Org Fleet Program.
Captain: 1. Leader of multiple Chiefs and vessels during operations. 2. Accepts large responsibility regarding directing missions, curating logistics, delegating associated tasks, etc. 3. Eligible to hold an organizational management role (i.e. recruiter, treasurer)
Commander: 1. Org leaders. Highly tenured members with roles of general overarching responsibility.

Benefits & Community
Org Fund
Overview 1. The organization’s fund will be handled by an independent user account (GoA_Fund), created and managed by Scum & Ghost. The independent account will consist of the entirety of the Org’s fund, and will have no usable ships aside from the game token. 2. The Org fund will operate with the intent and drive to purchase ships for Org members, with the funds given by able members. The spirit of giving and receiving assistance will be done in good faith and support of the entire org, ultimately having the ability to render immediate assistance to new org members and SC players.

Donations 1. Donations are encouraged from members that have a personal fleet consisting of, at a minimum, one (1) tier two (2) starter ship, as defined in section II.A. 2. Amount recommended from an individual member is 10% of income aUEC over total wallet value of aUEC 500,000.

Organization Purchases 1. Large Org purchases will be decided democratically for which ship to save for. When the milestone is reached, it will belong to an org member ranked Commander.

Transparency 1. To assist in transparency, when members make a donation transaction, they will post the amount in the ghost-fund channel within the Ghost Den category on the Org Discord.. The Org Fund update will be posted Wednesday and Saturday for total amount. Additionally, on Saturdays we will discuss the intent and state of the Fund (i.e. who’s ship we are working towards, status of donations, what ship we should be working towards, etc.)

Org Fleet Program
Tier Two (2)
The first priority is to get all Operative rank org members one (1) tier two (2) ship. Tier 2 ships are multi role or single focus ships that outperform the Aurora, Mustang, and Avenger Titan in 1 or more ways. a. I.e. Cutlass Black(1,385,300), Gladius(1,169,900), Arrow(972,300), Nomad(952,000). These are the ships which through experience return the greatest utility however the Org Fleet Program has a discretionary budget of aUEC1,400,000 for members in need of a tier 2 ship. This means Operatives may request the funds for a given tier 2 ship or a portion of the cost of the tier 2 ship up to the discretionary budget.

Tier Three (3)
Ships which range from aUEC1,400,000-5,300,000 and are either highly specialized or heavily encourage multi-crew gameplay to function effectively.

Tier Three A (3a)
Ships which encourage a crew of 2-4, ranging in price from aUEC1,400,000-5,300,000, and necessitates occupation specialty. a. Tier 3a ships are requested by the crew which will be typically manning it, with the crew selected sponsor receiving the actual ship. (not every org member needs a MOLE Org members with MOLEs need a semi-reliable crew to operate these assets) b. Tier 3a ships are assets to the org as they expand our multi-crew and impact potential in org & team operations. c. I.e. MOLE (5,130,500), Vanguards (2,012,00-3,387,800), Constellation (3,256,400-4,926,700), StarLifter M2 (5,225,300), Retaliator (4,031,700)

Tier three B (3b)
Ships which can be safely and effectively manned by 1 person and cost aUEC1,400,000-5,300,000. a. Tier 3b ships are requested and scheduled according to precedence. (No one is getting a Teir 3b ship if any org member lacks a Tier 2 ship.) b. I.e Sabre(2,183,300), Freelancer(1,697,600-2,537,800), Prospector(2,061,000), Talon Shrike(2,259,200), Khartu-Al(2,113,900)

Eligibility for Tier 3 ships. a. Org rank of Chargehand b. Contributed 51% Of the total cost of the desired ship or total ghost of amount requested to the Ghost Fund over term of membership to the org.

Training, Game Loops, and non-ship Vehicles Offered
In all game loops that offer reputation levels, we quickly work to rank your rep up.
Mining From ROC (mining rover/buggy), Prospector solo mining, and Muli-Crew MOLE mining the GoA is committed to helping players learn how to mine or hone skills through the exchange of learned tips and tricks of the trade. We have multiple of each of these vehicles/ships to offer as training platforms.
The GoA will buy you your first ROC if it’s something you enjoy doing after you have done it at least once. This coupled with our Tier 2 ships will enable you to transport your ROC wherever you want to go.

The Prospector with a mining SCU of 32 can be used to mine a decent chunk of change. By refining you can increase these profits and use any ship with at least 32 scu of cargo to bring this refined ore to trading hubs located on major planets. This makes it an ideal companion to a Cutlass Black which is offered through our ship program. The Prospector itself is considered a Tier 3 ship.

The MOLE is currently the largest flyable minable ship in-game. It offers a pilot, co-pilot, and three mining positions. This multi-crew mining ship allows you access to larger rocks to mine and more mining scu (96). This will also require a larger cargo ship to haul the mined goods (at least 96 scu of available cargo), if you choose to refine them. This ship is additionally part of our Tier 3 ships in the Org Fleet Program.

Cargo Hauling
From the 8 SCU of your avenger titan to the 120scu of the freelancer max or beyond, we probably have it, and we would be happy to teach and allow you to experiment with this game-loop and ships. Specifically the changes in hauling that occur based on the amount you’re hauling.

FPS (First Person Shooter) Combat
Star citizen, the dynamic world it is, extends beyond the cockpit or bridge of your starship and into the blizzards, sandstorms, forests, and mountains of various planets and moons. FPS in star citizen is largely intuitive if you have experience in FPS games. The NPCs currently usually leave much to be desired as they rely on server health to perform. However, you can still get immersive gameplay clearing bunkers, caves, or shipwrecks in FPS combat missions. The org will facilitate standard FPS missions as well as, if desired, RPed/more immersive FPS adventures.

Ship-Ship Combat
We offer ships and training for dogfighting. This includes facilitating controlled Bounty contracts, pvp in arena commander, etc. We also have a plethora of combat oriented ships from light fighters to corvette class sub-capital ships to test out to find the ones you like best. We will also help fund your desired loadout if requested.