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Giant Bomb Space Duders / GIANTBOMB

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The unofficial organisation of Giant Bomb. We welcome all fans of the Giant Bomb website and podcast!


I (Mageknight on the Giant Bomb forums and Lepton here) helped run the Giant Bomb PC Gaming Hub for a few years now – and I’m also a notorious lover of all things space. When Star Citizen was announced, I knew it would be the perfect game to rally the excellent Giant Bomb community around, and created this organization to that end.


The intention for this group is to provide a friendly space for Giant Bomb duders to meet up and work together in Star Citizen. We hope to extend the friendly, casual atmosphere of Giant Bomb to the furthest reaches of space! Our aim will be to provide opportunities for community interaction, such as events and possibly even competitions!


The first and foremost rule is, of course, Don’t Be a Dick. Treat your fellow members with respect and have a bit of patience! Our moderating team will take any complaints very seriously – we hope to provide an open, welcoming community to all kinds of people. Discrimination will NOT be tolerated in any fashion.

Membership is open to all fans of the Giant Bomb website and podcast. Ranks are still to be determined.